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Can Anyone Help With Some Research?

Yes, its one of my story ideas, which I could do with some research help on, and I was just wondering if anyone knew someone, who could help me out with it. Where’s a good place to start? I guess the story summary I did for someone else, is a bit of a guide

So far I’ve written purely what is a summary piece, about 3,000 words, to get the base idea out on a few sites, and get a reaction to it. Introduces an actress heavily into method acting, regardless of the role. Gets offered a role playing a patient in a psychiatric hospital, who would be ‘seen’ to be having ECT in the role on stage, and wants to know what its like.
Her agent should arrange her a visit to a unit, to see the set up, and how to react to it. Unfortunately (or otherwise), he doesn’t pass on the correct info, and they think she wants to experience it for real. Plan is to take issues, and everything else forward from there, how she reacts to it, how they react when they discover she wasn’t meant to be treated, and everything else.
Pretty much I want to do some research, ideally from experience, to help with writing it, see life from the other side of the electrodes, and all that. Also would then be able to gauge how she would react to that first session, and everything, if I knew what it was like.
As I say, maybe less than full voltage, and duration, but enough to know what its like. But if I have to do a full session, I definitely would!

In fact, someone suggested to me that it might interest TV/film people as a script, if sufficiently developed, which would be even more amazing for me, and I might look into that, but for now, lets leave it as a story concept.

Yes, I know, slightly crazy, maybe to be interested in having something like this done to me, at any voltage, or duration, but unless I know what it feels like, how am I going to write it? Fine, yes, it also has appeal, lets face it, as a personal thing, as it will surprise no one who knows how much I’d enjoy having my brain ‘zapped’ like that, to some degree. Mind, equally, if anyone can give me a detailed guide to what being on the receiving side of ECT feels like, it would help. But yes, fine, I’d love to find out for myself, I really would.

As stated, it doesnt have to be standard voltage (about 450 volts), or duration (up to 8 seconds), though if thats all that can happen, I’ll take my chance, and do it. But yes, ideally, something less (principally voltage) than that would be fine, as long as I get the sensation, the after reaction to it, and everything else, to get it written down afterwards.

Oh fine, maybe the story idea came to me, because I watch the wrong type of videos on You Tube, but anyway, here’s a fine example

Alright, faults with this, as its a movie scene. Voltage, and milliamperes, way higher than really used, or so websites tell me, at least. Duration, I time it at 14 seconds, and pretty much the longest said to be used is 8 seconds! So fine, she wasnt really zapped, but these things make it look more dramatic than reality. In truth, duration wise, this one is even more crazy! Again, fake, mind.

So yes, I’m looking for something a bit more sane than those, for my research lol! But yes, though I might secretly enjoy something like those, in reality, I’ll settle for something that lets me know what its like, with as little risk as possible. I know, something like this, there is no such thing as no risk, but even so…

But yes, if anyone can help me with research, in any way, please email me, at and let me know. I know, but we writers have some crazy ideas, and fantasies, sometimes.

The video, a strange piece I found, suitable subject matter