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UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

When people generally talk about UFO’s, you would think about aliens flying in from outer space, wouldnt you? Yes, I’d love a flight in one of those, should any passing alien read this, but this UFO is one that is never likely to go above sea level! Yes, tonights blog is about a cute UFO, of the floating kind! Article attached, for most of the details

To be fair, I’m pretty sure this isnt as fast as those UFO’s that flit across our skyline, either. Then again, this one isnt designed for aliens flitting in to take a look at humans, either. But yes, imagine living in something like this, while cruising, for example, the Great Barrier Reef, would be amazing, wouldnt it? Oh, and lets face it, if I was on board, and suddenly discovered that it was a flying object, I wouldnt object, anyway!

But yes, fine, I’m about as likely to get to experience this, as experience the other kind of UFO, lets face it? Given the chance mind, yes, I would, absolutely. Oh fine, if anyone has a Creature from the Black Lagoon suit going handy…? 😉

The video. Well, I guess you could do this in one of these cute floating UFO’s!

Please note, I took a live version, to get the classic OMD lineup on this, instead of the interim one, which actually released the single.