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A Look Back at 2014 – UK Edition

And yes, as promised, with just over 4 hours to go of 2014, is the 2nd half of the yearly review, the events here in the UK (and Jersey)

As I mentioned on the previous one, the original plan had been that I would be going to Kansas City, and Cherryvale back in May. The plan being to get it out of the way before the area got scorchingly hot, which quite often lasts into September. And given my love (or not) of extreme heat, we werent taking any chances. As history proved, September was nicely hot, but not excessive, and I know, I was there.

The thing was, before we delayed things, I’d got an offer of £10 off an advance rail fare from TPE, and a 10% hotel discount, so I’d dived in early, and booked them. So now, all of a sudden, in theory, I didnt need them. Now, I could have just written off the £60, or just had a night in Manchester, at a hotel, but thats boring!

So I look at other options, and ended up discovering I could go to Jersey for a week, relatively cheaply if I stayed at a B&B, so I went for it. Did I mention, I’d been to Jersey before, 30 years ago! So yes, it was quite interesting going back after all that time, I must say. There were a few sights I recognised, a lot that I didnt, and a lot that had changed since then, but I’m glad I did it. But no, I dont think I’ll go back again, certainly not in 30 years time, thats for sure!

The main moment of ‘levity’ was the night I ate closest to the hotel, pretty much just across the road in fact. I had tossed up the idea of putting a dress on that night, but didnt in the end. Didnt matter, a few minutes after I had ordered, a gentleman decided to join me at the table, and seemingly chat me up. Sadly, about a minute later, my meal turned up, and he excused himself, and that was that, never saw him again.

But me, attracting a man, oh wow!

The other main item breaking out from the norm this year, was a job interview. Alright, it was an internal application at the office, not breaking new territory, but anyway… I thought ‘what the hell’, and decided I was doing it in style. Long black dress, high heels, the full works! It was wonderful! Seems I impressed, but there was a preferred candidate, it wasnt me, so I didnt get it. But anyway…I will certainly do it again, when, and if the chance arises, especially when the make up has been done. Then I will be dressed to kill lol. But more on that event tomorrow.

The last big happening in my life this year, is very much related to my state, though this person has now gone one precious step further. Yes, I might only have one thing now that a girl shouldnt have, but it annoys the passport office no end, if everyone else now has my gender as female. Yes, Nicole Woodhouse successfully changed into a woman, and I’m proud of her. Granted, if I was younger, or had a man who cared for me, I might do the same, but for now… But yes, I’ve had hints I should either apply to the NHS again (at least for hormones, to top up what my natural body seems happy to do), and see where it takes me.

For now, given the expenses of the next few months (Hollywood, Perm Make Up, New Glasses etc), I’ll stay as I am, but I suspect that before long, I’ll get hints again. Maybe I should, maybe I will, but more on that tomorrow, I suspect. One thing is for sure, 2015 will be fun!

And so, the last video of 2014. What I intend to do next year, a brilliant live version, from just 2 years ago. Seriously, is it just me, or could Cyndi Lauper have played Jean Harlow in a biopic?

Happy New Year, everyone, see you again in 2015

2014 in review

To those who are interested

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A look back at 2014 – The US Edition

Yes, I think its fair to say that so much has happened in my life this year, that I can stretch this out to 2 parts quite easily. The UK edition will follow on Wednesday, by the way. A look forward to what I know 2015 holds in store, on New Years Day.

So, lets start with the first trip, the one to Kansas City, and the whole state of Kansas. Initially, the plan had been for this to happen in May, but things never work out quite as planned. Kate’s work got in the way, so it got put back to September. Thankfully, her main concern about doing that, extreme heat, and me, never cropped up. It was very pleasant, 70’s, and 80’s and all that, but no more, so all was fine.

Before we get to the main emotional stuff, I could never have got to Cherryvale without her, and I dont think she will ever realise just how much I appreciated her help in getting me there. But its what happened when I got to Cherryvale that really struck home to me, just how wonderful some people can be to a virtual stranger, that she may well never meet again. One amazing woman, named Tina. Not only did she really welcome us to Cherryvale, home town of Louise Brooks (and Vivian Vance, as she would appreciate me mentioning), she really welcomed us to town. A guided tour, photos of both Brooks homes, and a trip out to see the Big Lake nearby too. But on top of all this, she arranged for me to get into the museum, in town, on a day when it would normally be shut to the public. Someone I’m really glad to have met, and to give me the chance to get close to standing in Louise Brooks’s footprints.

