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Outsiders do win sometimes!

Yes, I did end up wearing the dress today, after all! And alright, I’m still wearing it now, but I am most definitely not wearing it to work tomorrow all the same lol! Planning to wear the blouse and skirt I’d planned to wear dinner time though. But yes, unless the weather is awful, I’m wearing the heels into work, as I wont have far to walk in them, thank goodness. No trains, so being dropped off, and picked up just outside work, and hey, I can cope with that distance lol!

So what happened, you might be asking? Simple, I normally put on a posh dress for Christmas morning, just for pleasure, and hey, its nice to do something special while opening the Christmas presents, even if thats not the longest job in the world nowadays lol! So yes, as they hadnt seen me in it at home, I put on the gold dress, just so they could see. Then anyway, the question was raised as to whether I should wear it when we went out lunchtime for our dinner, or not. Pretty fair to say, the vote was yes, I should, so I did. To be honest, I dont think anyone even blinked, and I must say it was wonderful for me too. Yes, I know Nicole, I pass, so I’ll leave it at that lol!

If only I could convince myself that another battle with the Leeds NHS was worth the effort, and I could probably do the full change. To be honest, a few hormones, and one surgical change is all I need anyway, its well over 2 years that I’ve been living as a woman anyway! So I’m over the time limit for such matters in every eye, but theirs. No, I dont feel its worth the fight again at my age, living as I am anyway, but…again yes, Nicole, I know I probably should!

To be honest, I couldnt see me wearing a dress to work anyway, no one else seems to, it just doesnt seem the thing nowadays. Funny to think, 20 or 30 years ago, the sight of a woman in trousers would be considered shocking, nowadays its the absolute norm, its hard to spot any dressed otherwise, I know I couldnt see any in our section of the office on Saturday when I looked, my last day in. But maybe I can start a trend tomorrow, just by wearing a skirt? Probably not, and probably a one off for me, but again, dont quote me on that! I’m pretty sure I’ll wear the wedge heels when the weather improves, assuming it ever does in this country!

Weather permitting, we have our traditional big Boxing Day race tomorrow at Kempton, and making a fool of myself, I’ll put up The Giant Bolster as an each way selection. No, I’m not an expert, and I wont be putting any money on him, but just think he’s better value than the short priced favourite. Just dont remind me I said this after racing tomorrow though lol!

The video, for once, absolutely no clue in the blog title, a rarity in itself. Lets just say its an absolute Christmas classic, and leave it at that.

Show Me You’re A Woman

Honest, this is the last posting about Thursday night, but I suspect there will be a few out there at least who want to see the dress, if nothing else. So how can I disappoint them?

Xmas Pic 2

I have to be honest, I noticed wearing heels more than I did notice wearing a dress in public, maybe thats because it just felt so normal for me? Not that they were uncomfortable in any way, but when you are tall already, being even taller does seem to get to you all the same. No, the world didnt end (though maybe more on that side comment in a fortnight?), no one even blinked to be honest, and thats despite wandering around for a few minutes trying to find the place to start off with, and indeed walking through the reception in the hotel, so clearly I pass, so I need to stop thinking about that. Did get one slightly funny look when in the ladies toilet, but that was it all evening. Oh, and where did those hips come from lol?

I could say the meal was a massive improvement on last year, but thats not necessarily saying much. But it was good, the food was good, it was served hot (unlike last year at Queens) in an efficient manner. Apparently it was 80’s night music wise, a lot of it sounded like they had found my old record collection, and raided it! No, I didnt dance though, for 2 reasons. Firstly, even in sensible shoes, I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, not a pretty sight. Secondly, I was in heels (albeit wedged type), and though I could stand, and walk in them just fine, trying to strut on the dance floor might have been a challenge too far lol!

The hotel, Holiday Inn, right by the Armouries, for those who know Leeds, or might be looking for a place to stay there, was very nice too. Mind, it was nicer knowing I’d got a good discount on the normal rate, for booking 3 weeks in advance, plus a 10% discount from on top of that. But couldnt complain about the room, service, or breakfast in the slightest, not that I’m the demanding type, but…

Fun will be that now everyone will expect me to wear a dress again next year lol, ah well…I probably will, but dont tell everyone that! 😉

The music, for those of you with long memories, you may have worked it out, especially given my love of Glam Rock. For those who dont, this is one of those Mud tracks that sailed under the radar, no idea why?

Lonely This Christmas?

Lets face it, for the vast majority of my readers, this isnt something you’ve ever had to worry about, just be grateful for that. Me, been there, done that, though thankfully not in a good many years now, got a small, but great group of friends that I share house with, so not a problem for now. But yes, I’ve had a few in the past where its just been me, and a TV, and that was it, and there wasnt hundreds of channels to choose from back then, just 4! And none of this internet, and social network stuff to keep you amused either!

It wasnt nice, but I was 160 miles or so from my parents (mother’s 2nd marriage), didnt drive, and had to work Boxing Day, so all in all…its a strange day to spend alone, it must be said. I might have readers who will be alone this year on the ‘big day’, and they have all my best wishes, I know what spending that day alone is like. The rest of you, all I ask is that you think of those less fortunate than yourselves on that big day, and remember, that with a change of fortunes, that could be you.

Right, preaching over.

Today was the last day for shopping for me, to go and get the ‘Secret Santa’ present for someone at work. No, I’m not mentioning names, there might be a 0.1% chance they might read this, but somehow I doubt it. Its funny, however many years ago I first did this, it was £5 for the gift, and despite all the inflation since then, it still seems a popular amount as the limit. In fact I ended up spending £6 to get something that fitted the bill, for someone I dont really know all that well. Bit like the Christmas dinner thing at work, I have no idea why I do it, but I do!

Right, the highlight for most probably (she says self deprecatingly) is the music video, and yes, this might well be the penultimate Christmas one…or it might not! 😉 This is one from the wonderful glam rock (70’s) era of great Christmas songs. I have no idea why Les Gray got so into doing the Elvis impersonation siode of things, but he did do a good job of it, this is an example of that.