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A Weekend Of Anniversaries, Part 2

Yes, for the lucky few who know, totally duplicated blog!

Today, in 1937, was the day Jean Harlow died, at the very young age of 26. Kidney failure, which was fatal back then. So lets take this big opportunity to quash one of those total fallacies believed by so many, about this event.

The story that her mother didnt allow any nurses, nor doctors near Jean, at this time, is total rubbish. Yes, she was a Christian Scientist, but no, that didnt stop her getting people in, to look after her daughter. Just not the doctors that Louis B Mayer wanted to get in, because she didnt trust him, and who could blame her?

Fact: Unless she found a surgeon who time travelled a minimum of 10 years on, learnt how to do dialysis, or a kidney transplant for her, nothing could be done. I’m not saying her mother was a saint, she wasnt, to any degree, but she’s not the villain some see her to be, either.

There were several things Jean wasn’t. An angel, a natural actress, and a few other things beside, probably. She smoked, though of course it was seen as a cool thing to do back then. She drank, though how much of that was down to her nerves while acting, or down to her family life, who knows?

Jean also openly stated she was no great actress, and if you see her early talkies, it shows. Her acting was wooden, her speech not a lot better, but then… they let her play herself!

Well, not strictly, but in Red Headed Woman, Red Dust, Bombshell (especially this one), and to a lesser degree, Dinner At Eight, Jean blossomed. Yes, pre code, pretty much playing herself, she became a star. Then films were ‘tamed’ by the code, and things had to change. They tried Jean in a musical, but given she couldnt sing (dubbed in movie, but I have heard her, and it isnt good), or really dance, it didnt work.

She held her own decently in romantic comedies, but was never going to win an Oscar for her acting skills, all the same. Then, while making Saratoga, her kidneys finally cried enough, she fell critically ill, and died, so young.

What caused her kidneys to fail? Oh my, there are plenty of crazy stories re this too!

Certainly the Scarlet Fever she suffered as a teenager was a major culprit. But yes, all the smoking, drinking, and everything else wouldnt have helped her fragile organs. Botched abortion, I’ve seen no good evidence for this happening, after all, she wanted to be a mother, not an actress, and her words tended to suggest that she hadnt been pregnant, up till then. Doesnt mean she hadnt, just no good evidence in my eyes.

Even better, the bleach, and everything else she used to get her platinum blonde look wrecked them. Given the acid that might create, its a just maybe, but I suspect the problem would have shown before the end, given she wasnt colouring it by then! Me, I’ll stick with the weakened kidneys, from her illness, just seeing that alcohol intake, and bailing out!

Whatever it was, she was dead, at just 26.

Wonderfully for me, just under 2 months ago, I managed to spend over half an hour with Jean. Well, not literally, but a gate, and the length of her mausoleum at Forest Lawn was all that separated us. I talked much of the time, funnily enough, she never replied, but all the same, I felt in her presence. A magical experience.

And I have no idea if her spirit led me to it, but of course, later that afternoon was the time I discovered a lot more about my past life self, Clara Johnson. Were the events related, no idea? Especially as I’d heard it was hard to get close to Jean’s resting place, and I just walked up to it! Did she arrange it, hmm?

OK, fine, the video, and yes, unsurprisingly, its a tribute to Jean Harlow. A Bobby Goldsboro song, titled Jean accompanies the images.

Rest In Peace, Baby!

Diary of a hypno model

A brief (well, relatively brief) look at what happened yesterday, the build up, and after. Some of it serious, some of it, slightly more light hearted, you decide which!


Well, thats it all settled now, losing control of my mind for a few hours tomorrow. I know whats been agreed on, and hypnosis can only make you do what you want to do, but…Given my robot fantasies in the past, would it really be that hard to keep me in that mechanised state? Bit late to worry about that now, girl, and I never back out of things, so…
Pack bag with a few outfits, one silver set, a couple of 20’s look things too, as that is something else to greatly look forward to. Oh, and a pair of heels, darlings, an absolute must!

Friday morning, first thing

Breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary, its not like a condemned persons final meal, I will be becoming myself again at the end of the session, after all. And unless Lex has developed the first robotisation chamber, or a time travel machine (flapper in 1920’s), I should be fine. He hasnt told me of either, but he wouldnt, would he? 😉

Train journeys, pretty much straightforward, quite a surprise with Trans Pennine to be honest, that was my main concern of the day, getting to Manchester in time for the connection. We were a couple of minutes late arriving, but nothing to worry about. Train to Chester also arrives a few minutes late, nice to see Arriva Wales are that way inclined too.

Meet up with Lex, get taken to his place, and plied with coffee. Seriously, he thinks he can put me to sleep after 2 cups of coffee, he must be good. Oh fine, in time we get down to business, and what do you know, he could put me to sleep (strictly in trance) very easily, despite said caffeine. I know, I didnt want to resist, but…

I would say its fascinating being a mindless robot, but given that in that state, you cant really think, I’m not sure how strictly true that conclusion is? Kind of blissful, I guess, though some might see it strange as just obeying commands, and not able to do anything about it. oh, I’m pretty sure he made me forget my human name, but a robot wouldnt want to remember that anyway! No robot designation given, but I think thats because we both know nowadays, there’s someone else I’d rather be long term, the sweet, but sassy flapper!