Its fair to say that I’ll probably never get back to Cherryvale, but I will always remember that place, unless dementia gets me first!

On the same trip, after Kate had gone back home (she has a normal life, for heavens sake), I headed off into Kansas City, home town of Jean Harlow, of course. Funnily enough, for quite a while, I got no further than Union Station, on the edge of town. Nowadays the station has one through train (Chicago – Los Angeles), and 2 other services to St Louis, and thats it! Of course, back in the 1920’s, there were a lot more trains, and there is photographic evidence of Jean Harlow travelling by train, so its fair to assume that I very much stood in her foot steps there.

Luckily, I got to take a modern trolley car trip around the city, so did see a lot more, maybe I’ll get back one day, but I’m not getting any younger…

Bur despite all that, its fair to say, that in the end, that wasnt my most emotional trip to the US this year. In November, I went out to Albany (as was always planned), given an invitation by my wonderful friend, James, to join his family for Thanksgiving, a first for me. Really, really glad I did it, despite the snow dump on the Wednesday, about 9 inches. Thing is, the bus service didnt even blink, let alone stop. Over here, an inch, and…rolls eyes.

Thanksgiving Day, and everything surrounding it was amazing, so glad I got to find out what that was like. And no, I didnt go shopping on Black Friday!

But yes, the side trip to New Hampshire. I had discussed the possibility of doing a past life regression with S earlier in the year. There was only about 200 miles between him, and Albany, but getting there by public transport… We compromised, I got the coach to Worcester, MA, and he took me to and from New Hampshire from there.

Lets be frank, much though it would have been wonderful to have discovered I was Jean Harlow in a previous life, it wasnt really likely to be true. It wasnt, though I would love to have seen his face (I was deep in trance remember) when I said I was in Hollywood in 1928! I remember being asked the colour of my hair, giggling, and saying brunette, though of course I had no idea why he was asking me that. Yes, I was, in a past life, a small part actress named Clara Johnson, oh wow!

Sadly, finding anything out about Clara, even with the internet, has pretty much come up blank, apart from one credited part. Small parts never got credited before the mid 30’s, we know she made a decent living, but no more… Sometime, I really must get back to New Hampshire, let him put me under for much longer, and find out so much more about her. But until then, I know who I was, and just maybe, she worked, or played with Jean, when both were just small part actresses.

So yes, those 2 trips have tugged at my emotions no end, but I’m really, really glad I done both, and now know what I do.

Louise got married (at least) twice, Jean three times, Clara, just the once. For each of them, there must have been something of this. And of course, in the title of the group, Hollywood

To prove I’m an author

As I promised last night on Facebook, here is a short, factional piece I wrote last night. To recap, for those who are new visitors, or have short memories, last month I underwent a past life regression last month. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered I was an actress in Hollywood in the 20’s, and 30’s, though not Jean Harlow. A small part actress named Clara Johnson, in fact.
Given that I have a contest running somewhere, where one of the options is to have her, and Jean Harlow in the same piece, I came up with this.
A more regular blog will follow shortly

Before anyone gets any ideas, pretty much all of this is fiction. I have included a few of the glimpses of knowledge I have about my previous life in this, but unfortunately, the ‘interview’ between her, and S. lasted about 10 minutes or so, and no longer. So, only a few questions got asked.
If anyone wants to pay my airfare, so that he can put me under, and regress me for several hours, and do a full interview, well, we might learn a lot more about her. But for now…

The Clara Johnson story

Oh, hi. Never thought a small time actress like me would ever get to tell her life story, but I’m told people want to hear it, so…I’m told its less for what I did, and more for who I knew! 😉

A brief resumee of my early life. I was born in 1905, just outside Philadephia, the second of four children, named after my maternal grandmother. Somewhere, up the coast in Brooklyn to be exact, a more famous Clara was also born in the same year, but more on her later. Oh, and yes, I worked with her, as an extra, once or twice! My background was a lot better than Ms Bow’s, but not as high class as Harlow, if you were curious.

Despite my quiet, genial nature, I seemed to have an acting talent. Got to appear in many plays at school, which is why, at the age of 18, I headed up to New York, to try and become a movie star. Yes, I got to work in the movies, but only as an extra, not a real star. But as I quickly learnt, if you were flexible, and you were keen, then it wasnt so hard to live on the pay of an extra, if you worked most days, and I did.

