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Call the Doctor?

Fine, I was lacking inspiration for tonight, when thankfully I was tipped off (Thanks, Twitter) that tonight saw the introduction of the new Doctor Who, and oh golly gosh, its a woman! Alright, we’ve known this was the case for a while now, and yes, if I had realised in time, I might have switched on for the start, to see how the Doctor reacted to her new body, after 55 years of being a man, when she discovered she’d had a change of image. But unfortunately too late for that, so I will have to just give her a try at some point.

I know, its probably not my thing any more, but I have one record to keep up, so I will have to at least watch 1 episode with her in it, at some point. Yes, up to now, because technically now, I’m down on the streak until I see an episode with her in, I’ve watched an episode (or more) with each of the 12 doctors prior to her. Some (Capaldi, Ecclestone, and of course, McGann) I’ve only seen one episode of, to keep up the streak, others, especially the earlier ones (and Tennant), I saw lots more episodes of, of course.

Did I ever think we’d see a female Doctor? No, I didnt, much like I wouldnt have expected a female James (Jemima?) Bond, and still think that day will never come, but who knows? Lets face it, most of the films now arent related to original books, so…?

I wish Jodie all the best in her new role, though fine, me, I’d rather play a Dalek, or even better, a Cyber(wo)man, of course, much more fun for me. Yes, I’d love the Cyber upgrade done to me! ๐Ÿ˜› And yes, Jodie, I’ll take a look at you soon, and see what I think, I have a record to preserve. I know, at some point, I’m probably going to start missing them, but for now, while I can…

OK, video time. Nothing very original, in truth. The 12″ version, with a tribute to all the Doctors, barring Capaldi, and of course, Jodie Whittaker.

Sci-fi, and Huddersfield. Something in the air?

In truth, you would find it hard to imagine the heroes of the future (or infinity) being born in the Huddersfield area. Lets face it, it might be a lovely place to live, but as the place of science future, not really. But for acting roles at least, well…?

For now at least, the most famous local to travel through time, and space, would be Sir Patrick Stewart, who famously played the Captain of the Enterprise, in one of the numerous variations on the theme, over the years. As you can gather, I grew up on the original Shatner series, and never really caught up with the rest. Captain Picard, but dont ask me for details of events during his stay, all the same. Yes, Data should have appealed to me, I know, but still never really got into it.

But yes, Sir Patrick was born in Mirfield, only about 3-4 miles from where I live.

Now, we have another! Yes, I’m not going to go into all the boring details about the new Doctor Who, and I’m certainly not going to mention the fits that a few have had, over a woman being selected to play the new doctor either. What I am going to mention is that said lady, Jodie Whittaker was born in Skelmanthorpe, again not that far from here.

So clearly, if they ever decide to have an actress play a more mature version of Robot Girl, or they decide they need someone brave enough to be turned into a robot in a remake of Metropolis, I’m in the right place! Fine, I wasnt actually born that close to the town, but I’ve lived here for 12 years, so…?

Or of course, if she wants to let a local actress play a Cyberman, now that would be great! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Congrats, and good luck, Jodie.

One thing that could never be said about KLF, was that they took themselves too seriously. Very much including this incarnation as The Timelords.

Can I have a P, Bob?

Before anyone makers assumptions about this featuring Bob Holness, or a certain TV quiz series, you’d be wrong. Its actually about a very silly event at work yesterday.

Let me explain, about once a quarter, they update the system we use at work on a Saturday. Nothing major, just minor tweaks generally, but given that Saturday is mainly about doing Admin stuff, using said system, between the odd phone call, or 6, not having it makes for a fairly slow day, because yes, we cant do work on the system while its down lol!

Me, yesterday, I settled down to doing some of my much ‘loved’ apprenticeship work, while the others did various other things to break up the boredom. Well, somewhere around lunchtime, this ended up involving a session of office ‘I Spy’. Yes, my lunchtime, so I missed most of the entertainment, as others tried to guess an item starting with P, for about 25 minutes. They had just solved it by the time I got back, and so I was asked my opinion as to what an item was called.

Me: “Planner.”

Apparently a previously mentioned team leader disagreed with this name for the item. Anyway, discussion continued (between calls) on the matter for quite a while, probably until the end of the shift! Sadly, or thankfully, it will be about 13 weeks before we return to this level of lunacy again. Until then, we will of course all act like perfect Humphrey Appleby types until then!

Yes, Madi, we love you, we do really! xxx

Ah, the video. Thats why I specified its not about the TV series, because this song was, err, not a tribute to it! This is Sweet, at their crazy best, as in the drummer getting up at the end of the first verse, and almost getting back in time to drum the second verse. Well, it was all mimed back then, so…Would anyone be surprised to hear I’d love the singers outfit, or Steve’s boots? I hope not! Some younger (but not too young) folk may remember this being sampled by the Timelords (aka KLF) for a certain song too

From the sublime to the ridiculous

No, not Trans Pennine Express, though the latter wouldnt surprise me in the slightest to be honest, at any point with them!

No, my work shifts actually. Having worked 1 day in the last 10 (day off splits, plus 4 days holiday), I now get to work 9 days in a row! At least they are kind enough to let me have my birthday off, which is something. Yes, you’re right, thats my next day off after today! And yes, not nice standard 35 hour weeks either, though there is a very good reason for that next week, namely the Cheltenham racing festival. But agreed, if I’m blonde enough to agree to do overtime to help out, well, I cant complain too much I guess? Well, alright, I can, but Iย dont expect sympathy lol!

Only consolation, 7 weeks from now, I will be several thousand miles away, in Seattle. Not so good, in all likelihood, that will be the last holiday until September. Yes, our holiday year runs April – March, in case anyone was wondering, and this was the last of this years holiday I’ve just taken, had to be used up, or lose it. So…

As you might therefore guess, blogs might drop off a bit over the next week or so, I will try and post something, but dont hold your breath. I will definitely try to post something on my birthday at some point, but thats the only promise you’re getting! Depends how much in the way of Brooksie e-cards I get on my birthday! Not true, but no harm in reminding folk, is there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, for anyone wanting entertainment, or an autograph, in Leeds, I will be in one of our shops on Thursday, paying a visit to see what its like. I know what its like, spent the best part of 20 years until 2001 working in one, and its got harder since then, so I’m told. But will be interesting to see behind the counter again after so long, and see all the changes, not all for the better.

Right, talking about the sublime, and the ridiculous, lets get to tonights music video. Lets just say its the most sublime piece of ridiculousness I know from the music industry. I was tempted to inflcit the 12″ version on you, but then you dont get the video. So, try to enjoy