So, my mind gets introduced to my new ‘temporary’ self, Mary Lou, said flapper, aged 22! She’s great fun! Saucy, sexy, and out to have a good time, while she’s allowed to. I know there was a condition put in, so she wouldnt panic at all the modern surroundings, but I cant remember the details (or I’m not allowed to, one or the other). Talk about turning me into a sex kitten, I was amazed myself! She’s not good at alcohol though (coloured water, actually), and gets a bit giggly when she starts drinking wine.

After that, I remember a session as a fembot sales girl, where I started off thinking I was a human, selling them, but am then led to believe that I might be one too! Dont think I sold myself anyway, lol! Then a purring, sexy Domme, with her hypnotic pendant, now that was fun! Clearly out of order, couldnt get Lex under my control! Beyond getting him to leave me as Mary Lou, I’m not sure what orders I would have given him though!

Then back to the sassy, Mary Lou for a while, until my tummy rumbled too loudly at least, and ‘she’ was asked if she was getting hungry. She was! So soon after that, things were brought to a climax, and I was returned back to normal, though only after a trigger to leave Mary Lou in charge for the rest of the day (with the same no freaking out about modern day things) was set up. To be honest, I’m only sorry to see her go after last night, she was such fun to be!

It made the train journey back quite interesting, a whole new perspective on things to be honest, looking at it through ‘her’ eyes at least. TPE finished the day off, by sitting outside Huddersfield station for about 15 minutes, before finally going into the station, not everything could be perfect after all.

I was torn last night. Whether it was the time in trance that did it, or the travelling, or both, but I felt tired. I didnt want to lose her, but about 11.00 I gave up the battle, and went to bed.


Whatever it was, I slept like a log, a rare event for me. Sadly, when I did wake up, Mary Lou was gone, back to the old me again, ah well…Somehow I suspect that at some point, I’m going to have to get Lex to put her back in my mind as a trigger, even if as a controllable one, with me in charge! Shame, as she might feel quite at home dressed 20’s style tonight when I go out for dinner, for Nicole’s birthday. May, or may not wear the flapper dress, as I call it, its a bit short anyway, even more so for mid January! We will see.

So, in review

It was a wonderful, and fun day, and I’m really, really glad I did it, so many thanks to Lex, for letting me fulfil 2 big time fantasies, both robot, and flapper girl. For the future, I’d pick the flapper girl every time. I’m very glad I discovered what life as a robot is like, but the flapper thing is so much more fun, and far more me, nowadays too.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, it was filmed, and yes, I will be getting a copy, might have more idea of everything that went on when I watch it! He does normally sell his films, but those models are younger, and remove a few more clothes than I was ever going to! He has got permission to use it if he wants to, but I suspect the market for someone like me is a lot more limited. If however, you want to see me hypnotised, and obedient, then maybe you should let us know!

The video, something else entirely. I didnt mention, Lex has got a cute puppy called Honey, who even a cat person like me could adore. So given I’ve used up a good number of 20’s videos already, lets go with this

Just a week to go

No, nothing sensational, just the end of British summer time, thats all. Though in all honesty, summer has been over for a while now, its just that date declared by the ‘powers that be’ that this is the end of summer time, and we return to what is our natural time zone. The irony is, we spend less time in that, than we do in the artificial one created by bureaucrats, in the deep distances of the past. Ironically, a century ago, the idea had not even been contemplated, it only happening for the first time during WW 1. Hopefully it went better than the tragedy that was that war zone.

Then in the late 60’s it became a permanent thing, though the dates, and number of time zones moved have varied over the years, nowadays its 7 months of the year, far longer than a British summer will ever be! Its funny, I always begrudge the hour of sleep I lose in March, but dont seem to get the same benefit of the extra hour in October, for whatever reason. One thing is for sure, after next Sunday, I will be coming home in the dark pretty much every night for a very long time. Ah well…

The summer has been pretty good, my 2 traditional trips to the US, both to cities beginning with R, Rochester, and Richmond. Both were great trips, but alright, I’m already looking forward to next year, and getting to Kansas at some point. Other trip will be to Albany, for those who care about such things. First trip will be late, not until May, because of the late Easter, and things.

Beyond that, there was a trip to Belfast, for cricket, something I might have more difficulty repeating next year, due to some little football tournament called the World Cup! Seems England have qualified, by the way (tongue in cheek)? That will make travel complex, given I doubt we will be allowed to have holiday during that time.

Oh, and lots and lots of work…rolls eyes! Still, 4 weeks from now, a weeks break, and I’m already ready for it! Shortly after that, the office dinner, and the flapper look will rise again lol! But thats all in the future, so…

In tribute to what is about to pass, a classic song