I wasnt going to live like Mary Pickford, but my own little place, in New York City, you bet I could!

(For those who dont know, back in the early 20’s, NYC ran Hollywood a close second as a movie making centre)

But moving on, in 1925, I couldnt resist the buzz, and excitement coming out of the West Coast, and decided to head out there for a while, and see if the new city could make dear little Clara a big star, just like her namesake, Clara Bow was already doing.

No, you guessed it, especially if you look on the film lists of the era, never happened. But again, a willingness to work, and an ability to not turn into a studio with a hangover, got me plenty of bit part, and extra work. And yes, the wages were decent enough, that Clara could have her own little place, near to the studios, and have a good little life. Ten dollars a day may not sound a lot now, but back then, it paid for a lot of things, if you worked 4, or 5 days a week, as I did.

I worked with most of the big names, though you would never have noticed me, even if all those films had survived over the years (I gather they havent, shame). Bow, Pickford, Lloyd, Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and plenty more. Quite a list, even if I never made the casting lists to prove it, but believe me, I was there.

But OK, I’ve read the press advert, I know who you want to know about, Jean Harlow. Yes, I got to work with her again, after she made it a couple of times, but I knew her long before then. She was sweet, down to earth, and always told me that she couldnt see why I hadnt got the big break, and tried to point it out to a few people. But, to be honest, by then I was less focussed on my movie career, and more on how my man, Clark was doing in his, so I was happy sticking to the bit part work by then, in all honesty.

No, not Gable, I wish! Clark Davis, cameraman, in fact. But anyway, thats getting ahead of myself.

I was first introduced to Jean in 1928. She was working as an extra with Stan, and Ollie, losing her dress, or most of it, so I gathered. I was working in a studio across the road, with Keaton (name dropping again), as a girl that he literally ran into, and a few things that, err, developed from there. Best part of a week’s work, for little effort, suited me fine.

She was fine, we shared cigarettes, we shared booze, we certainly had fun together too. No, not in that sense, we were both very much into boys! Or her, older men, it seemed, but besides… Demanding mother, crazy step father, and all that, just made me glad I was living on my own, with no hassle. Fine, within 3 years, I got a boyfriend, within 5 I was married, but hey, who’s counting? 😉

For a year or so, we shared cigs, and booze, and boys, and then she got her lucky break, when the talkies came along. Me, my voice was fine, I kept working, unlike some. But my work was still the bit parts, even if the pay that brought in was still enough for me. I did see what Jean was supposed to be earning, and I wish…ah well!

But then, one day, I was working on a William Powell movie, and one of the young(ish) guys working the cameras, asked me out for lunch. About my age, mid twenties, nice looking, so I went for it, especially as I hadnt really had much of a lunch mate, since Jean made it.

Yes, Clark. Good company, all round nice guy, and by all reports (I checked around the MGM studio to be sure), a guy who was going to be going places. And what’s more, he fancied a sweet girl, me! So yes, we continued to date, he got me a few bit parts I might not have otherwise got (handy connections), as well as the work I was getting for myself. And yes, about 18 months later, he proposed, I said yes, and a year later we got married.

And shortly after that, well, I teamed up with Jean again. She was the big star, making a movie called ‘Bombshell’, and Clark, and a few others, knowing our history, got me a small part in the movie. Never credited, but it was a decent part, all the same, about 3 weeks work in fact!

The thing that amazed me, was that the moment I walked on set, Jean recognised me, squealed with delight, and ran up and hugged me, and asked how things were. That day, I ended up having lunch with her, just like old times, but this time it was at her ‘little place’ at the studio, not just by the side of a food van. Oh wow, how the other half lived, but it was fun, we talked about the old times, and for most of the 3 weeks I was around, for filming, we did the same thing most days.

No, Clark wasnt working on that movie, but he was at the studio, working on something else. Yes, 2nd Cameraman, a pretty important role, earning a tidy sum of money. In truth, I didnt really need to be working by then, his money would have given both of us a comfortable life, but I enjoyed the work, and hey, it was all I knew. But yes, the promotions continued, and so did his wages increase, and about 3 years later, we both wanted to have a kid, and I agreed, 2 more films, and then I’d retire, and become a mother.

