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My life in a Northern Town

Firstly, let me say, that for those who are curious, this video was shot, not a ‘million miles’ from where I live in Hebden Bridge! I suspect it might have changed a little in 30 years, but it paints an accurate picture of a small northern town back then. Well, put it this way, I remember Haworth back then, and it looks a fair match!

However, my northern town, as such, as you should already know, is Huddersfield. No, I cant remember what that looked like back in the 70’s, or early 80’s, because back then, it really wasnt on my travel route when heading up north. In truth, my memories of most of the places around Yorkshire from that long ago are fairly vague, apart from probably Haworth (and maybe Keighley?), because I either didnt see them at all, or only saw them in passing in a car, or bus.

Of course, that adds another alternate universe thing to the whole of my life. Suppose we hadnt moved down South permanently when I was 3 or 4, and suppose I had grown up from a young girl, in a northern town like Haworth. Marriage, children, work in a mill, who will ever know? Or working in one of the multitude of tourist type shops that grew through the village, as time moved on. No, I havent even been back in recent times, I know its not the village I grew up knowing, and though part of me wants to see it now, to see what its like, another part of me just wants to stay away, and preserve the memories, as they were. I know, I know, I have no idea which is the best route to go down, but I’m sure, at some point I will go back, like it or not!

Ironically, the only city I have really seen through all ages, is the one I now work in, Bradford. Even more amusing, where I work, I remember that area when it was actually a mill, and that children were told to stay well away from that area. Now across the road is a shopping centre, and our mill building is an office! Not hard to tell the latter mind, when you see the stairs inside the building, they’re steep, which is why this poor old crock has to use a lift at present, due to the state of her back.

And thats a matter I will soon know the state of, given that I rang the surgery today, and found out my scan results are back. No details yet, as the Nurse dealing with my case was off today, and to quote the receptionist, the results were all in medical talk, so none the wiser at present. I’ll find out Thursday, I’m told, and will report accordingly. I’d love a new cybernetically upgraded back, or full body, but pretty sure that offer isnt available! Most likely some more pills to take, will be interesting to see if estrogen is amongst them, given what I said I would do if they were!

So I guess I might yet end up as a Northern housewife, but I wouldnt put good money on it, lol! Would be amusing though, over 50 years on from when a ‘young girl’ might have had that planned out for her?

Video time. How this group was a one hit wonder, no idea, but they were. There is a different version of this video, filmed across the Pennines, near Manchester, but this is the Yorkshire version!

Life in a northern town, words plus video link (I hope)

Though some might say my Yorkshire links are limited, as it was just the first 4 years of my life, and the last 6 (or so, and counting) that have actually been spent up here, but anyway…

Again, rather like the fact that I’m still very proud of my Irish ancestry, despite it now being over a century since my family came across, I’ve always been equally proud of my Yorkshire heritage, I guess its just something that goes hand in hand with both? Its funny, because no one believes me, because of the accent, but thats what being brought up in the south does for you lol!

The funniest thing though, is when I used to visit up here, the accent tended to develop in no time flat, but moving back up here, it didnt happen! Dont understand why, but just one of those crazy things in life I guess?

Ah, the video. Well its included for several reasons. Firstly those cobbles are real, I know them only too well from the main street of Haworth. These ones though are actually at Hebden Bridge (or were in 1983 at least), a town between where I was born, and where I am now in Huddersfield. I love this video not just for that, but adore the song too, it was something very different then, and probably would be, even today. Its possibly not the video most are used to seeing for this song, its the original, not the one used when the song became the massive hit it deserved to be.

Oh, the link…

If it doesnt work, I suspect many will work out the song, the categories might give it away anyway. Just be grateful you didnt get the Yetties, as Somerset was my home for many years lol!