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Needles and pins?

You know, I hate technology, I had nearly 500 words written for this, and it just vanished. Supposedly this site saves these things, but when I looked, nothing! Ouch!

When it comes to my back, I’m prepared to try just about anything to ease, or even better, clear the pain. No, I dont think any handy person is going to give me a cybernetic upgrade, even though I would enjoy it way too much, simply because I dont think its actually possible at this time. Even just a spine upgrade would be nice, though full makeover would be so much more fun.

The thing that has been in the news this year, and which I would love to have done, if I had the money (Fund me campaign, anyone?) would be that spine fusion thing that Tiger Woods had done. But yes, I think that probably costs a small fortune, way beyond my pocket, sadly. No, I dont think it would make me a good golfer though, lol.

There are 2 things however that have been suggested to me, that are practical, are probably priced that I could try them in my more humble budget, and yet, just have that slightly weird feel that makes them appeal to me even more.

The first is acupuncture. Yes, laid on my front, while an ‘evil doctor’ (yeah, I wish) sticks needles in my back, and then tweaks them around, or runs electricity through them (seemingly it does happen) might be interesting. However, as much as I could see, that works more for things like trapped nerves, than a fracture in your back, but no idea? I asked my physiotherapist, and she was typically non committal, saying it might, or might not do me good. And there is a place in Huddersfield that does it, at a not too crazy price, so I will have to consider giving a go, though probably will now be after my holiday, just over a week away, as I really havent got time before then. Oh, and how much do those needles hurt?

The second one suggested was a session in a flotation tank. Now, beyond the logic of taking all the weight, and pressure off my back, I find it harder to see the logic of that one, myself. I mean doing that will probably do it some good, but anything significant, no, cant see it.

Of course, from a weird point of view, the flotation tank idea appeals to me totally. All that sensory deprivation stuff, with the lid shut down, and all, talk about imagining yourself in a brainwashing chamber, lol. I possibly could, and certainly with headphones giving me the suggestion, imagine being brainwashed in on of those chambers. And yes, that appeals totally. But no, in the sense of healing my back, I just dont see it?

Is there anything else slightly weird, or just a little bit different that I could try too, or instead of them?

Just to add, that if anyone has any thoughts on the use of one of them, or both, or something else, please let me know here, or by email at, or on the Social Media threads if you catch up with this at those places.

Fine, in the sense of having wanted to try them for years, and never got round to them, both appeal, the flotation tank, sensory deprivation thing especially, though to me, thats the least effective choice, but the kinkier one!

So, try one, try both, as I dont think I’ll find anyone who does acupuncture in a flotation tank, lol!

Right, video time. Lets go back to the acupuncture, and the very obvious song. Yes, the Bradford connection version!


Bradford, a provoking city

No, not in a bad way, and certainly not for me, but then again, I’m one of the fans of the city, so maybe I dont get it, but anyway…

Ever since I was a child, and even more so today, there seem to be lots of people who want to put down Bradford, and praise Leeds. Now, dont get me wrong, there are parts of Bradford that arent all that pretty, but there are a few of them in Leeds too.

As to the city centres, a lot of people rave about Leeds, but I’ve never been a fan. Maybe its because I’m older, have grown up with that as a place of work, whereas Bradford has been a place to visit, but in truth, my feelings about Leeds, as a city centre, date back long before then. In truth, I prefer Wakefield to both, as a place to go shopping, but fine, I’m weird that way lol!

I have now, at least, seen the new super shopping centre in Bradford, the Broadway, as I believe its called, though I havent been in it yet. I know the shopping park, opposite to work, a bit better already, mind! Mainly for lunchtime food stores, but hey, I’ve looked at a few other stores, just not bought anything quite yet, even though I have £30 worth of vouchers to spend in the Arcadia Group stores, in their unit there. I guess I’ve got so used to charity shops, Primark, and Peacocks, that paying ‘normal’ prices for clothing, even when its not going to cost me, is going to take some getting used to!

