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No makeup required?

Yes, tonights blog might, ever so slightly, be tongue in cheek, just saying? 😉

One thing I’ve come to the conclusion of, is that if I really want to revive my ‘acting’ career, once I reach retirement age, I need to move to the Blackpool area. No, I know, there probably are opportunities elsewhere, if I put my mind to it, but in terms of fun, one off roles, it seems a good place to be. Maybe thats because the lady behind the Winter Gardens Festival Volunteers is just good at going out, and advertising these things, and maybe its just due to the fact that a workmate, and friend tipped me off about them at the beginning of this year, but either way…it works for me.

Yes, I’ve done a couple of things already, and try keeping me away from next years film festival (its my birthday week in March, so work wont be an issue), believe me. There might be at least a couple of us hoping the movie will be a 30’s musical for the outfits, though the audience (and some of the other volunteers) might wish otherwise, lol! But yes, doing my best ‘Clara Johnson’ routine would be a lot of fun! At least 2 of us are trying to get this to happen regardless, so fingers crossed.

OK, back to the title. October 26th (Friday), there is a film showing at Lytham, and they are seeking volunteers to dress up as witches. Yes, thats where the ‘no makeup’ comment for me fits in, as lets face it, witches arent meant to be the most beautiful of creatures, are they? Besides which, it would be fun pretending to be wicked, lol! 😉

I suspect I might have played a witch, or a wizard in my time, but just cant put one to mind. However, at the Boys Grammar School, we did ‘that Scottish play’, and I had a minor part, so just maybe I did? 😉 Oh god, I must have been in heaven back then, a need for ‘boys’ (strictly, in my case) to play female parts, oh love it! Now I could play a witch legitimately, but…

Sadly, no, its not going to happen, for so many reasons. A good one is that I really havent got the holiday allowance left, as I need to save some days for January, to try and pace breaks for my back, especially in winter, and I think I’ve just about got a week left at this time! Next is distance, doing a trip from here, to Lytham, and back, all in 1 day, not going to happen, especially as we will be required until about 8 pm. Throw in cost, as its the weekend of the Gatsby Dance in Bradford, even more no go!

But yes, when I retire, either at 66 (legal) in about 5 and a half years, or whenever my back gives up the ghost for that much physical exertion (far more likely, I fear) involved in getting to and from work, I might just have to move to somewhere where I can get my acting skills put back to good use yet again., maybe?

Unless any generous benefactor wishes to subsidise a new acting career for me? No, thought not, lol! 😛

Right, video tonight, its one of those progression things. No, there is no song of such a title that I know of, but there is an album with a similar name. And one of the singles taken off that LP is…

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

As some readers may already know, and others outside of the UK might not, summer has officially arrived here in the UK of late, and quite delightfully so, for me. Why, you might ask? Simple, as with so many joint issues, they tend to flare up in cold, or damp weather (or worse, both), and ease to some degree when the weather is warm/hot, and dry.

So yes, at present, I’m in a lot less pain than I was a few weeks ago, when it was cold, and damp, shall we diplomatically say? In truth, I have contemplated easing off on the meds while its like this, but in truth, I’m practical, would hate to have any issues, of my own making, so have stuck to standard levels of painkillers for now. Mind, I’m due my quarterly review on Thursday, and I’m sure the matter is going to be discussed. After all, the Naproxen was only meant to be a top up while the weather was bad, so whether I really need it currently, who knows? But yes, I’ll let the medical experts make the call on that! Have to say that its lovely that on an evening like this, I can sit here typing this, not wearing the brace. Mind, it might mainly be because, being neoprene, I sweat like hell underneath it when the weather is like this, and even if I could do with losing a couple of pounds, maybe, thats not my planned way, or probably the best way of doing it!

