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Its time to make your mind up

And to think, at one point I was working out what I was going to blog today, and then I realised what was happening later today, Eurovision! Apologies to any North American readers seeing this, you wont have a clue what you’re missing out on. Mind, nowadays, thats probably for the best. Or is that just because I’m getting old lol?

At this point in time, I have no idea what year I first saw Eurovision. I’m guessing somewhere mid 60’s, but its the old story of, did I see that live, or just years later, and I cant be sure. What I do know, is that by the early 70’s, I was hooked! Whereas nowadays, half the world seemingly takes part in it, including Australia in the last 2 years, but back then, entries were pretty much limited to Western Europe, not how it is now, with just about every possible East European country taking part eagerly.

What I, and just about everyone around at the time remember, is 1974! Yes, some Swedish group that most of Europe had never heard about, called Abba! And yes, the rest of that story is history! In fact, that was probably the height of Eurovision, as about half a dozen entries from that contest went on to find fame. Nowadays, most acts are forgotten in weeks! It could also be said that in a few hours, on a Saturday night, and that was it! Nowadays, we have to have 2 semi finals, and a final, just to include everyone that wants to take part! Yes, the collapse of the Iron Curtain, and even more so, the break up of the Soviet Union has led to that.

Ah, the voting! Well, that has always been amusingly political, but even more so nowadays, given the large clump of ex Soviet countries supporting each other. Oh, and the Scandinavians, and…say no more!

One sad fact this year, for us Brits, even if he hasnt presented it for years, no Terry Wogan! Graham Norton has continued to present it, in a similarly irreverent style, and in truth, thats the best bit nowadays, at least for me. No, I havent see it in years, just tending to watch You Tube on Sunday, for the collection of commentary funny bits, and thats it.

Yes, the UK hasnt won it in a long time. Hardly surprising given the lack of friends in Europe that we have. Oh, and the fact that most of our songs are awful too, in all probability! But yes, its that night when camp fun rules all!

OK, the video. Yes, its a UK winner, and fine, the clue is in the title. Interestingly enough, this was the first time any one heard it, as its the performance from when the UK was deciding its entry for that year.

In Need Of Terry Wogan

Given that a good percentage of my audience for this blog are either from the UK, or Ireland, I’ll post this up. Apologies to my US folk reading this, because you will probably have no idea who I’m talking about, but anyway.

When I was young, its fair to say that 2 DJ’s that I loved to listen to were Noel Edmonds (yes, him of the cringy TV shows nowadays, but quite a daring DJ, back in the 70’s), and Terry Wogan, with whom you just never knew quite what was coming next. Sadly, Terry has just died at the age of 77, which is why I’m having to write this now.

Not that Terry was ever dull on TV either, most famously known for his wicked comments at about 30 or so, Eurovision Song Contests. No, he never took the contest seriously, probably for the best in all honesty. To be honest, I only used to watch it back then for the witty repartee, and comments that he would make about the acts, far better than 80% of the songs, in all truth.

His chat show was equally manic, usually because it was live, and possibly because he was never afraid to have interesting characters on the show. A very drunk George Best, and a very crazy David Icke being 2 fine examples of this. On top of all this, he annually presented the bore fest (for me at least) that was Children In Need, but it was never dull, I think its fair to say. Sorry, but I’m not, nor ever will be a fan of these charity marathons, even with a witty genius like Terry in charge.

As I say, given my age, and the fact that the people I grew up adoring back then are that much older than me, this could become a bad habit. Which is why I’m not doing everyone of them, just those that greatly influenced my life in one way or another, and Terry was one of them.

Fine, to finish, the video. This is probably not the best way to remember Wogan, a collection of his Eurovision comments would probably be that. But this is the easiest one to find.

Which is the standard version of the song. If you want the far more crazed, rap version from Children in Need, watch this instead