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We dont talk (or move) any more

No, not literally, even if I’m not as quite as active as I was when young, but thats what getting old will do for you, sadly. Oh, and a bit of arthritis doesnt help either! And that only covers the move bit, I talk as much as before, working in a call centre has something to do with that!

No, what I’m actually talking about is this years crazy trend, at least in the US, which is the mannequin challenge. Appeals to me far more than the ice bucket craze from last year, but thats age, and sensibility talking as much as the fact that this one appeals to me. Oh fine, this appeals a lot more to me, but anyway…

I hadnt actually seen much of it until just over a week ago, when one of the US NFL channels covered on Sky (so probably Fox?) had their half time reporting team ‘frozen’ in place when the team went over to them, just before half time, obviously all set up! But yes, it looked good, and looked fun to me! I’ve seen it a couple of times since then, including one college cheerleader team on one of the replay coverage things on ESPN from last weekend.

Sadly, I have the feeling that unless you have a group of you, a camera team (or at least a camera person), and a good setting, its not something that everyone can just do, unlike last year, shame! Yes, I most definitely would love to, given the chance. But yes, if anyone wants someone to help with a body, I’d love to do so, though I guess its going to have to be in Yorkshire, or nearby, to be feasible to join in. 😦

But yes, (sadly) its only a temporary thing, but how would you feel if it wasnt? As in and the follow up story

Me, I suspect in the right pose, and the right outfit, I’d love it. Sure about that though, hmm? Fine, I probably would!

But fine, even temporary, and not actually turned to mannequin, yes, I’d love to give it a go! So, please…?

OK, video. Guess theres a decent clue in the title, though the younger ones may know a different song, of the same name, but thats far too modern for me!


Part is better than the sum

I suspect there are numerous cases where the original concept sucked, or even totally sank, but one gem survived from it, all the same. A popular area for this is movies, where the movie might have crashed, or been truly awful, but within that, that one shining beacon shone through.

Two movies I could easily have nominated for this are Absolute Beginners, and Give My Regards To Broad Street, but given both were generally designed as a window for a pop atar, and the awful record they have anyway, lets ignore those for now. Instead, lets take a movie that was meant to be taken seriously, but couldnt be if it tried, Mannequin.

The storyline was corny, and extremely saccharin, guy falls for mannequin, she comes to life, and general mayhem ensues. And yes, at the end, they get married, and probably go on to live happily ever after. I know how bad it is, I once saw the movie, and believe me, I know!

But for all that, there is one delight for me in this movie, the big song from it, by Starship. I know it, its the only reason I hunted down the movie to watch it in the first place, and wish I hadnt bothered! But the song, even today, still love it, though I never want to see the movie again.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

PS Feel free to suggest your own fine examples of moments like this, it would be nice to hear from a lurker, just for once!