As previously mentioned, I did a pre retirement course through work yesterday, and a rewarding experience it was too. Fine, a lot of it related to Civil Servants, with decades of work, and very nice pension funds, unlike my modest amount, but it gave me things to think about, and plan for my future. Hopefully I’ve got nearly another 6 years to give that pot a boost, but whether my back will let me go on, that long, I wouldnt put good money on it. Of course, a new option could come into my life anyway, and change matters, and I dont just mean the lottery jackpot at work, because I’ve never won anything in life, so cant see that happening. Yes, a jackpot win would very quickly see retirement on the grounds of health, believe me! I’d love to say enough to move somewhere hot, all year round, but given there are about 25 of us in the syndicate, it would need to be a rollover jackpot to do that on my own basis, probably!

Yes, I notice the difference with the weather. When its bad weather (cold, damp, or both), the 0.7 miles from work to bus station (or other way round) seems like the end of a marathon by the time I get there. Even in average weather, its about my limit. In the heat of yesterday (Low 80’s, I guess), I walked back from the course location, to Leeds station, about a mile, no issues whatsoever! Was just starting to tire at the end, but seriously… And yes, in Seattle, I was probably doing as much, if not more, at times!

So yes, somewhere warm/hot to live, post retirement, I really need to! Either that, or find someone daft enough to marry me, who lives somewhere hot, lol!

Right, video time. I’m sure many will have worked out the song tonight already. Of course The Kinks couldnt do anything too seriously, so they filmed the video on a freezing cold day in winter!

Oh, and as an added extra, another song of a very similar title, from about 10 years later, though to some degree, it sounds like something from 30 years earlier. Well, maybe not the electric guitar, but…

In The Air Tonight

In fact it was a couple of things that reminded me today, that the last time I flew anywhere, was a year ago tonight, when I took the flight from Atlanta, to Manchester, having first crossed the US, from Los Angeles. And yes, the best bit, that when I fly again (probably next May, unless things happen beyond my belief), not only will I have a new name, but a new gender too. Ironically, the only thing that will be the same will be the city at the other end of the flight, Los Angeles.

Yes, one of the things that reminded me was Facebook, and their ‘on this day’ thing, which I hate, but still find very useful, I must admit. Though in fact, they’d been beaten to it, by a couple of Americans, on ‘Pardon The Interruption’ this morning, though that was actually yesterdays edition, but fine, they mentioned the anniversary of the first game of last years World Series, between the Mets, and my Royals, because it lasted over 5 hours, went 14 innings, and yes, I watched all of it while preparing to fly back home to England. Yes, the advantage I had then, it started at 5 in the afternoon, my time, instead of 1 in the morning, as it does now!

At present, its still the only World Series game I’ve seen live (only on TV), though hopefully at some point in the future, there might be more? Yes, the Royals won, went on to be champions, and as they say, the rest is history! The next morning, I got up early, had breakfast, and waited for the shuttle to take me back to the airport, and home!

Funnily enough, one year on, today, I finished my training course for my new job, and start my regular hours on Monday. Yes, a later start, so a later rising time, but a later finish too. How it will work out time wise, for other things, I will have to wait and see. But I still plan to do this on my 2 days off, before any blog readers show concern. Should be Tuesday, and Sunday in future, for those who care!

But I just wanted to say a quick thanks to 2 men I love watching, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Wilbon, for reminding me this morning of that amazing match, and wonderful place I watched it.

Yes, this time last year, I was in the air tonight, so there is one obvious video. A recent live version, ooh!

Against All Odds

Fine, I had to post this earlier than I normally would, because after the event would be a pointless exercise, so…

I cant remember the last time I played the National Lottery, to be honest. The last time I would have played it on a regular basis, that much I know, was 2002. I have bought the odd lucky dip ticket since then, when there has been a rollover, but in all honesty, its been quite a while since I even did that, certainly not at all since they doubled the cost of the tickets, for sure. And now they’ve gone and added 10 more numbers too, making it even more challenging to win the jackpot. Which is probably why the estimated rollover jackpot for tonight is £26.3 million, because it hasnt been won in quite a while. But I’ve cracked, just for once, and bought a ticket.

No, I dont seriously expect to win the jackpot. Hey, in all honesty, with my luck, I’ll be amazed if I get 1 number, let alone all 6! But something inspired me to give it a try, and hey, lose £2!

