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Takes your breath away

There have been many, err, interesting methods for raising money for charity over the years, and the latest craze is one where you let someone throw a bucket of icy water over you, or in the odd case, do it to yourself.


Dont get me wrong, the cause that the money is being dedicated to, is a good one. ALS is an awful disease, and any research that enables it to be wiped out is a good thing.


My main snag with this method of raising money is a simple one, especially given so many of the ‘celebrities’ getting involved in it are in California, is the precious commodity being used, water. In case people havent noticed, a lot of California is under drought restrictions, and yet people are using all this water to tip over themselves, and give money to charity. I know, I know, its only a bucket of water, but if you add up all those buckets, in a state in a deep state of drought…crazy, right?

So fine, give to this good cause, and if you must, let the world know that you’ve done so. But please, if you’re in an area where water is desperately short, dont waste it on this stunt!

Oh, and word of warning to all, dont nominate me, I’ll just ignore. I havent the health to stand up to a bucket of icy water, and I dont earn enough to make large donations, so…

The video, what this icy water seems to do to so many