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The more you live, the more you try things

It might be hard to believe, but at one time, I was very much a ‘tried and tested’ girl (or guy, as I was), and tended to stick to pretty much the same, safe formula, and leave things at that. However, since the confidence boost given to me by hypnotherapy, I’ve got very much more daring, if in a safe way.

As in, I’ll give things a try, to see what they’re like, before making a call, rather than just saying “No”, and leaving it at that. And yes, that even stretches to trying out those awful looking Jean Harlow eyebrows for one night in November. Seriously, if you expect me to find these attractive

jean harlow coloured 3

you’re going to be disappointed! I know, I know, they were a 30’s thing, but…

Alright, despite that sentiment, I’m going with a variation of them for one night, just so ‘Jean’ can see I did it lol!

Oh, but while we’re on the subject of Harlow, and her make up style, let me show you this

Jean Harlow2

Now, aren’t those eyebrows much nicer? In fact, as a whole, I love that look. Very 30’s, but at the same time, there is nothing that could offend modern eyes there. So much so, that…an ex workmate was advertising her new business on Facebook last night, and I was happy to support her. Yes, its this (semi) permanent make up, which would be an absolute boon for me, given I cant do my own, due to that slight tremor in my hands. In all truth, the only reason I probably havent had her do it already is the distance between us, about 200 miles. But fine, last night, I got one of those offers you dont refuse, and I doubt I will!

A special price, somewhere to stay, and fine, the thought of looking even more like Harlow, and looking like I’m wearing make up (which a woman really should), how can I say no? So fine, early in the New Year, it will probably happen, should make going to Hollywood even more fun! Jean Harlow really will live, maybe?

However, before all that, today, I tried something else new, a spray tan session. And hey, what do you know, I like!

No, I dont look like an orange, I look a nice shade, but definitely look like I’ve been out in the sun, and added some colour to my fair skin. I like it, others like it, so its a certainty that it will be repeated for Kansas City. Oh, and Hollywood next year, might really be carrying the tanned Harlow look by then!

So yes, again, I’m so glad I gave something new a try.

The process is interesting, and the spray is definitely on the cool side, but…it looks good, its safer than the sun, or tanning machines, and it looks good, so…it will be done again, but only for special occasions.

The video, well, the more you live bit might be true, but me, and love, hmm…?

You have to at least try these things

Yes, I know, one of the things (probably the only one in fact) that I dont like about most of the 30’s images of Harlow, is her eyebrows. Seriously, how anyone back then thought these were attractive, no idea, but they were, incredibly so in the 1930’s

jean harlow preen

I mean, I keep mine natural, and I give them as much of an arch as I can get away with, but to get them looking like that, no way! Fine, if you take them off completely, just use an eyebrow pencil, it could be done, but…besides which, because of my slight hand tremor, I couldnt regularly draw a line like that on myself anyway.

But, if you want to be a true 30’s girl, I suppose you have to at least give it a go? And given the blessings of modern make up, with enough concealer, I’m told it can be done, without actually having to remove my eyebrows, or have it for more than one night. So…fine, I’ve decided to give it a go, and I hope Jean is proud of me for doing so. But not just yet, so you will have to wait for the evidence.

In November, Eric has his birthday, and normally, we would go out for a meal that night, to celebrate. But, I wont be here, I’ll be in Albany by then. Anyway, I suggested that we go out as a group before I go, and he’s agreed. So, whether we go on the Thursday, or the Friday, thats the day I will get everything done, and include a make up session, and yes, get those eyebrows done! I cant seriously believe I will want them for more than one night, so I dont see it as a problem, but at least I will have tried it…once! I will certainly have to wear a 30’s style outfit that night, for sure!

If by some miracle I do like it, I’ll have to get a friend down south, who does this permanent make up thing, to do them for me, but I cant see it being a problem!

Oh, and thats not the end of my adventurousness either. To be fair, I’ve heard, and seen some horrific stories of spray tanning in the past, with the ‘orange look’ and things. Well, apparently you can have 4 different degrees of tanning, including the fairest one, which would probably work quite well for ‘Harlow with a tan’, so I’m going to give it a try. My initial plan was to do so for my holiday, but Linda has suggested trying it before then, so I’m going to, on my next visit. If I like, get it done again for Kansas, where my thinking is that not being quite so pale might be a good idea, if I dont, then I will go with the very fair look lol!

If it does work, I’ll probably get it done again, for Hollywood, but otherwise, no! Or so I say now at least!

The video, well I’m getting the lashes for the holiday, I’m getting the eyebrows for one night, so given the colour of my eyes…