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The one who broke a thousand hearts

Hey, I’m keeping the streak going, whether it can last the week with nightly postings, I have no idea lol! Under any other circumstances, this would have been called ‘here comes the sun’ but staying true to form…

Today started the way that I spent a brief evening moment 25 years ago, standing by Lake Ontario, contemplating life, and other things. Well, alright, it was about midday that I did it, but strict facts should never get in the way of a good story, should they?

Oh my, havent things changed since then, and not just me getting 25 years older either! Though alright, that has happened, but…Again, I dont think it was the same lakeside spot, but if you seriously think I can confirm that, after 25 years, no chance! 😛

On that evening, a man, and a woman stood together by the lake, and admired the view, wondering if they were going to find a hotel room that night (it was Labor day weekend, and no, we didnt!), or not. And no, I have no idea where she is now, we split up nearly 14 years ago! Today, I went back there, by bus, and stood by the lake again, admiring the view. The only thing in common, a beautiful day, even by the lake, the jacket came off. No, 25 years ago, I wasnt wearing a blouse though, lol!

It was too early in the season for much to be open down there, but fortunately one delightful place was, for lunch at least. LDR Char Pit. Its a classic diner, probably not the sort of place regularly invaded by single women, but I did. Glad I did, decent food, at a very reasonable price, so dont be put off by the outside view, its worth going in, if you’re in that corner of the world.

After that, I headed for the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, back down Lake Avenue, to ‘meet up’ with someone. She took a bit more finding than I expected once I reached the section, confused by the fact that the map calls her Mary, but the stone says Louise. Even fooled the staff there for a couple of moments, then 2 and 2 were put together, and we found her. Well, the stone, and some flowers at least. I’d have loved to have had a quiet moment there with her, but the reason I had help was because men were working on cutting the grass in the area, so no, it wasnt quiet lol. Still, I said a few words, funnily enough, she didnt reply! After a short while, I said thanks, and goodbye, and just walked away. A perfect touch, on a beautiful day.

Back into town, I headed for a coffee house I’d seen yesterday, very art deco in style, though whether original, or just designed to look that way, no idea. Coffee was good though.

Then back here, still with my jacket over my shoulder. Yes, today definitely came the sun, sadly tomorrow almost certainly brings the rain, and maybe some thunder. Still, the rest of the week is fine again, so…

The song, a live version from a guy who produced, and indeed still produces some great music, even if this is a cover


Here comes the sun

Yes, shock horror, summer may finally have arrived, though probably only for a few days, knowing our luck! But something went wrong, the weather has been lovely here today, and its supposed to last for at least a few days more.

I can see me heading for work tomorrow in just a t-shirt and trousers, though given I’ll be fairly late home, I suspect I might take a light coat with me all the same, suspect 10 pm might not be quite that warm lol! But hopefully…

As many will know, summer up to this point has been pretty much a wash out, quite literally in many places. I couldnt believe the number of waterlogged race meetings while I was away in Seattle, though that problem has been gone for a short while now. But today, today was lovely, it has to be said, and the weathermen are even threatening its going to last until at least, ooh, Friday. I might even have to discard my summer boots if it stays like this! Yes, I might wear shoes, though definitely not ones with killer heels lol!

My main regret this summer, is going to be the lack of a trip to Ireland to watch the team play cricket, the logistical planning of the sporting summer makes such a trip nigh imnpossible, so it will have to pass me by. The ‘ghastly’ Euro 2012 Football will be followed shortly after by the Olympics, so all in all, makes for a lively summer at work. I could say other things about work at present, but with discretion being the better part of valour, I wont!

I will say, roll on September, and New England though, really looking forward to that, and hopefully some nice weather while there. Good company is already ensured while there, I might add. I’m such a forward planner that both venues for 2013 are already settled in my mind, and April 2014 as well. Not sure if that makes me wise, or sad, but… Oh, and September 2014 is down to one of three places already as well lol!

And given we will probably be back to weather suitable for ducks by next week, I’d better slip this video in while I can. You’ve worked out the song, I’m sure, just need to know which version, dont you? Well, you can either click the link, or look at the categories, or both to find out.

And no, I have no plans to buy a bikini lol!