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Stepping out on stage

I realized one thing earlier today, when Eric was watching the Darts here (recording of last night), and I was trying to get on with stuff on the laptop, that this time around, there was something a little bit different about it.

No, not strictly the fact that the walk on girls are now gone, though I did find that sort of odd. Personally, I disagreed with that decision, as if ladies are willing to do that, for good pay, and good publicity for themselves, then why not? As far as I know, no one is forced to do it, all free will, and all that stuff, so…? Would I have done it, if I’d been a woman back then, young, pretty and all that stuff, and good money was on offer for doing that, oh, absolutely! But now…

Its fair to say that before this year, I’d never performed anywhere famous. Yes, village halls, school stages, and the like dont tend to attract the celebrities of the world. Whereas now, I’ve done the North Pier, at Blackpool, and more critically, in the same location, the Winter Gardens, which is of course, where the darts are being shown from this week.

No, I never got up on the stage, but plenty of people saw this Flapper, strutting her stuff on the ‘meet and greet’ stuff, and directing people after the film show. And no, even on the Pier, unlike my friend, Angie, I missed getting up on stage at the Pier, something I do regret now, but can hopefully right, some day. Or at the Winter Garden, maybe…? I hope she sees this, and maybe Catherine too, because I know the 2 of us would love to do something there next March, probably before the public get in, and I suspect one or two of the others would too!

But yes, now I can say I’ve seen a venue that I’ve performed at, on TV. No, at my age, I dont think (certain, in truth) I’d get the job as a walk on girl this week, even if they had any, but…

Oh, next month, those at the Lytham Festival (18th and 19th), watch out for some stylishly dressed people, doing pre publicity for next March. No, I wont be there, its a Saturday/Sunday in August, and getting time off work would have been a no go. Besides which, finding anywhere to stay in mid August, no chance, I’m sure! But next March, just maybe, on a stage where a few dart players have been…? 😉

Right, video time. I did use this a couple of years back, but when I found a live version, lets say it wasnt a great performance, and leave it at that!


We Came To Dance

OK, so I worked the title to suit the video here, but I’ll include a mention of a certain chorus line dancer, and her various troupes, just to make it work.

As far as I know, no woman has been told to flaunt her body, albeit in the cause of entertainment, without being willing to do so. And no, the President Club hostesses werent given the full picture of what would happen, thats for sure. But any cheerleader, or walk on girl knows what they are at a sporting event for, and in the case of most, getting well paid for, and thats to add ‘an image’ to said event. I have no idea what these young ladies get paid for doing so at F1 races, boxing, US sports, and other sports get paid, but I suspect its a decent wage? Oh, and in the case of certain events, publicity too!

Yes, lets face it, if I was young, pretty, and had all the right bits, in the right places, I’d probably give it a go, and enjoy the experience. Fine, I’m elderly, and not currently owning all the right bits, but fine, if someone can arrange me a twenty something body, and some cute looks, try stopping me, if I got the chance.

Thats why I was sad to read today that the PDC Darts people have bowed to pressure from a Feminist group, and decided to drop the walk on girls, and said group has instantly turned on other sports, now they can sense blood. I am Feminist, but to a sensible degree, seeking equality, not superiority, as some seem to think it should be. Now if these girls were forced to do these roles, then fair enough, its wrong, but if you’re happy to show yourself a little, for publicity, and pay, then go for it.

Thankfully, some are trying to keep these girls in work, good for them. Cant see it, in these PC days, but I can hope.

I know it was a different era, with different attitudes, but seriously, some of the outfits (some were barely outfits, at least one movie, the outfit was a long blonde wig!) those chorus girls wore, revealed far, far more! Did they care? Probably not, they were earning decent money, at a time when many Americans were struggling with the depression. But yes, some happily stayed on the chorus line, a number became stars,and others got to marry rich men, who they got to know through their work.

But yes, there are times I’m sorry to see myself as a Feminist, and this is one of them.

Video? Pretty obvious, I hope?

The Last One Hundred and Eighty

In truth, when I look back on most of the things I’ve done in my life, there are numerous things that I’ve done to a decent level, without really excelling at anything. Acting, writing, playing various sports, all of which I’ve done to a reasonable level, without ever getting to exciting levels of skill. Among those sports, I would mainly rate athletics, cricket, golf, and darts as the best. There were a couple of others that I could get by at, but was never going to represent anyone at, so lets ignore them for now.

Oh fine, of those, I’d probably most love to think I could have made it in acting, or writing, but in truth, I probably reached, or nearly reached my mark. Acting probably is the one I could have done more, but more like Clara Johnson, than Jean Harlow, I doubt I would ever have made it big. Ah well, but as that isnt what this blog is about…

I had played darts a few times before I moved to Somerset in 1983, but it more related to throwing 3 darts in a board back then, and hoping they went roughly where I wanted them to go! But anyway, one of my shop customers (a lovely gentleman) was determined I wasnt going to just spend all my off time back at my lodgings, but get me out a bit. One of the things we did was go to Bingo, though in truth it was probably more a chance for both of us just to get out and have some fun, than anything else. The other thing he got me into, was darts. There was a pub next to his office, and on a Saturday night, before he went home, he tended to drop in there for a drink or two, play a few games of darts, then get a takeaway meal, and go home. I got talked into going along after I finished work as well.

I got talked into joining in, though at first I was pretty terrible. But as with so many things, if you practice, you get better, and I did! Thats when I found out he played in a couple of local leagues, so I went to those, and in one at least, started to play. No, I didnt become an overnight world beater, I was still pretty moderate, but the aim got better, the scoring, and double hitting improved. I even got decent enough to play 2nd Division County Super League in time! As I say, decent, without being great.

OK, the link between this, and tonight. On a number of those Saturday’s, a well known darts player would turn up at the pub, join in with the social fun, and all that. Normally we all played that the winner stayed on the board, but he always only played so many games before standing down. Why, you ask? Because that player was Mike Gregory, a professional darts player of the time, who in fact played in the World Championship Final in 1992. In that final, he lost to the new ‘big thing’, a player named, yes, you’ve guessed it, Phil Taylor!

Tonight, in one of the versions of the 2017 World Championship finals, Taylor is playing his last match before retirement! He has, in all, won 16 World titles, and could well make it 17 tonight! Dont get me wrong, by all reports, he’s not the nicest man to know, but I guess to some degree, anyone as driven to win as him is unlikely to be that friendly to others, part of the game, I guess? But yes, for one man to so dominate his sport for 25 years, an amazing achievement.

So no, I’ve never known what its like to play sport at a top level (School county championships, 2 sports, best I’ve done), and certainly wont now, so have no idea what that pressure is like. Nor have I appeared on a really big stage, so never known it as an actor either. But yes, I know what it takes to get that far, and I admire those who do.

So enjoy your retirement Mr Taylor, and thanks for lots of amazing darts memories.

Tonights video. Well, I thought his walk on song to be the obvious one. Not a song I’m a fan of, but could hardly not use it, could I?