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You’ve got a friend?

Yes, that is a cynical question tonight btw, and relates to someone who was a Facebook friend of mine, but isnt any more. Still, I wont say too much for now, as I’ve thrown the whole issue over her, and someone else over to management at work, and dont want to influence events by commenting here at all, especially as I know of at least 1 regular reader of these postings who works there as well, and I’d hate for him to know the details before management have the chance to deal with it. Guess this is the time I find out just how transgender friendly my workplace really is!

But on other matters…Yes, Facebook friends, how many do you really know? Just did a count of mine for example. Current total is 80, I have actually met…37! Seriously, less than half! Several of the others are long term online friendships though, but even so…Its silly, isnt it? Assuming you’re on Facebook, dear reader, do the same, and see how good your percentage is. I’d be surprised if many got to 70%, let alone over 90% somehow.

Funny thing is, a few of my dearest friends arent on that list, they arent on Facebook! I avoided it for years, in all honesty, got talked on to it at my previous workplace, and just never left. Mainly because I got involved in several Irish Cricket groups, and I’d hate to leave them behind, even if I wouldnt miss much else. I certainly wouldnt miss all the games on there, nothing annoys me more than getting invites to games, or to send flowers, or the like, and yes, I have deleted people who keep ignoring my requests not to do so.

You guessed it, no, I’m not on Twitter, and the other numerous similar sites there are, just of no interest to me at all. As for instant messenger, err, well I’m on Yahoo, but log in very rarely, and always invisible when I do. That might be a time issue, as well as a lack of interest one though. Seriously, I only keep it because there are times when its handy to be able to just bounce off something with one of my friends in the US, and thats often the easiest way.

Let me guess, I’m a miserable so and so, arent I? You’re probably right, but if so, what are you reading this for, lol?

Right, the video, a Carole King classic, and I think you’ve worked out the title already


Ever had one of those days?

You know the type, where the only good point is when you slip into bed and fall asleep? Well, hopefully fall asleep at least lol. Yes, I’m sure you have, all I know is I certainly had one today!

The ‘fun’ started as soon as I left the house this morning, or rather, didnt. I knew it was raining, but ever so slightly I thought until I got outside. Wrong number one! Dash back in, change into a slightly more suitable coat, and again head for the bus stop. Did I get there? Think you’ve guessed the answer, no, I didnt. Almost did, but…where’s my watch? Answer, still on the side in my bedroom waiting for some dumb blonde to put it on! So back home again, this time was the last time though.

Next bit was ironic, Trans Pennine Express delivering a late train, shock horror! Didnt mind really, got on it, got a seat, maybe the rest of the day will be better? Ha ha!

I dont know who thought it was fun to deal me a 9.5 hour shift today, it certainly wasnt me! Even more so after a latish finish last night to boot. So lets see, I got to bed just before midnight, and was up before 6! And got home tonight just after 7.30, just over 12 hours after I left…for the first time!

I dont know if I drew the short straw for calls today at work, or whether everybody was getting imbecilic ones, but I definitely was. Last call was a classic you just dont want to know about, but maybe its just as well you cant murder someone down a phone line lol!

TPE were back to normal by then, train arrived late, left late, but given that it more or less ran to schedule, I couyld still (just about) get the bus with luck. Luck, whats that? Run straight into logjam of people blocking the exit to the station. Force my way out, see the bus at the stop when still nearly 200 yards away, so let out a metaphorical scream of anguish. Something here went wrong. Someone took so long getting on the bus, I got it! Dont ask me how though, I guess something had to go right eventually?

End of the tale of woe, I wish! Normally I bet once a year, on the Grand National. Havent got a clue, pick 3 horses, and donate money to some bookie other than my employer, for rules reasons. But tonight, as I mentioned earlier in the week was the first night of the Breeders Cup. And in the 8.50 was a horse called Stephanie’s Kitten, and we have 2 cats in the house. So alright, I was going to have a very small bet on it, just because of that. But because of that last call, and the delay that caused me, I had a choice, put the bet on, or get the train. Yes, no contest, get the train! And yes, you guessed it, horse won at 8/1!

The video tonight shows my cynical nature, and dry humour, I’m sure you’ll get the joke if you click the button!