To be honest, compared to some lottery jackpots, £26.3 million is chicken feed. The Euromillions one seems to hit £100 million from time to time, and as for things like the Powerball lottery in the US, well, absolutely nothing!

But even so, that sort of sum of money is still way beyond my comprehension, and I have no idea what I would do with most of it, other than savings, and letting the interest give me a comfortable lifestyle.

I guess there are a few obvious things I would do with it. A nice home, in Hollywood, if I could convince the US authorities to let me in (and that much money would influence things, I’m sure), but nothing too excessive, I’m just not the type for that. A comfortable 2 bedroom apartment, in the Hollywood Hills, around Beachwood, would suit me fine, I wouldnt need more. If they wont let me in, I’ll find somewhere nice over here, with good public transport, and settle for that. But in my dreams…

I guess the other obvious thing I would then get done, is have a ‘few bits’ rearranged, as I could afford the best surgery possible, so what the hell, I’d probably get it done, with a whole lot less fuss than some I could name. I have to admit, I’m not sure about the pain involved, which puts me off at present, but I suppose with that much money behind me, I could get the best care possible, and a bit more! Anyone who doesnt know what ‘bits’ I’m talking about, hasnt been reading this blog before lol!

But seriously, beyond that, what would I spend money on, apart from general living costs, given the only work I would then do, would be some writing! No idea? I mean, I’d probably get a few nice dresses, maybe a corset or two (especially if someone can design a self tightening one!), and almost certainly a custom made robot suit, just because I’d love one, even if it doesnt actually turn me into a robot, hey, I could look the part.

What I dont think I’d do, even if perhaps I could, and should.

A boob job. Yes, it would be wonderful to have a pair of C Cups of my own, I guess, but the thought of doing that, I just dont know? Again, I suppose with this wealth, I could get it done by the best surgeons, and everything else, so maybe. But while I have such excellent silicon prostheses, why do it to yourself?

Plastic surgery. Please, no. I know, I could find a surgeon who could make me look even more like Jean Harlow, but I’ve seen the results, and how often it just makes things worse, not better. And besides, I’m middle aged, if Jean had reached her fifties, I might look just like her, but we will of course, never know.

Oh, and the one silly thing I would do.

Simple, fly first/business class, depending on airline. I have walked through, or seen first class a few times now, but never traveled that way. Yes, its one of those silly things I’ve always wanted to do, if money was no object. Ironically, I’m hitting the range with Delta, where I can request complimentary upgrades, but given how many ask, how far down the list I would be (I’m only silver status), its not likely to happen that way.

But fine, in the end, this posting is just a dream, nothing more. Because the strict chances of me getting 6 numbers tonight are about 30 million to one, and I dont have any luck in draws with far more favourable odds than that. But for a couple of hours more, I can dream, so…

No, dont expect a blog in the morning saying I’ve won the jackpot lol!

The video sums up my chances of winning anything tonight, let alone £26.3 million!

I wish it would rain down

In California that is, though ideally I’d hate the drought to break just when I have 10 precious days there, but knowing my luck…

Its not a hidden fact that in Southern California, pretty much everywhere is currently in drought status. I think its now about 4 years, when far too little water has fallen in the area on the whole. So yes, I wish that for the sake of the locals, they could get a decent amount of water, though I’m told they would need an ocean worth to get back to where they should be, but…not going to happen.

But is it wrong to wish, that it doesnt break just as I hit Hollywood? Yes, I have a few places indoors that I want to visit, the Hollywood Museum for example, but lets face it, most things I want to do, you do outdoors! So hopefully I wont be taking the grey Yorkshire weather with me, when I go.

Dont get me wrong, I can live without the temperature hitting 90 too, but at least you can get shelter from that, from time to time, or even quite possibly in the right place while outside. So yes, I’d love the drought to break, but not while I’m on holiday!

Today has been the day when I’ve (finally) got around to sorting things out for the trip. Currency ordered, credit card topped up, and shuttle booked for trips between airport and hotel. Hey, I’ve even been looking for sensibly priced places where I can get my hair, and make up done on the Saturday of the party too! There are a couple of possibles close to the hotel, so hopefully thats sorted at least.