Its ironic, the area where I’m working, I can remember when it wasnt a nice area to go to, about 40-50 years ago, but things have changed dramatically on that front, at least! I still think that I might prefer to have a mobile phone (eek!) when I’m finishing at 8.00, when its all a lot darker, and things, so might have to break the habit of a long while, and get a cheap, basic one again. I suppose, also, if as that offer earlier that year came up, if I ever take the plunge to get back into acting again, I’ll need one anyway! Still, all for the future…

But yes, when it comes to the old Bradford v Leeds argument, call me awkward, but it will always be Bradford, of choice, for me. Yes, in a small minority lol!

Video time. Probably, for me at least, the most famous Bradford group that I know. First hit, not sure if the singing is live, but I think it is, doesnt seem to quite match single version.

In, out, or shaking it all about?

You know the witty comment about you wait forever for a bus to come along, and then 2, or more come along at once? Yes, happens in other fields too, seemingly.

As you know already, last week, after 14 months of struggling to find a job, I finally got offered one, due to start on Monday. All fine, all good. Anyway, as you’ve guessed. there’s more to this tale. Last month, I was interviewed for a Civil Service job, in Bradford. I was told it would be a couple of weeks before I heard anything, but that was 5 weeks ago, so fine, despite their reputation for always contacting you, I’d accepted the inevitable. No, life isnt that easy! Yesterday, I got an email from them, provisionally offering me the job, subject to checks!

Now dont get me wrong, I can live with the job I’ve been offered, but seriously, if both offered me a job on the same day, no contest, the Bradford one! No Sunday work, which is a ghastly day to travel, and a new commute, which would be nice. I dont mind Leeds, as such, but after 10 years, fine, a new trip would be nice. But equally, these nice people put me out of my misery, so…

Fine, I can work this through, and will. I can start this job on Monday, as planned, and see how it goes, given I’m sure Civil Service security checks wont be sorted in days! If its enjoyable, and the shifts work out, then I can withdraw the other one, and stay there. If its OK, and within the trial period (12 weeks) when I hear, then I need to make a decision, one way or the other, but only then. I know me, I’ll probably stick, but for now, in my mind at least…

Yes, I know, irony, 14 months of nothing, and then I get this! I’m laughing about it at least, which I guess is the main thing?

The other ‘amusing moment’ is the dear old Conservative Party. So after all the fuss, and everything else, when the names for next PM candidates are announced, Boris Johnson isnt amongst them! I know the joke was that no one wanted to bite the bullet, and withdraw us from Europe, but when the leader of the ‘Leave’ group decides he doesnt want to be in a position to do it, what does that say? Mind, there is talk that he never wanted to come out, just wanted to oppose Cameron, so just maybe that was true? Anyway, all things will just get more dragged out now, I guess. Five candidates, one of whom thinks Homosexuality can be cured (in that weird right wing way), so lets hope he doesnt win! Mind, if he wants to mind control me in an interesting way, then well…no, not really!

OK, the video. Well, its got a Bradford connection, its got a political connection, given how much that idiot Trump loves Mexicans, so…

If you think you know how to love me

Well, if you do, you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands, believe me. Why? Because somewhere around about this time, in November 2000, was the last time I had sex! No, funnily enough, I dont remember the exact date, and I’m pretty sure at the time, I didnt realise that that would be it, but since then, with another person, nothing! And to be honest, on the whole, I havent missed it!

Maybe there have been times, when having someone around, to snuggle up to, and then go a step further with, might have been nice. But on the whole, no, not really. And the thing is, now, with so many years of independence, and celibacy, whether I could change, if I did meet the right person, well, I’m not sure if I could!

Still, until that person comes along, its a pretty moot point anyway.

Yes, I think its fair to say that my gender issues played a part in all that, given that is about the time I really began to realise what had been ‘wrong’ with me all those years, and changed my lifestyle accordingly. But even then, if you’d told me that 14 years or so later, that would be it, well, I probably wouldnt have believed you!

To be honest, until the last few months, I must admit the lack of romance, dating and the like didnt bother me either. Now, whether its an age thing (knowing my time is beginning to pass), or whether its my new found confidence in my femininity, but I do find myself fancying going on a date, even if only a mutually paid for dinner date, or something, and just letting go, and having some fun. No, I dont think it would lead to sex, I’m certainly nowhere near ready for that yet. To be honest, without the necessary surgery to have sex correctly, I cant see me going down that road.

