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Still KC, after all these years

Old friends, and all that stuff. Mainly because everything else I can think to rant about is my health, or politics, so lets avoid those for once…

The first time Kate, and I met up in Boston, I got to fulfil one of my baseball dreams, a visit to the legendary Fenway Park, to watch a game. What you have to allow for, is that when I buy a baseball ticket for myself, its at the budget end of the range. Not the bleachers, even before my back went, but nothing very stylish either, usually an ‘up in the gods’ job. So, not really knowing Kate all that well before the trip, I was assuming much of the same.

Yes, wrong, one of the much nicer seats, and a restaurant available, where the staff cared for our needs before the game, oh wow. The next time we planned to go to the baseball together, I was therefore suspecting more of the same. Let me add, this wasnt in Boston, this was in Kansas City, but yes, the Red Sox were the opposition, so yes, there might have been some friendly rivalry between the 2 of us. Yes, and nice viewing seats too. Oh, and they got better! Kate has some health issues that make mine now look less of a concern, and though the seats were great, she couldnt get comfortable. So she asked nicely, and we quickly got moved to more suitable seats, and had attentive staff caring for us for the rest of the afternoon! It was the year the Royals lost in the World Series, but they got their reward a year later!

So far, thats the only game we’ve been together at, where there has been a friendly rivalry between us. We do tend to have a friendly tease when Kansas State (my team to follow) play Oklahoma State (her university) each year, but nothing too serious, all the same.

Now it looks like we are going to get an extra ‘tease’ next weekend in the NFL, as the Kansas City Chiefs (won last night) are set to host her New England Patriots  (35-7 up, as I write) in the AFC Championship. No, I wont actually see the game, as it will start at 11.40 pm next Sunday, UK time, and thats way too late for me. I’ll have to settle for catching the highlights the next day, I guess? But I bet Kate watches it, as it will be early evening for her, and yeah, its the Patriots!

Of course my added amusement is, we could yet have a Jean Harlow Superbowl, lol, though I’m sure Kate wont want that to happen. Yes, KC, where she was born, against the Hollywood team, the Los Angeles Rams!

One of these days, Kate and I will get to another sports game together. When, and where, to be advised, lol!

OK, the video tonight has no relevance to the blog! I know, shocking stuff. But fine, in some of my short mind control story pieces, I use Clara Johnson, and get her turned temporarily into a robot. So imagine my amusement when I found a musical number, where she’s wearing a metal outfit…

Rainy Days And Mondays

Are supposed to always get you down, and yes, that is a huge clue as to what the video is lol!

But given summertime is now over, on both sides of the pond, its pretty clear that very soon, winter will be on its way. Indeed, just about an hour ago, they showed the view from Foxboro, where the New England Patriots play, and it was snowing! Hopefully there wont be too much of that in Albany, in 3 weeks time, but at the same time, I wouldnt be shocked if there was.

The biggest change at work, is the horse racing. It now starts much earlier, and in terms of the non floodlit meetings at least, it has to end earlier too. Lets face it, most sports nowadays pretty much take place under lights at all times anyway. Flat racing does, though for obvious safety reasons, jump racing doesnt.

So, the baseball season is finally over, after about 7 months of non stop play, I’m sure the players will be grateful for the break. Kansas City fell at the last step, a shame, but after 29 years of nothing post season, pretty awesome all the same. I must admit, Ice Hockey and Basketball dont have much interest for me, though I do plan to take in an Ice Hockey game in Albany, while away.

Yes, 3 weeks from now, you’ll be getting blogs from there, the next big event in my seemingly growing social schedule. 2 weeks later, the works Christmas dinner, for which I booked my hotel room earlier today. I will probably wear the new dress, though the mischievous Harlow element in me wants to wear the much shorter, sexier, blue sparkly dress instead, and show off some leg! I’m sure sanity will prevail, the longer dress, but we will see… 😉

The other thing I did today, was to book the rail tickets for Newbury, for January, after which I will definitely have the Harlow look, in style! Not that I’m as shy as I used to be, but I suspect that once I have the full look (including beauty spot) I might be even more confident in my new self. As far as I know, Paula has no way to make me think I’m actually Jean, but…

Oh, and the boring winter thing, I need to get sorted in the New Year, an eye test, and new glasses, I suspect. If I can find an optician, offering 30’s style frames…they might get some business! if anyone knows one, in the UK, let me know!

Yes, you should have worked out what the video is, at least I hope you have

Looking for a New England, Part 3, Foxboro

I know, technically this section doesnt finish until tomorrow, but not much is going to happen then, and I’m certainly not trying to type this up at Boston Airport!

Yesterday was a leisurely start, mainly due to fog in the Albany/Berkshires area, and besides, we didnt have as long a trip as going up anyway. In fact, getting here to Foxboro was so straightforward, I’m not going to say more about it. But having got here, thats when “the fun” started. Sat-nav’s are a wonderful thing when they work properly, but when they decide not to…! We had some fun and games heading to the bank and Fedex office, certainly saw more of the area than we needed to. But still the real fun was to come.

We headed to Patriot Place in the evening to eat, had a nice meal at Toby Keith’s, even if it took them 2 tries to get Kate’s order right. Going back, type destination into Sat-nav, even though we had a pretty good idea, it was dark, so safe option…snag was, the Sat-nav for whatever reason didnt take note of the address typed in, and made its own call. Yes, we ended up at a high school, late at night. Yes, from there we were able to convince “her” to take us to the right place!

Today, back to Patriot Place, this time for shopping and things. Had a burger for lunch, but this is cooked fresh in front of you, and the fries were of the proper kind, not what McD offer in the UK! Really good. Then on to the Pro Shop for some American Football team in the same division as Buffalo. If you havent worked out who, well…There is also somewhere there that covers the history of the Patriots, and other New England football teams of all levels and eras. And yes, it is very impressive.

Tonight, out for our final meal together. First place we try, very busy. Second, pretty much the same. As it happens, all worked out quite well. We ended up at a Japanese restaurant, a first for me. No, I didnt have sushi, doesnt appeal to me in the slightest. Had a delicious noodle dish, just dont ask me what it was called now!

Then back here, and all the farewells for now. Kate is off early in the morning, I’m going back to the Airport by shuttle, as she has to get back to work on Sunday, and has plenty to do before then. I would just like to add here all my appreciation to her, and James for everything they have done for me this holiday. Oh, and to her AO, and Fenway, her cute dog, for letting Kate free to spend this week with me.

The video, I was going to use the obvious Kirsty McColl one, but after tonight, I thought of this, as I have used that Kirsty one before.