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Being wired up, and assessed would have been easier!

Yes, seriously, integrating me into the computer system, and assessing me that way would have been more relaxing, and probably more effective in finding out stuff about me, than the assessment centre I underwent on Tuesday. And yes, I can comment accordingly, as I’ve already heard I havent passed the tests, I’m only amazed anyone does! Even invasive surgery, to tap my brain with electricity could well have been more pleasant, and I’d have enjoyed it far more!

Up to now, the longest ‘test’ I’d done, had came in at just under 2.5 hours, and at least there, you thought the people holding it were on your side. They were as friendly as is possible, under the circumstances, and to be honest, I only realised how long it had lasted when it was over, and I looked at my watch, as I was getting out. This one was a whole different atmosphere, from start to finish, and that period was 3.5 hours, and then only that short, as I was one of the first 3 to do the final interview session, it would have been 4, or more for the other trio.

First of all was a group test, but rather than a straightforward exercise, they had each us (7 at the time) given a detail that would put us in direct confrontation with at least a couple of others. It wasnt fun, but I battled through, so on to the next point, the role play. By comparison, this was easy. It wasnt, as they wanted us to rearrange something, while giving us minimal ideas on what we were changing it with. I got through it, but 1 person walked out in the middle of hers, she’d had enough, and I couldnt blame her! From comments, several others felt the same way about the whole scene.

Oh, the final interview. Normally with the interviewer, you get the feeling they’re on your side, trying to help you through, but not this time, it felt more like a psychological battle! And to be honest, I was so worn down by the length of things, and the nature of it, that I didnt perform at my best, or close to it. So no, I wasnt shocked when I got the email this morning telling me I hadnt passed in the slightest! I was offered the chance to apply again in the future, but I dont think I’d want to go through that again!

So as I say, being integrated into the computer system, non-invasively, or even invasively would have been a positive delight compared to that! And yes, regardless of what kind of answers my mind might have given, with my free will taken out of the equation by the machine, I would have enjoyed that far more!

Ah well, the search goes on…again…

The video, well this would be my preference to being grilled by them again!