So it probably ends up as a Catch 22 situation, I wont attract interest unless I go for sex, and I’m not interested (given my age) of doing the pain and discomfort of the necessary surgery, just for myself! As I say, I’m a complex creature lol. Of course, once I get the make up done, and enhance the look in the New Year, I might get friskier, but I suspect even then, I’d want the ‘right bits’ before making love again!

So, as I say, its going to take one hell of a man, or a woman, to break my hold on celibacy, I guess? Might be someone crazy enough out there, I guess…maybe? Probably not, but we shall see.

Right, the video, a Bradford band, indeed I’m trying to work out if the drummer is actually wearing a Bradford City shirt of the day, or not, they were certainly fans

Not getting married in the morning!

Yes, I know, I really wasnt expecting some beau to come and whisk me off my feet tonight, but a girl can dream. Seriously, no, it didnt happen, big surprise. Ah well, there is always Kansas City, wouldnt be a more apt place for it to happen, though I guess Hollywood would be a decent second prize, for a Harlow lookalike lass.

But yes, the sparkly blue dress, the high heels, all got worn when I went out tonight. Seriously, I’m amazed how easy it is to walk in heels, though that doesnt mean I’d want to wear them for the full length of a working day, and I certainly wouldnt want to have to run for a bus wearing them, that is for sure! But for a couple of hours, for a nice meal, with friends, absolutely.

And yes, it is nice going out wearing a dress, dont do it often enough, but I dont get that many chances, but must take at least 1 nice dress away with me in September, I must say. I did last year in Richmond, but given it was the night I was flying solo, I saved Kate from that sight. Maybe this time around…I’ll see what she thinks! As nearly all over there treat me as a woman, I’m sure it would be fine, but I must respect her views too. Plus, how many dress up in finery nowadays to go out for an evening meal, anyway? But yes, for me, its fun to do.

And no, I havent even looked at one of those dating sites, I really dont think I’m the romantic kind, even without ‘other issues’!

The video, well, this is more than 50 years old, and maybe it shows? But then again, so am I, so maybe that shows too? This is a lovely song, if not my favourite version. That is by 70’s group, Middle Of The Road, but I cant find that on You Tube, well not via the search engine, anyway. So lets go with the original Shirelles version

Or as an alternate (or extra if you’re greedy), a version by my favourite Bradford band, Smokie

PS Seemingly the 400th blog, wonder whats the most anyone has read, other than me?

My local music scene

Some places have a great reputation for all the great pop acts to come out of them, Liverpool being the most obvious example over the years, producing pop acts over the years far out of proportion to what perhaps they should have achieved.

The home council of my birth area wasn’t one of them though! Bradford has never exactly been a musical hotspot over the years, and though I’m sure others will throw up names, the only 2 I know both reached their height in the 70’s, and though both are still going strong now, its been a long while since anything charted!

Kiki Dee is probably most famous for a certain duet with her record label co-star Elton John, but did have some solo success in her own right, an example of which below. Back in the late 60’s there were albums produced by session musicians and singers of all the big hits, and amazingly both were involved in those before fame arrived. There is a rumour Bowie was too, but I’ve never read any definite evidence of that. As I said pop success was intermittent for Kiki, but she went on to star in many major stage musicals, Blood Brothers being the most obvious one. I’m posting this video, as there werent too many around in the early 70’s, so I suspect its fairly rare

Smokie are the only other Bradford act I can think of that made it really big, and are still going strong today, albeit with a bit of a changed line-up lol! They had a string of hits in the 70’s, so picking a song was technically easier, and a few more videos to pick from. But this wasnt one of their big hits, its just a song so associated with the group though.

You even get to see parts of Bradford in this, including a glimpse of a bus of the time, frightening stuff!

Feel free to tell me of the legendary Bradford bands I’ve missed, I’m sure there are some. Just remember though that anything after the mid 90’s or so would have missed my radar!

Oh, and a jokey message to all England cricket fans reading this. Enjoy your success, because Ireland will hopefully do a repeat in 12 days time! 🙂 Seriously, congrats on a great summer, and getting the No. 1 ranking today.