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Watch out boys, here she comes…

There may, or may nnot be an element of tongue in cheek in this piece. Your call, depending on how brave you are!

Though I wont exactly call it dressed to kill (no make up, due to my hand tremor, but otherwise…), I will be dressed up tomorrow night, thats for sure! Dress, high heels, the works, boys, you are warned! So, unless you’re feeling brave, maybe avoiding a restaurant in Huddersfield about 5.30 tomorrow night, might be a wise move. Of course, there may be some men (or indeed, women) out there who fancy the challenge of me as their beau?

The dress, yes, given the hot weather at present, I’ve pretty much settled on the dress I’ll wear, a glittery 30’s style blue dress, to stun all the men in town, until they are worshipping at my feet. Yes, I think that last comment is of the tongue in cheek kind! Though, in life, you never know…

Yes, someone’s birthday, so off out for a meal with the group from here, should be good. I know, high heels. Should be fine, I havent got too far to walk in them, and I’ve managed in the past, so…

If anyone is crazy enough to want to come and woo me, ask for the details of venue etc, I’ll let you know. Fine, I wont wait for a rush of requests lol! Lets face it, currently, even if you’re into Harlow lookalikes, I have one little snag, unless you’re a surgeon, in which case, you can probably solve it quite quickly!

No, I’m not going into Cougar mode, in all honesty, I’d be better off with someone closer to my own age, but its fun to suggest otherwise. I do wonder, if I put up some of the more attractive pictures of me on one of these ‘match making’ sites, whether I would get replies, even if I mentioned I was pre op trans, who knows? Possibly get a few more if I advertised as a woman, but I dont feel that would be fair, or possibly a safe move.

But yes boys and girls, sexually active (at present) I might not be, but sexually confident, or is that sexual gender confident, you bet I am! Fine boys, I promise to be a gentle little kitten with you, honest I will…maybe? 😉

The video, what could be more apt?