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Walking in the rain

Yes, I know its been a while, but in all honesty, this still has to rank as a bonus while I’m doing 10 days in a row. That series ends Friday, so you should get something over the weekend, famous last words lol!

The irony over here at present, as of course the Brit’s will already know, is the rain we have been having of late, while many areas of the country are actually under drought conditions. All this, and horse race meetings are being abandoned, waterlogged, and the cricket is suffering pretty badly too. Yet, we are in a drought situation. Truth is, we’re just starting to catch up on needed water in the reservoirs. Thats the point, even the ducks are drowning now (joke), but over the last couple of years, just the opposite. But, it just doesnt feel that way, lol! I know we need it, but couldnt it just rain overnight…? 😉

Summer will arrive I guess, just no idea when?

The music video, now this was fun. I was going to go for the obvious Darts song, but its already been done. A certain Travis song was also tempting, but then I remembered this. Only depressing factor is this song is over 40 years old, and I remember it being released.

No, I havent got a ‘one I love’, but no song is perfect lol!