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She’s a modern girl…no chance!

Alright, I know I’m getting on a bit (got on a bit, some would say), but when I started work, and opened a bank account of my own, things were very different to now. So fine, even way back then, my wages were paid directly into the bank (I think my first wage was about £13 per week, back in ’74), but if you wanted to draw cash out, it was much harder than now!

No, we had none of these automated cash machines that there are probably literally millions of now, we had to go into the bank, queue up at the counter, and request to draw out the desired amount. And the only way you paid bills, was by cheque! Oh, and the only way to find out the balance on your account was to get your account book made up, or by asking at the counter.

I know, I know…And please, I dont even want to think about the laborious process that banking must have been back in the very old days, when presumably it was all handwritten? My first job, all records were kept in handwritten ledgers, and it was only when I went to work at P&O head office, in London, that I first had to work with computers. Oh, and believe me, compared to what we have now, they wouldnt even qualify as basic! As for the size of the computer room, to run this very basic system, huge, to say the least!

Given that when I started at William Hill, in 1983, we were paid in cash, I dont even really know when cash machines really kicked in, to be honest, because at that point, I was simply hanging on to the cash I needed, and depositing the rest! And we were still doing that, when I left in 1999, though at some point since then, everyone now gets paid directly into the bank.

But yes, nowadays, cheque books have pretty much (if not totally) disappeared entirely, and replaced by the debit card. Unless you want a very large sum, you never go to the counter in the bank to withdraw money, you use the cash machines!

We have internet banking, and I can check my balance, whenever I like, just by clicking a few buttons on my laptop (with security checks of course). Hey, when I decided to save money in an ISA savings account, I did that entirely online!

But as you may recall, I only have a card account with the bank, due to credit issues a long time ago, which would only get more complex now, with the name change, the gender change, and everything else! So when I have to pay large amounts, as for my holidays, in the past I have faithfully drawn my daily limit on the card, until I have enough, then give it someone, then use their card to pay for it. But today, given I had an extra large amount to pay, given I had 2 holidays to pay for, I used a new method. Yes, I logged into my account, set up a payment, and after an automated call from the bank, and confirming a code, the money was sent to him in less than an hour!

Oh, and because I’m blonde, and have bimbo moments, I forgot to take off my £50 voucher from Expedia when I paid him. So he sent that back to me, and less than an hour after he did so, it was back in my account! Wow!

No, I cant imagine that film stars like Harlow ever queued up in a bank to withdraw $50, or whatever, but equally I cant imagine that movie stars got paid in cash somehow.

So yes, I might now be a modern girl, using modern banking methods, but at heart, I’m still that 30’s girl…I think!

The video, not quite as old as my first job, but well over 30 years old, all the same. She might have been modern then, but my, doesnt it look dated now?


A funny thing happened last night

And no, it wasnt the train actually running on time last night, that would have been more of a miracle, than something funny. In fact, if the train had run on time, this wouldnt have happened.

During the day, we have 8 buses an hour from the estate, into town. However, come the evening, that drops off dramatically, down to 2. If the 9.40 train is on time (and despite rumours I cast, it is sometimes!), I can get a bus that leaves me with a 10 minute walk, rather than having to wait 30 minutes for a bus into the estate. But when the train is 6 minutes late, you miss that!

So anyway, there I was, waiting at the bus stop, willing the clock around to about 10.25, when the bus generally arrives, to leave at 10.30. Up to the bus stop walks this guy, and says, “Can I ask you a question?”

Assuming it was about the bus service, I say yes, but was I wrong! Well he did ask where the bus stop was for somewhere (Cottingley, I think?), and I told him he was better off getting a train at that time of night.

Next thing I know, he’s asking me when I had the sex change op. Said he could tell by the voice, and the adams apple, but hey, he’s right. There may also have been the vaguest hint of stubble at that time of night, I dont have much, but nearly 12 hours after shaving, it might not have been perfect, but it was dark lol! Except…I havent had the big op yet! Obviously the boobs may have added to his confusion, but hey, he said I looked good after it. Followed up by saying he was gay, so not interested, which just made me roar with laughter inwardly.

I just diplomatically said that I had done it in the last few years, and left it at that. He just wished me well, and walked away, in the direction of the station, so I hope he got home safely. Anyone know, does that count as a pass or not? Yes, he thought I was a woman, but no, he knew I hadnt always been one. So…? Yes, that is a first, someone saying that I was a woman, but clearly a transgendered one.

Does that make me a modern girl? Who knows, but it seemed a good option for the video tonight lol.