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It all happens at once

Its funny how things happen. One moment you seem to be suffering a quiet week on the job hunt, then everything happens at once! Initially, all I had booked for the last week, was the long standing interview with the DWP, to work for the DWP! Yesterday afternoon, on the outskirts of Leeds, fine!

Then, I got an email at the beginning of the week, asking me if I could do an interview with a company, just outside Dewsbury, on, yes, you’ve guessed it, Friday! No, no other day, so fine, I gave in, and went for it. Yes, I think both went well, but then again, how often have I thought this before, only to get the rejection call/email a few days later. I will say, if there’s one thing I hate, its trying to do 2 interviews in 1 day. Oh, and when they are miles apart, on top of everything else…yeah, wonderful…not.

Its not only the travel that kills, though at my age, that doesnt help. The last time I did this, I had one in Halifax in the morning, then over to Bradford for the afternoon, and yes, I faded before the finish. This wasnt so bad, smaller gap between them, though the journey was a bit more complex. The snag this time, was my feet! I got myself a new pair of low heels, for occasions like this, and I thought they were fine. Snag is, wearing them in at home, and walking a distance in them, is 2 different things. So yes, the backs of my ankles are a bit tender at present!

The other snag, is what you call revising for the interview. With one, you can check out the company, do your stuff, and go for it. With two, not so simple! I tend to end up not doing justice to either, and thats not a good thing.

Oh, in the meanwhile, I proved perseverance works! I’d applied twice before, for customer service positions, with a company in Halifax. Rejected both times, just on the basis of CV application! Anyway, I thought I’d give it one more go, and lo and behold, phone interview, and now I’ve got an assessment center, the week after next! Oh, and next week, on Tuesday, as a result of a phone interview last week, I’ve got another interview in Huddersfield! I’d just given up about hearing anything, when it arrived. Its only 30 hours per week, but pay is decent, so I could survive, given the lack of transport costs, so…

No, I havent finished yet! As I was walking in yesterday afternoon, trying desperately to get my shoes off, as quickly as possible, I had a phone passed to me. A company from Greece (I dont think its the same one as before?) wanting me to work out there. At the moment I’ve shown interest, and I’m due to do a Skype interview with them on Wednesday lunchtime. I dont think I’ll go out there, due to the dodgy state of finances in Greece, I wouldnt have thought it was the best place for an ‘elderly’ lady like me to be heading to!

Oh, last but not least, for those who read the last blog, I’ll just say, yes, today I sent a speculative email to ESPN about a certain possible job opening. No, I dont expect to even hear back from them, but no harm done, I guess?

Right, the video. how interviews seem to occur with me of late!

This would be a dream job, and so ironic too!

Yes, I know, I go a while without any transgender blogs, and then they all come along at once, a bit like London buses, in the old joke! But hey, as this also gives me the chance to mention baseball, how could I resist? Besides which, its better than a blog whining about all these nice jobs that require you to be a driver!

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities posting on social media in a way that they shouldnt? Yes, this is one of those. Curt Schilling used to be a great pitcher, before retirement, and he used to be a great baseball analyst on ESPN. The latter is the more significant ‘used to be’ in this case.

Fine, he’s a right wing conservative, so not my dream man politically. But as I’ve said before, I can survive peoples political views, if they’re trans friendly. Thing is, he isnt! And made it clear to the world, as this article proved

And given that his homophobic views had got him into trouble with his employers before, and then let loose with this, I guess the end result, his firing, became inevitable. OK, it amuses me that ESPN considers itself as an inclusive employer, as I thought the law (apart from a couple of rogue states) stated that all LGBT folk should be safe from oppression from employers anyway?

So fine, ESPN, here’s a challenge for you. If you are that inclusive, who could be a better replacement for Schilling, than a baseball loving Trans Woman? Funnily enough, I’m available at present too! I’ll even promise not to be biased when talking about the Royals, and the Dodgers, if that helps?

Seriously, if anyone knows who I should send my CV, or Résumé to, please let me know, I’d be interested to see how it went. I did try the ESPN careers page, but I guess they havent had time to post it up yet? No, I dont seriously think they’d be quite that inclusive, but no harm in finding out, if I know who to send it to. Or if someone from ESPN reads this, email me at and I’ll send it to you. Yes, I’m still using that email address at present, I’ve got 5 already, and could do without more at present! Please also let me know at that address, if you know who I need to send it to.

Right, the video. Well, given their head office is in New England, I thought of this, given there arent that many good baseball songs I havent already used!

