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Part of the system?

Normally, when you get invited to an assessment centre for a job, you would expect to get the email from a person, right? So fine, for tomorrow, I get the invite from something called ‘system integration’! Yes, I know, I should be so lucky! And even more when the instructions say that you are to report to them on arrival. How is this assessment going to be handled lol? I know, I know, I’d love to be connected up to the system, integrated into it, and assessed by a machine controlling my mind, but generally, most people… Oh fine, a short while after, I got an email telling me to report to reception instead, far less exciting! Would bring a whole new meaning to the group exercise, Borg like assimilation, I guess? At least I wouldnt need to think of any answers to those competency based questions, the machine would probably discover the answer to those for itself!

Mind, I joke/dream about this for now, but I guess at some point in the future, the human element of interviews may be reduced, or even totally taken out of the equation, but not in the near future I suspect…shame! Just imagine, the inability to ‘improve yourself’ taken out of the situation, as a machine probes your mind for the correct answers.

Yes, I know, if that happened tomorrow, I’d love every moment of it, regardless of getting the job, or not. Mind, if you’re integrated into the system, surely they could ensure you were the perfect candidate for the job anyway, and have no desire to leave the company at any point? 😉 Shame I know its not really going to happen, but a girl can dream!

OK, the video. What hopefully I wouldnt be able to do for myself once integrated into the system