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Witch way are you going?

So fine, its Halloween, and I’m going to do a blog. So what are you expecting, Boris not doing Brexit, oh seriously, no!!! In truth, I’ll be glad when thats all over, whatever happens from here, but anyway… No, lets stick with the obvious Halloween stuff, lol, witches, and the like.

Technically as someone of Gaelic ancestry, I wouldnt do Halloween, because Samhain is the Gaelic significance of the day, but besides that…OK, I live in the UK, and though we arent as big on Halloween as America, it does seem to be getting bigger over here, all the same. But when I was young, we pretty much ignored it, has to be said. And given I was never in Ireland at Samhain, well…

But fine, would I dress up now, in a wonderfully over the top Witch’s outfit, especially if matched with an actual flying broomstick, well… I know, latter is not going to happen, but a woman can dream! But an over the top outfit, well, maybe this?

No, its fair to say its not going to arrive in time now, is it, lol? But would I wear it, given the chance? Well, possibly…Oh fine, I would.

As to the chance of finding an actual flying broomstick, think thats far less likely, lol.

But to all those enjoying Halloween, Samhain, or any other special day today, I hope you have a wonderful time. Just do your best not to imagine this 61 year old in that sexy Sorceress outfit, lol.

OK, video time. I very much doubt any UK readers will have heard of this song. Hey, given its 50 years old, I’m not sure how many of my North American ones will have done too. But fine, Terry Jacks, Seasons In The Sun, well maybe a few…? Apologies for poor quality of video, but best I can find


She’ll put a spell on you.

Yes, the clue to the video is in the title, but given the song is 43 years old, most wont work it out without looking at the link!

Tonight, for those of us with Irish ancestry in our blood, is best known as Samhain, an ancient Gaelic/Pagan festival, symbolising the changing of the seasons, and the passing of time. Of course, in the US, where it has been huge for years, it has turned into Halloween. Until the last few years, it wasnt such a big event over here, but in the way of things, it seems to be taking off over here now. I think part of the reason it wasnt a major event over here, is because Firework night is only 6 days away, which has been celebrated, well, seemingly forever!

Which is probably why I have no great memories of Halloween to tell you, it just never happened in this country when I was young! It might have been fun as a child, dressing up, and going around houses, trick or treating, though I doubt I would have gone as a witch at that time, but who knows, it might have been my first moment of female realisation, if I had!

Mind, today, I went out, to sort out my currency for the next trip to the US (just over 3 weeks time) in just a top, and trousers! Temperature was hovering somewhere around 70, at the end of October! Still, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

So, for me, I will wish all my readers a blessed Samhain, and hope the winter season passes peacefully for you. Mind, if Jean Harlow’s ghost wants to pay me a visit, through that weakened barrier between the 2 worlds, I wont say no. But come early, please, I’m on an 8.00 start at work tomorrow morning lol!

The video, as I say, you need a good memory (or be as ancient as me) to remember this one. Seemingly live, a rare event for the 1970’s, in a studio!


Yes, I’ve taken this opportunity to show my Celtic roots, and not call it Halloween lol! And yes, I know strictly its tomorrow, but posting about it on a blog, late tomorrow evening, well it would take away some of the edge.

Sadly I’ve never been in Ireland on this magical night, nor indeed in the US, where Halloween seems to be far more of a great occasion than it ever is over here. I’m sure we might get one or two ‘callers’ tomorrow night, but doubt it will be any great number. As I commented on the last blog, this is a time of change in the year, as winter sets in, and darkness settles in around us so much earlier in the day.

I must admit it, the only time that Samhain has really struck home to me, was the one time that a friend, Sara, included it as the subject matter for a writing contest on one of the forums. I ended up writing a little time travel piece based around the occasion, one of those pieces I’m really proud of. Irony was, it never made the story archive, as the story was not ‘subject matter’ enough to do so, which was a bit of a shame. I cant tell you that subject matter though, just in case I shock some maiden aunt somewhere lol! Nor can I provide you with a link, as both forums its posted on, are member only. If anyone really wants to see it, then ask.

Sorry, no music video tonight, found a rather lengthy samhain blessings one, so I suggest you just take a small chunk and enjoy, not the whole 9 minutes or so. So with my own samhain (or however you name it) blessings for the 31st October