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More, more, more?

How do you like your love? Probably not with me, lol, at my age, and pre threatened possible surgery!

Oh, and before anyone assumes otherwise, this blog has nothing to do with sex, of any kind. Seriously, baseball, in fact!

Yes, the regular season ends tonight, or should do, and you would think a 162 game season could just about sort out any issues, wouldnt you, in terms of teams qualifying for the playoffs, and the like? Well, 2 teams will only play 161 (Miami & Pittsburgh had a cancellation earlier this week, and as neither team are competitive, not being played now), but its possible that 4 teams will need to play 163!

Yes, with one game to go, the top of the NL Central is a tie between the Chicago Cubs, and the Milwaukee Brewers, and the NL West is the same between Colorado Rockies, and some team named the Los Angeles Dodgers, anyone ever heard of them? 😉 As it happens, all 4 teams are in the playoffs, the difference is that the 2 divisional winners wont have to play in a one off wild card game, before starting the Divisional series.

Of course, it could be that in each case, one team will win tonight, one will lose, and we’ll have the first night with no baseball since just after the All Star Game tomorrow night. Thats right, playoffs start on Tuesday, with first of said wild card games! Equally, we could have 2 extra games, with plenty at stake.

The good news for me (though fine, I’d rather see Dodgers win division tonight), is that if there is 1 match, it will take place just after 9 pm my time, tomorrow night, by which time, I’ll be home from work, though pretty sure I wont see the end. 2 games, first would start just after 6 pm, so I’ll catch the end of it at least, buses, and back permitting. Or, I wont see any baseball, because it all gets settled tonight! In case anyone was wondering, all games on last day are played at more or less the same time, so no knowing what you need to do, or anything like that! 😉

Right, end of baseball rah-rah stuff, unless someone wants to buy me a Dodgers cheerleaders outfit, lol. No, seriously, you shouldnt! 😛

The other thing that has amused me today, has also come out from the US. This Kavanaugh hearing stuff. No, I’m not a ghastly Trump fan, but I seem to have appealed to more than a few, just for saying that Senators supporting him (no, not me) shouldnt be confronted in a physical way, just over their views re him. Me, cant stand the man, but anyway… Of course, the thing that amuses me the most, is that these Conservative, racist, right wing folk would probably ‘hate’ me if they knew I was Trans, Lesbian, and had centre left leanings lol. But because of one post…rolls eyes…

Fine, anyone around my age, or older, might have worked out tonights video already! Youngsters wont have a clue, and my right wing likers will hate her, because she was a porn star, as well as singer, but anyway…

How do I like my love? Well, about the only way I’d like it, is in a sex doll body, just for the research, and experience, lol!…angelic look…

I wonder what real sex is like?

Yes, if anyone had any real doubts about the matter, I do mean having sex in a woman’s body, and just what it feels like, with either gender, though obviously the more interesting concept is with a man. And equally, I’m talking here about vaginal sex, not the other 2 forms which I can actually do, and in one case at least (oral), have.

And agreed, I might be assexual, but to some degree at least, I suspect thats down to the physical body I’ve been given. If I had a woman’s body, I suspect I might feel totally differently about it, or maybe not? Might be a lesbian anyway, and then… No, I’ve never done oral on a woman as yet either, the idea interests me, but I suspect the opportunity is unlikely to occur somehow. Not that I’d know where to start (not literally, but…) to pleasing someone that way, but I’d love to learn.

But yes, what intrigues me is what its like to have a man making love to you, inside your body, and hopefully bringing both of you to a mutual climax. Sadly, short of surgery, something which I feel is unlikely to happen at my age (and because of previous battles to get seen by Leeds NHS), I will probably never know. The irony is, for all the developments with breast enhancers, hip shapers and the like, I havent really noticed anything developed that allows a transgendered male to have sex as a woman would. I guess its complex to find something that fits over the penis area in a way that would really work for both partners, but surely it must be possible? The only other thing I can think of, and I have to admit that the idea does have some appeal, would be to take one of those blow up sex doll things, and customise it, so that you could get inside it, and enjoy sex as a woman would. I guess you might have to have breathing holes as well, but…could it be done? I guess the prosthetic vagina route might be easier, either might be fun? But alright, just laying there, and enjoying it as a sex toy might be the more fun experience?

No, I dont really have a man in mind for this, indeed there probably arent many that would want to do it with me lol. Probably another good reason for sealing me in a sex toy body lol, they wouldnt have to see my looks!

Anyone got any good design ideas, or plans to customise a sex doll for me? Would be so nice, just for once, to know what its like making love as a woman.

Video, something apt, maybe?