The last film, in the less than stellar career of Carla Johnson (I’d kept my single name, for my acting career) was a movie called Thin Ice, starring the ex Ice Skater, Sonja Henje, and a promising new actor named Tyrone Power. Me, I had a small part in the movie, and for the first time in my life, my name actually appeared in the credits. Nothing personal you understand, just that until about 1935, or 36, anyone less than the stars never got credited. But now, things were changing, and there I was, Carla Johnson, on the cast list.

And it was in the last few days of filming that I heard some really sad news. Firstly, that Jean had been taken really ill, and had gone home from working on Saratoga. Then even worse, she went and died. Kidney failure or something, nothing that could be done back then about it, couldnt believe she was gone, at the age of 26.

I couldnt get to her funeral, only the ‘big folk’ got to do that, and even if Clark was now one of the head cameramen, we werent high enough up the MGM picking list to be selected. We waited for the fuss to die down (and heavens, there was plenty of fuss at the time), and then went up to Glendale, and paid our respects.

A few months later, well, I was in the family way! 6 months or so later, a baby daughter was born to the Clark family, and let me tell you, labour was painful. I think Clark thought I was kidding when I said no more children, but as he discovered, I meant it. We had plentiful sex, but only at the safe times of the month!

Clark didnt get called up to serve in the war, he was in his late 30’s by then, and given his movie making skills, they let him serve at home, doing those. I’m not saying I’m sorry about that, a lot of brave men went to the war, never returned, but…

Though I never worked in the movies again, it wasnt actually the end of my career. Did a few small things on radio, bringing in a few extra dollars, even if we didnt really need it by then. He may not have earned what Jean did, but Clark’s salary was pretty decent, shall we say? But it was fun, working on this new fangled thing, and I could easily do it, while having my daughter close by, and it didnt matter that I was fast approaching 40, I could still play breathy ‘young things’ on the radio, all the same.

Thing was, back then, we all regarded smoking as cool, and trendy. Yes, I know, now you know differently, but back then…So, by the early 50’s, I was struggling with my breathing, and went to the doc’s. Lung cancer, all the smoking I’d done for about 25 years had caught up with me.

I lasted until 1953, when it all finally caught up with me, and I died. My husband, and my now teenage daughter cared for me, until the end. I too was buried at Glendale, though in a site far tamer, and less expansively than Jean’s! Oh, her name? Guess what, we called her Jean too! Not that it was Harlow’s real name, but anyway…


I got to heaven (seemingly I made the grade), and heard a squeal of delight. Yes, Jean was there waiting for me.

5 years later, I got the call, had the chance to go back again, and have a new life. Fine, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, but I went for it, and…the rest is history!

The only things in there that I know are fact, are her approximate birth date, and location, the fact she was in Hollywood by 1927, that she married someone called Clark, had one daughter, and died somewhere in the early 50’s, from lung cancer, or some other smoking related illness. Oh, and she was in that film, its the only one she actually gets credited at Imdb for! One day, I need to be regressed again, and find out so much more

Merry Christmas Everybody

Yes, right song, but not the artist you’re probably expecting! 😛

So fine, what can I say about the 2 days of Christmas so far? Yesterday was a fine example of Trans Pennine Express at their worst, though with a surprising twist to events. To be fair, before I left home, I knew the 7.17 train was cancelled, just because they felt like it, season of no goodwill with them, and all that. But, if the bus had turned up on time here (it is a First bus, mind), I might have got the 6.56 train, and all would have been fine. No, it turned up 5 minutes late, and the rest was history. I actually got to work with about a minute to spare to log in, but certainly wasnt ready for calls at 8.00.

The day was fine, the odd busy patch, but then, towards the end, when there really wasnt anything to bet on, things did calm down slightly. Then, getting home for Christmas. Unlike Chris Rea, I wasnt driving, but relying on TPE to get me home. Shock horror, the trains were running late. But, in a body blow for TPE, the late running train (only 10 minutes late at Huddersfield) was just about in time for me to run, and catch the bus before the one I was expecting to get. So I got home early with them, there’s an irony!

And so to today. When everyone finally got here, (part of Nicole’s family, staying at a hotel in town), it was time to open presents. A eide collection of items, including curling tongs (to do those Harlow curls), slippers (needed, my current pair are more than on their last legs), and numerous other things too, including a lovely brooch.

Oh, a picture of me on the day, oh fine, there is one.

me, at Christmas

Definitely a fine cleavage there lol!