And that it doesnt rain that night!

In other news…

Yes, I’m in the final week at work, so I’m going to hit a few milestones, I guess? Got one last night that I thought had already happened, my last taxi home at 10.00. I have got 1 more late shift on Saturday, but thats a 9.00, so will need to fight my way home on TPE, hopefully they wont cancel my Saturday night train this week!

Beyond that, there is talk of a farewell drink on Sunday, after I finish, which I will probably make a ‘one and done’ thing, as I’m not a great drinker. Then, I need to start job hunting, ah well…

The video, just perfect for Hollywood, in so many ways.

Monday, Monday, not just another day

OK, so I guess people want to know how it went? Fine, fine…

Mundane stuff first. No, I avoided the high heels, which my knees appreciated. I did wear heels though, just low block type heels, much easier to walk in, and more comfortable to wear. Having said that, my knees were still grumbling a little by the end of the day, but less than they would have done had I gone with the high heels.

Now, I’ve done a job interview in a dress before, but that was a short hop to Leeds, not all day to go down to London and back. But yes, it was fine, it was fun, and I loved every minute of it. Black, traditional, I know, but its what they seem to expect, so…

To be honest, both train journeys went fine, not a lot to report. Most fun moment of the journey down, was Starbucks, at Leeds. As you may, or may not know, when they’re busy, they ask for a name, to put on the paper (or whatever it is) cup, to make sure you get the right one. They were, and asked my name. Cool as a cucumber, I replied ‘Harlow’, always wanted to do that. Good job they didnt want a first name lol! What? Jean? Oh absolutely!

As I said, everything went fine, so I ended up at Paddington with 30 minutes or so to spare. So another coffee, pre interview, again purchased by Ms Harlow. That is just so much fun!

Then to the interview, all seemed to go pretty well, I must say. Looked good, felt good, answered well, and all that.

Then back to Kings Cross, and…because I was trying to save money, by buying advance tickets, I had to commit to a certain train. So, I allowed plenty of time, and…I ended up getting back to Kings Cross nearly an hour before my train was leaving! So fine, lunch.

I did live in London for a couple of years (03-05), and knew the place was more expensive than the rest of the country, but seriously…anyway, I paid up, had a toasted sandwich, and coffee, before heading off for my train.

Platform 2, they said, and lo and behold, there was my reserved seat waiting for me. Only thing is, about a minute later, we are being redirected to Platform 3, and no reserved seats! Thankfully, all was fine, train wasnt too busy, so…arrived back at Wakefield on time, train to Huddersfield on time, and all that.

Oh, I heard last night, by email. Again (seems a popular call of late) I did really well, but only ended up as the bridesmaid, not the bride. Ah well, there’s always Plan B, or C, or whatever lol!

The video, sums up the end result of the interview, I’m afraid

A friendly welcome

Yes, I’m sure that in every sense but one, I will get a friendly welcome to the US tomorrow. And no, I dont mean the Immigration official either, as the vast majority of them I’ve found to be fine, or better. Of course, the one time it wasnt, was Philadelphia, so…hope I dont get her tomorrow lol! Not that she’d recognise me, I’ve changed a, err, bit since then!

No, what I’m talking about is the forecast weather for Richmond, tomorrow afternoon and evening. Yes, I get to be greeted by thunderstorms, oh joy! No, not that they really bother me, but will probably limit the walking I can do tomorrow evening, a tactic I normally apply, given the legs tend to stiffen up on long flights. Ironically, its the only lowlight currently in the weather forecast for the whole week!

Thankfully nowadays, you can get food delivered in, so I wont starve, and I’m sure I can walk a few floor lengths indoors if necessary, but anyway…With luck, the weather forecast will be wrong, but…I doubt it!

So thats it, the last words from the UK for a while. I will try and do some posts from Virginia, but it will be dependent on things, so if I dont, then forgive me.

The video, well, here’s the weather forecast lol,