This is actually the man who wrote the song, made famous by Kirsty McColl

I want to go to…

Oh fine, any regular readers here, who dont know I love baseball, what have you been missing? And yes, one of those huge personal bonuses of spending October, living in Hollywood, was watching the play offs live, in my own little apartment. Hey, I even got to see the first game of the World Series live, before I had to head back to sanity, and the UK, but anyway…I at least got to see the rest of the World Series, the following day, but it was never quite the same thing. But fine, I was happy, the Royals won it all, lets face it.

But at the same time, watching the home town Dodgers, both live, and live on TV last year, was something quite special. Yes, I suppose they’re Hollywood’s team, so I guess they can be my second, or National League team, oh fine! Yes, I’ve got a Dodgers cap somewhere, though actually I gave it to Dave, as I have less need to keep the sun out of my eyes over here, so would never have used it. Not that I bought it, mind. I found it sat on the seat, at the bus stop, on Beachwood Drive, so took ownership! Yes, helped to make me look cool, and a local down in town, which was handy, as it kept the tour people off my back, most of the time.

But today, as I’m typing this, I’m getting my first taste of live baseball, since that last day, in my sweet little Hollywood apartment. So wonderful! Fine, I’ve seen one game, on delay, the next day, but thats not the same as live. And fine, its only Spring Training, so not to be taken too seriously, but its live baseball on ESPN UK! Boston, and St Louis, if you wanted to know. So yes, given the Red Sox are my friend Kate’s team, it got a little bit more than just any game for me.

Will I get to a live game this year? Who knows? If you asked me at present, I’d probably say no, but I guess, that until September, I can hold out hope. As for spending the whole of October, watching the play offs, in a cute apartment in Hollywood, only in my dreams, unless I win the lottery, and thats not likely to happen, with my luck in any matter! But a girl can dream!

But at least on a few occasions, thanks to ESPN, UK version, I can get to see a few live games on TV at least. Yes, it will only be matinee games, in early evening over here, but there are a few of them, so…

All the same, if you’re asking, Do I want to go back to a ball park, or do I want to go back to Hollywood, you bet I do! I just wish, that at this moment, I could see it happening. Ah well…

So fine, this blog, for those who know Broadway musicals at least, may have worked out the video!

Spring is here (supposedly), and that means…

…that the Baseball season is back!

Strictly, depending on your time zone, it started last night, though here in the UK, it was actually 1.00 this morning. But anyway…And no, I didnt stay up to watch it!

But today is the first full day of baseball, and as I type this, I’m having the pleasure of watching the New York Yankees getting thumped by Toronto, oh heaven. After this, I’ll take in a little of the other New York team, the Mets, playing in Washington. There will be more, but given my time zone, that will do for me tonight!

The strangest thing though with watching the Yankees tonight, is after all these years, no Derek Jeter. Hey, if anyone is a certainty for the Hall of Fame, first time around, its him!

As for me, I keep hearing tales that the Seattle Mariners are going to do really well this year, but I’ll believe it when I see it, been supporting them far too long for that!

Me, I’m planning on watching the Dodgers play the weekend after next (17th, or 19th) which will be great fun, and my 9th Stadium I will have seen baseball at. I have already visited 9, having done the tour of Seattle, but not having seen a game there yet. If I can find a way, as a non driver to get to Anaheim for an Angels game, then I will, but not sure how easy that would be?

September? Depends where I end up. New England, then maybe. Idaho, then no!

But care of ESPN, and BT Sport, I suspect I will get a decent fix of baseball this year, all the same.

Well actually, it finally felt like spring today, and if its the same tomorrow, I might go over to Leeds, and take in some cricket. Just a friendly, between Yorkshire, and the local university team, but if its a day out in the sun, watching cricket, I’ll take it!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the warmth of California, for sure!

The video, a piece of baseball history. Yes, the obvious song, but a far longer version than what is sung at games. This recording is incredibly from 1908, hows that!

An early shift isn’t always bad?

I’ll be honest with you. Normally, when I get an 8.00 start to a shift at work, I groan, inwardly sigh, and simply get on with it. Why, because I have to be up about 4.45 in the morning, for one of those, that’s why!

Fine, I had one yesterday morning, and to say I wasnt full of joy when I switched the TV on, about 5.00, would be putting it mildly, to say the least. But you see, the thing is, the previous night, it had been on ESPN (UK), so thats what comes on first. And what do I get, baseball! Opens a sleepy eye, and yes, its live, and yes, its the Kansas City Royals, somewhere in the 10th innings, in the Wild Card match against Oakland.

For the next hour, or so (just under, in fact), I sat engrossed, as first, in the top of the 12th innings, Oakland scored a run, and that would seemingly be the end of the Royals interest in the play offs. Oh no, in the bottom of the 12th, first they tie the game, and then they get one more run, and win the game. Even in Kansas, that was nearly midnight! To say the stadium erupted would be to put it mildly.

