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A whole different role

As is sometimes the way, its fair to credit my inspiration (not literally) for tonight’s blog, a gentleman by the name of Eddie Deezen. You may have heard of him, or more likely heard him, because a lot of his career in recent(ish) years have been doing voices for cartoon series, and the like. For me, at my age, I remember him more for parts in both Grease films, hence tonight’s video. Anyway, this morning on his Facebook page (yes, we are friends there, fame for me, lol, though I also count Bruce Glover as a friend on that front too, ooh.

Anyway, this morning, he was posting something about someone who he had acted with in a film, and something she had done since then. Yes, I know, go find the name, fine, I did, Tawny Kitaen, he’d found an old picture of the two of them, from a film named Happy Hour, which was nothing to do with the Housemartins song, lol. Such a big film it hasnt even got any details about it on Wikipedia lol.

Anyway, this really isnt about her, its about something I did in 1979, to help a few friends out. Basically, they wanted to make a promo video, and for some reason best known to themselves, they decided to use the 2 most famous songs from Grease. They were filling the main parts, but they needed a few more to make up the 2 ‘gangs’ and I got dragged in as one of the guys. I know, be very different now, but more on that in a moment.

Given that I heard nothing more about it, I presume the video sunk like a brick, but as a 21 year old, doing amateur dramatics, and nothing more, it wasnt the end of the world for me. Mind, if it struck gold 4 years later, I wouldnt have been around for them to find me anyway. Either that, or they made it,  didnt need the supporting cast, who knows? I wasnt a great singer, but just going “Woo, woo, woo” I could cope with! As far as I know, its not on You Tube, but please dont go looking for it, just in case.

I forgot all about it, but then, out of the blue, I got a friend request on Facebook from Eddie, looked him up on Wikipedia, went ‘Oh my god” and accepted quickly. Amusing story, his friend number was at the limit, so I sent a message telling him so, assuming that would be it, but no, he made room for me, and the rest was history.

Its funny to think that now, if I was still that age I’d actually be in the girl gang, not the boys! Mind, now I’m more the age for the role played by the legendary Joan Blondell, than the girl gangs, now wouldnt that be fun?

So yes, lets finish going round the sun, to meet the moon on this blog, and get to the videos. Yes, 2 tonight for the price of one. Firstly, a live Olivia Newton John version, without Travolta

Then the one from the movie, with Travolta

I just hope no one can find that fun video including me, thats all I wish!

This could be a Greasy moment

Hah, for once I’ve fooled you with the title, or at least I hope I have? Well unless you think laterally about one of the lead characters, and then…ah well, it was fun while it lasted lol.

Yes, you guessed it, this is about Hurricane Sandy.

As someone who has walked the boardwalk at Atlantic City in her time (well, technically I was a he back then, but anyway…), its quite something to hear about much of it having been washed away, indeed the whole of Atlantic City seems pretty badly hit. Its one of those landmarks for me, the culmination of the cross America by train trip, even if it did take a few years to do the last bit from Philly, but hey, who’s counting? 😉

I have also been to New York City, even longer ago, nearly 25 years ago, when I suspect I knew something wasnt right with me, but had no idea what it was. Do now though, but again, anyway…The weird one for me there though will always be the World Trade Centre, going up there to the observation desk, and then 13 years later… Still incredible for me to think about the bustling subway being shut totally, and sad to hear about the flooding at Ground Zero too.

As for my dear friend in Albany, thankfully Sandy was relatively gentle there, so glad to hear it. Still would like to hear from someone further up in Vermont, but hopefully she is fine, maybe just without power.

No, I’ve never been near a hurricane, and I wouldnt mind keeping it that way, sounds terrifying. Of course, this is someone going to Kansas next year, and might just meet up with a tornado, though hopefully not.

Just to say my sympathies and best wishes go out to all who have suffered because of Sandy, and to those who have lost loved ones, even more so.

Right, two related videos tonight, one the obvious song, but with a video focussing on the hurricane

The other, well lets say its slightly more light hearted, and leave it at that