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Lost And Found

No, not me, I made it safely back from the US just fine. Unfortunately my case didnt! No, dont panic, it arrived here safely yesterday, one day behind me, after having its own extra holiday at JFK. Thankfully it didnt take me long to realise this fact at Manchester, there werent many cases coming off the plane from Shannon, so the paperwork was soon filled out, and I was on my way home. Unfortunately my jacket was in the case, and it was more than 20 degrees colder here than it was when I left Rochester, so yes, I noticed it.

Therefore ironically, I wore my anorak to work yesterday, mind given the chill in the air when I left here (mid 40’s), I might have needed it, but not excessively so. But given that it was that, or a lighter coat, no contest really lol!

Apart from that, not much to tell really, yesterday was back to work, and as understaffed as ever, so yes, it was all pretty crazy on that front at least. Getting over the jet lag steadily, though not perfect yet, which explains the brevity, and lack of ideas in this lol!

Oh, and at present something else seems to be lost, not that anyone but bloggers would know it. All my stats here at WordPress seem to have gone AWOL, so though the dashboard still gives away the number of hits, I have no idea what people are reading, hopefully it will be cured soon.

The video, a very apt forgotten gem from the Kinks, 80’s version.


They think its all over, well the first one is at least!

Yes, I know, some would say the Olympics are over, and I suppose in a strict sense, they are. The ones that are to follow are the Paralympics (or however they deign to spell it), but its the same venues, the same amount of BBC hype, so…

Thankfully I’ve managed to avoid most of it, though I was guilty of watching a bit of the athletics Saturday evening, but that was really the main bit I saw. My excuse for that, things finally did calm down Ssturday night, so while tidying up a few things, I switched it on. At least it enabled me to settle a few athletics bets at work while doing so. But that really pretty much has been it. I’ve seen the odd bits on TV, but follow it closely, no chance! And the soccer has naturally been avoided like the plague lol!

At least one thing seems to have come out of it, Britannia still rules the waves, at least when it comes to rowing and sailing! One thing I avoided totally (apart from news highlights) was the hulabaloo of the 2 ceremonies topping and tailing the sporting party, I’m sure I’m glad about that. In the sense of the medal table, no great shocks, with USA top, and China next. GB third, but after last time (and with home support) I think that was pretty expected too.

So next, in about 2 weeks (so they tell me), we get the Paralympics. I have no idea if my firm plans to have several thousand betting options on this, but nothing would surprise me. Worse for me, in the interim, the overpaid hype that is the Premier League starts on Saturday, letting those massive egos, and small brain cell counts, known as footballers loose. Even worse are the people who think everyone is interested in the game, some of us couldnt care less! I dont know, or care who “Fred Bloggs” plays for, neither do I know exactly what league teams are in, and nor do I want to. But people just assume I do, because they do!

Yes, rant of a middle aged woman lol! But 5 weeks from now, for a while at least, I’ll forget them completely, thank goodness. How long for, lets wait and see!

Right, the video! I did consider something by the Animals in tribute to football fans, but lets be a good girl for once. So lets have a classic Kinks moment, one that came totally out of the blue at the time. Lets face it, there was plenty of this at the closing ceremony last night, though sadly without the mops!