You can guess the rest, a very good Christmas dinner, a quiet (of sorts) period since then recovering from over eating. And then…back to work tomorrow! Taxi to and from work, so was considering being saucy, and wearing a dress, but given the possible weather forecast, maybe not, gone for a warmer option! Besides which, might be a bit contro when I go out to get lunch in Sainsbury’s! Mind, there might be a bit of turkey around here, for a sandwich tomorrow, so…lol.

The video, yes, its the Slade song, so famous at this time of year, but not the Slade version. In fact, this guy was around, and having hits at the time it first came out, and comes from Yorkshire. I suppose you could say this is the moment when glam rock met big band, and this was the result

Hope you’ve all had a good day too.

Christmas best wishes

To all those wonderful people who read my blog!

Merry xmas from Jean

Betting at Christmas – Then and Now

Even though both today, and tomorrow, there will be no horse racing in the UK, and Ireland, people will still be gambling on many things. Indeed, prior to this century (and possibly the early part of it), betting shops actually shut, not just on Christmas Day, but the 2 days before as well. Nowadays, its just a case of Christmas Day off, and that’s only for retail, and retail related staff, as, to my eyes at least, incredibly there will be people betting on Christmas Day, on events happening in parts of the world where the day isnt celebrated, just because its there, and well, its a chance to win/lose money accordingly. Given my job, I cant say too much, but…I think its a shame, that some people, even on this special day, would rather be punting on some North African football match, than celebrating with their family.

The ones I feel most sorry for, are the staff at our office, who have to go in, to cater to these peoples needs!

But anyway… Yes, betting shops have been open today, and again tomorrow (tonight until 10.00, tomorrow only until 5.30) to cover foreign racing, dog racing, and a lot of virtual racing, I suspect. Oh, and to play the machines in the offices nowadays as well! Yes, I’m working tomorrow, to cover all the shops needs, on Christmas Eve.

As I say, in the good old days, the shops were shut, though as I know from past experience (I used to prepare on Christmas Eve as much as I could), that fact never stopped numerous people trying the door. Of course, also back then, papers on Boxing Day were unheard of, all the racing was in the papers on Christmas Eve, so…

I know, I know, in this modern world, everything has to be available 24/7/365, and betting seems to have gone that way, for better, or worse.

At least, with the early finish, I can get home before the buses and trains shut down, I suppose I should be grateful for that? Hopefully Santa will be more punctual than Trans Pennine Express at least, that won’t be hard, mind!

So anyway, hoping that not too many of my readers will be caught up in the manic crush that is Christmas Eve shopping, though I suspect a few will be, all the same! In closing, may I take this chance to wish all my readers the very best Christmas wishes, and hope they enjoy the holiday period. Just think of me, 1 day off!

The video, one of 2 that work for the centenary anniversary of the beginning of WW1 celebrated this year. Mind, then they played football on Christmas Day lol, for all the right reasons!

Oh, yes, I promised a couple of Jean Harlow christmas pics, didnt I?

Standing by the tree

Christmas Presents

Happy Christmas

And, so this is Christmas week

And if you’re expecting the obvious video from that title, then sorry, it isnt!

Hey, I know, when you’re young, Christmas is great fun. At my age, its more a case of the bonus of an extra day off work lol! I know, I know, but believe me, the extra time in bed will be appreciated, all the same. I know a couple of things I’m getting, but thats about it. And yes, all the shopping was done, before I went to Albany, in fact.

Time off? Yes, I get Christmas Day lol, and thats it!

To be honest, the date I’m looking forward to more, is 3 weeks time, and my new look, complete with make up, hopefully looking even more like (a middle aged version of) Jean, should be quite something. I suspect that January will also see me ‘treat’ myself to my holiday booking for Hollywood, in April.

But yes, Christmas Day will be fun, and I’m sure I will dress spectacularly for the day, and you’ll probably get photos of it, like last year. But before then, 2 more days of work, and 1 more blog! Which may well include a Christmas picture (or 2) of Jean, I suspect.

The main thing though, not to forget the true meaning of Christmas, just saying…

The video, well, let me take you back to the beginning of the week, and that taxi journey. I heard this, for the first time, had no idea who it was, but thought it quite nice. Thankfully the DJ told me at the end. And yes, the song on Tuesday will definitely be more vintage too!

