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Your baby, on the telephone line

Fine, as promised, the confirmation of what I was pretty sure of yesterday, but finally knew for definite about 2.30 this afternoon. Yes, thats right, this weekend, I will be training, for an operators role, commencing on Monday, for a month, at least. I know, it might be a bit/lot longer, and I should be thrilled at the news, but for the obvious reason, that news is tinged with regret.

I know, I know, its work, its a decent (but not sensational) wage, and it will pay for Christmas, and the like, but…its not the medical trial that I wanted to be part of. Yes, its fair to say, had I had a genuine choice of both, I’d probably have chosen the clinical trial. It would be something different, it would be more money, and yes, I could have had some mental fun with it, and probably some writing too, even if the reality was far more boring, as my friend, Ruth, described it.

But yes, in the end, the thought that this might lead to a longer period of work, and get me back in routine, combined with the study still only being a ‘maybe’, I really had no choice. So yes, I’m delighted to be back in work, but at the same time, I’m going to have to settle for wondering what that research experience would have been like.

Answering calls, taking messages, dealing with basic queries, should really be a piece of cake for someone like me. So, in all probability, I should have a job for a while, with luck, and I got the role without being asked a single competency based question, and that really is a bonus for me. But missing out on all those blood tests, EEG readings, and taking new drugs into my system, yes, it hurts. Ah well…

The video. Well, I might be spending a lot of time on here, during the next month, maybe more.