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Caitlyn, are you sure?

Alright, lets throw in a bit of transgender controversy tonight, and see if this blog explodes or not?

Normally, I’m 100% supportive of anyone who wants to transition. Its a huge decision to make, a very brave one, one that is going to reflect on your whole life, and people deserve all the support they can get, if they’re doing that. So yes, full personal support.

So why do I find it nigh impossible to find any element of support for Caitlyn Jenner? Maybe its all the media support she gets, maybe its because of all the money she has to do a marvellous job of it, which I will never have, or is it just maybe, because she has never convinced me that she’s fully behind the whole idea of transitioning? I know, its that family, and their love of publicity that makes me wonder, but anyway…?

And yes, I know its not just me that feels this way about her, but I’m possibly the only one brave enough to blog about it? Even ignoring the transphobic comments about the fact that she’ll never be anything other than a man, which are ghastly, to put it mildly. At the same time, the Kardashian family do polarize attitudes in the same way that Donald Trump does, seemingly you either love them, or hate them. And fine, before I say much more, I’m in the latter camp.

But fine, when someone commented on the way she acts, walks, and other little issues, in a male way, I went and took a look. Do you know what? They arent wrong! Yes, I thought, someone with her backing, both media, and financial, you’d learn to act like a woman, if you want to transition into one, wouldnt you? Even us impoverished ladies can manage that!

Let me say, I hope I’m wrong, and that Caitlyn is genuine about transitioning to a woman, but all the evidence I see, doubled up with the desire for publicity that family has, for doing anything radical, and well, I just wonder? So all I’m saying, Caitlyn, if you’re true about this, then fine. If however, all you’re doing this for is a publicity stunt for your ghastly family, then please stop, before you find yourself in too deep. Because believe me, if, 6 months down the line, the world discover this was nothing more than a stunt, what you’ve taken up to now, will be a piece of cake, because then, you’ll have the whole transgender world ganged up on you too, and well, that wouldnt be nice!

Alright, tonight, a song almost as old as me. Believe me, at the moment, I feel that old too!