And yes, fine, I was pretty happy too. It was pretty special being there, 17 days before, but seeing them win, in the play offs, at 6.00 in the morning, as they said in the ads, priceless!

Regardless of the level of my support (and yes, its principally because of Harlow, and Brooks birthplaces), they get my strong vote of support because of the wonderful service that Kate and I got, when we visited the stadium. My mobility isnt perfect, Kate’s even less so, and they looked after us wonderfully. So yes, even though she’s a passionate Boston fan, its fair to say she’s rooting for the Royals at this moment.

To quote her, and I’m sure she wont mind

All that being said, I can actually forgive most of that because the staff of the Royals and Kauffman Stadium are probably some of the best I have ever encountered in any stadium. They are all pleasant, polite and beyond helpful.

To illustrate: some of you here know that I do have a few medical challenges that prevent me from a lot of physical activity. Even with the premium seats we got, I was having difficulty navigating the stairs and seats. One of the Royals staff came running down, and said “You are not going to be comfortable here. Let me see what I can do to find you better seats.” (and keep in mind, the original ones were fabulous…)

Long story short, she was back in minutes with seats that were better than the ones we had originally, and did not require me to navigate the steps. Other staff also came to check on us to make sure we were fine, and the young man who was bringing drink and food out to the section gave us better service than some that I have gotten in supposedly fine dining establishments.

I saw the staff assisting people with various physical issues in various ways, even running carts from the stadium to take people to their cars (and I’ve been in larger parks where they don’t do that.). The care they were taking with anyone who had any kind of challenges was impressive.

Don’t get me wrong…you know I loves me my Fenway Park. But, EVERYONE, from the ticket people at the gate to the concession stand workers to the stadium staff to the people manning the elevators simply could not have been more courteous and pleasant. Even the Royals fans were polite to the throngs of Red Sox fans that decended upon the K, (despite losing three out of four games-heeheehee).

I strongly recommend that, if your team ever plays in KC and you get the opportunity, you go to the K to watch a game. You won’t regret it.

So yes, not only the players are great, the backroom staff are even more amazing.

Tonight, the divisional series starts in Anaheim, and if the game hits 4 hours (average is about 3), I will catch the end in the morning.

So, from myself, ‘Jean’, and probably Kate, I wish them all the best, for the rest of the play offs and hope someone from the club gets to see this.

The video, I heard this at Kauffman Stadium, and I gather its one of the team songs. And hey, I love it anyway

Oh, be proud of him

Yesterday evening, I was watching the baseball, on ESPN, over here in the UK. I know, no shock there, I guess. Anyway, the early game for us, was the bore fest between Detroit, and Cleveland, which was all but settled very early on, in Detroit’s favour. But, as is the way with these things, they stuck with it until the end, before moving over to the late afternoon game, between Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego.

The thing is, they dont really pick a moment to go over, they just switch as soon as the game is over, whatever the situation may be. What we switched over to, was not the ball game at all, but the commentators, talking to a guy, who had clearly served in the military, about his life, and his injuries. Unfortunately, due to the timing of things, I missed out on the tale of how he got his injuries, where he got them, and everything else. One thing I did learn, his name, Corporal Kyle Carpenter. Yes, an amusing note for me there, the same surname as Jean was born with!

Thankfully, later on, they showed a picture of this man, sat in the crowd, and fortunately for me, they repeated the story of what had happened. It seems that several years ago, in Afghanistan, this man was serving in the Marines, and a grenade was thrown at them, landing very close to one of his companions. What Carpenter did, was shield the other man from the explosion, by basically smothering the grenade with his body. How he survived, I have no idea! Yes, he lost an eye, suffered some other pretty traumatic injuries, from which it took him about 3 years to recover, but he did. The other guy, seems he was fine!

Oh, the critical factor, Carpenter was awarded some high military honour for his bravery, well deserved, I just cant remember exactly what, so go Google it, if you need to know.

I know, the Marines are amazing, both sides of the Atlantic, but this guy just had me in total awe for what he did.

So yes, as the song says (and the blog title), be proud of him, because, after all, he’s just a man. Superman maybe, but all the same, just a man.

I’m not American, but if by chance, anyone reading this knows Corporal Kyle Carpenter, just tell him there’s a Brit who thinks what he did, was truly amazing. I’m just glad the Cleveland game ended when it did, so I got to know what this amazing man did.

Yes, you’ve guessed the video, surely? Tammy Wynette, suspiciously looks like live, not a tape?