Oh, fine, if you’re missing her, here’s a picture of me, sorry, Jean, waking up in the morning. Just over 3 weeks, it probably will look like me getting out of bed!

getting out of bed

Like Chalk and cheese, but a wonderful guy

At the office, there is one wonderful guy, who just deserves to get a mention on here, especially given that currently he has a good cause you can support, on my behalf.

In terms of compatibility, me and Andy are like chalk and cheese, but at the same time, in a funny sense of the word, I think he’s great. He likes beer, and football (among other things), and I rarely drink, and can’t stand football in the slightest. As far as I know, vintage stuff isnt his scene either! But in another sense, we are 2 of a kind, probably in the sense of not really caring what other people think about us, and just getting on with our lives. Besides which, until I get a ‘little op’ done, I’m not totally his kind of girl lol!

So don’t get any ideas!

Oh, and if I’d got the coupon inputting job, I’d have been working alongside him, but anyway…didn’t happen! Also, lets just say, his outfits for the Works Christmas Dinners are not quite the standard suit and tie, and leave it at that.

But apart from getting on, and everything else, there is one thing Andy does, that I really admire. The crazy things he does for various charities. A lot of it is the various charitable fun runs around Leeds, and thats where my admiration lays for him the most. For example, on Sunday, there was what is known as the ‘Santa Dash’ around Leeds, and yes, you guessed it, Andy was involved. But no, he cant just wear a red hat, like Santa, can he? He has to show his support for Leeds United, and this…

Andy Hirst

…was his look for the day. Yes, as I said, he’s a passionate supporter of Leeds United FC, for his pains.

Oh, right, that link to the charity he did it for,

He’s already reached his target (and yes, I’ve given), but if you want to give some more, to a good cause, linked through this, feel free to do so.

So yes, as I say, I like the guy, admire what he does for charity, if I approve slightly less of how much he drinks at times, thats his life anyway lol! But despite what Joe, and I suspect one or two others might say, nothing is ever going to ‘happen’ between us, for other reasons.

But as I say, like, and admire the guy, I certainly do. I’ll toast you, Lilo Man (you can force that story out of Andy, not me!), though in my case at least, not in beer.

The video, well look at the outfit, look at the link, and one song came instantly to mind. Sadly, no live video could be found on You Tube

So, catching up on the news

Yes, sorry, I know, its been a week since I last posted, been a lot going on in that time. Fine, most of it was work, but I would have posted Thursday, if I hadnt been being wined and dined by the company lol. So, there is a bit of news to catch up on, so lets deal with that. If all goes to plan, it might be a little tribute piece tomorrow night to someone I work with, even if it is a working day. Early finish, and all that, so hopefully…

Right, starting with Nicole’s operation, all has gone fine, I’m pleased to say. Yes, I know, maybe one day I’ll do the same, but for now…

Thursday, and the dinner. Yes, I’m told I looked good, though I havent yet seen any of the pictures taken of me (beyond one of my back) from the do, so can’t say for myself. The meal was good, much better than last year, and the hotel was very nice too. Only shock to me, no phone in the room! I know it was only a Travelodge, and most people have mobiles nowadays, but…I had to go back down to reception to book a taxi, aargh!

After that, nothing really worthy of note happened until 10.00 last night, or a few minutes after, when I got into my taxi home. It is absolutely pot luck as to who you get, but last night, I got one of my favourites, a wonderful lady, somewhere about my age, and its always a pleasure travelling with, and chatting to her. Most of the drivers have the radio on some station playing modern music, which I cant stand, so I’m glad to get home.

Yes, she had something different on, Radio Leeds! Playing lots of 70’s and 80’s stuff, bringing back plenty of memories for me. For example, album of the day, Carpenters singles 60-73, pure heaven for me. Got 3 more late’s this week, I hope I get her again, but I should be so lucky!

But the first record, had me going into pondering mode. What would it really be like to be in someone else’s shoes, even for just 1 day (hopefully that gives away the video), especially in my case, Jean Harlow. I have no idea what the general life of a 30’s movie star was like, but it would be amazing to find out, for me at least. Hopefully it would be a relaxing day, not one when she was filming lol!

And yes, on Sunday, it suddenly dawned on me that its only 4 weeks to my Harlow make up look, and not just for 1 day! Its going to be amazing (especially without those awful 30’s eyebrows), I’m sure, at the very talented hands of Paula. Really looking forward to that, I must say, but more on that nearer the time.

Oh fine, the video