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Part of the union

One thing is for sure, during my lifetime, the powers of the unions have changed dramatically. What you have to remember, all these young folk reading this, is that I’m old enough to remember the bad old days of Trade Unions in the 70’s, and 80’s, which have no resemblance nowadays. Yes, that does mean the video tonight is showing its age lol!

My first workplace in 1974 was a ship repair yard, and was a union stronghold. Admittedly, more than one union, as we office folk were in one suitable for us, whereas all the welders, labourers, and other various roles in the actual shipyard were all in their own relevant union.

I might add, that in my 2 years there, not once was there a strike, threatened strike, or anything else like that at work, though there were plenty that affected my life, for sure! After that, and possibly P&O head office, when promoted, I havent been in a union since…until now!

Yes, I wasnt in roles that had a union stance for most of that time, but I had no interest in being in one anyway. Yes, until now!

The thing is, unions today are a totally different animal to back then. And yes, though Civil Servants dont have to join one, the group I work in, actually approves of staff being union members, so why not? They seem to be doing a good job for their members, do not call strikes for the most stupid reasons, so all in all, I’ve jumped back in.

So, turning circle, for now at least, my first job, I was in a union, and what is currently my last one too. In between, nope! The only other union I wouldnt mind having to join would be Equity! Oh, that would be so nice!

Right, video. Yes, as I say, this song dates back to the bad old days of unions, though I’m pretty sure this is a more recent performance than that