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I’m cute!

Alright, maybe thats pushing it a bit too far, but at least now I have the evidence, that with the right make up, the right look, and alright Karen, the right hat, I can definitely tend towards cuteness, and even reasonable attractiveness too! Sadly I wont be able to prove it here until next week, as I only have the book evidence of these facts, and wont have any computer usable versions until next week, when a few of them arrive.

Even then, some might laugh at the idea of me being cute, but I try. One thing is for sure, I look far better than I could have ever imagined I could. Romantic proposals, I doubt it very much, and even if I did, would I want to get involved, probably not?

But I must say that it was great fun doing some vintage style shots, and I deliberately took some of the pictures in black and white because of that, and I think it works, a lot of them really do have a vintage feel, and I love that. I’m certainly glad I had them done, thats for sure.

If anyone wants to know who the miracle workers are, for a photo shoot of their own in the Leeds area, then ask! Karen, Dave and Hayley are sure to give you a really good experience, I must say.

Oh, the video, what can I say, I’m cute!