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O Canada?

Given this is Canada Day, it seems to be the perfect time to bring up a piece of Canadian Law, which if seemingly enforced, affects Transgender folk, and not in a good way. However, in their defence, beyond one case, which wasnt really anti-transgender, because she fell foul of a previous non related discretion, there is no actual evidence of it being used. But…

Me, I’ve been to Canada twice, both times to Toronto, both times before I transitioned. And besides that, the ruling only came in during 2011, after my last visit there. ironic, because in so many other ways, Canada is one of the more friendly LGBT countries in the world. So, what happened?

Without going into all the niceties, to get through immigration, you are supposed to match the gender on your passport. Fine for most people, fine for post-op trans folk as well, of course. But, for those of us who are pre-op, or gender queer (as I believe the term is, pretty much me at the moment, living as a woman, but due to issues with the NHS, not planning on taking the op route at present), its a lot more tricky. Because my passport says I’m male, even if the boobs, and everything else pretty much say female! So what would happen, when I hit immigration in Canada?

As I say, all evidence would suggest that I’d get through fine, despite that M in my passport, and the fact that my cleavage is a bit large for a man! To be honest, I suspect that unless you get ‘red lighted’, for want of a better term, I doubt they even look at the gender thing on the passport. But…

To be honest, despite being law for nearly 3 years, it hasnt really affected me, I hadnt planned on going back to Canada in that time. But now, in the next couple of years, hmm…? To be honest, I’m only assuming it even still stands, as a Google search brings up no fresh information, and the person this year who was stopped did clearly state it was not because of transgender issues? So would I be fine?

Anyway, happy birthday, Canada, 147 today. If you want me, and my tourism money, let me know where a pre-op trans stands, as to entering the country.

Of course, the more interesting thing. If I get into the country fine, but then have ‘fun’ leaving the country, do they have to provide me with a job, and somewhere to live? 😉

The video, a Canadian, singing a very apt song. Any resemblance to a certain Robert Palmer video was entirely deliberate, I suspect!