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When forum group titles amuse

There is one forum which I’ve recently joined, run by a fellow writer, who amusingly has named one section, The Barbarella Guide to Art and Culture. Given that I’m of an age that remembers seeing the film on TV, when I was far too young for stuff like this, probably a teen, in truth, not surprisingly, this amused me.

It does seem however that one piece of Art from that film has never been discussed on the threads, that awesome machine called the Excessive machine. It has also become known as an Orgasmatron, because of its desired effect, but strictly, that was the chamber in the Woody Allen movie, Sleepers. Either way, it was supposed to take Jane Fonda’s character to such a level of intense sexual pleasure, that she would die from such an amazing climax. Of course, as anyone who has seen the film knows, that never happened, she broke the machine first! What a waste!

But I think it left me wondering at the time (see, I was having girl sex related thoughts even then!) what it would be like to be inside that machine at the time it did its thing? I know Fonda makes it seem quite something, but whether she was just putting that on for a show, who knows? But yes, wouldnt it be fun to find out? 😉

I know, I’m not into sex, but that really isnt sex, lets face it, its more like a machine induced climax, and that could appeal to me a lot. Sadly though, as far as I know, the machine, and the concept are pure fiction, so I will never get to know. Unless…? Oh fine, I’d agree to have the surgery done for that, if necessary!

But yes, its funny these little gems you find in life, in a forum somewhere…?

OK, the video. Lets face it, I can hardly talk about the Excessive Machine without including that clip from the film, could I? So…