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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year?

Yes, I know technically its a couple of days early, but I dont know how much time I’ll have on Monday, so lets play it safe and do it now.

Actually because of events, a couple of things which have became the norm for me didnt happen. Nothing critical, and both sports related. For the first time in quite a number of years, I didnt get to a Baseball game this year. It was always going to be a ‘one off’ in Seattle in April, but then thanks to a marathon delay from American Airlines, combined with there only being the one game in town on the Sunday the week I was there, it never happened. Funnily enough, unless I have a major change in plans next year, I’ll make it 2 in a row, as neither Wichita, or Rochester have a MLB team. I might get a game of baseball though, of the college kind in Wichita next April, lets see how things play out though, so much depends on other influences for that.

The other, due to Euro 2012, the Olympics, and a few other things was not getting to see Ireland play cricket live, and in the flesh. I did see some of the virtual washout against the Aussies on Sky, but only at work. This is something I definitely intend to correct next year, if only so I can see Trent Johnston play once more before his expected retirement at the end of next season.

So what did happen beyond 2 wonderful US holidays? Well, I got to see my first Louise Brooks film in full, a real delight. And yes, as is well known, I wore a dress to the Works Christmas Dinner, and then again for the house Christmas Dinner too! That may have been a first, but somehow I suspect now, it wont be the last. First wearing of a skirt to work too, but that was slightly less sensational lol!

Seattle, my solo trip in April was lovely, after the initial flight delay, so lovely to see it again before easing off dramatically on West Coast trips, its just getting a bit much for the old body to do it regularly now. September was wonderful, back to New England (and New York State) to meet up again with Kate for a wonderful week, and James for a wonderful day in Albany.

Next year, I go ‘state bagging’ in the US, adding Kansas to my list, and taking the total up to 22. There is a possibility of making it 23, with Oklahoma, but a few things have to fall into place for that. I have a sort of target of 25, but not sure how I get there to be honest. No, I dont expect to get very close to 50 lol! The ‘Louise Brooks memorial tour’ will be fun, even if there is so no great anniversary in her life, it will be special for me all the same. Yes, Wichita, Kansas, where she lived for a few years in 2 splits, and then Rochester, New York, where she died, and is buried.

Beyond that, I dont expect to pick the winner of the Grand National (my only bet of the year nowadays), its been a few years, and I cant see my luck changing lol! Other than that, no idea, will just have to wait and see what 2013 brings, other than my 55th birthday, which God permitting will happen in March. Oh my, I’m getting older lol!

Right, enough words, lets get to the video, and yes, back to form, its the obvious one!

Outsiders do win sometimes!

Yes, I did end up wearing the dress today, after all! And alright, I’m still wearing it now, but I am most definitely not wearing it to work tomorrow all the same lol! Planning to wear the blouse and skirt I’d planned to wear dinner time though. But yes, unless the weather is awful, I’m wearing the heels into work, as I wont have far to walk in them, thank goodness. No trains, so being dropped off, and picked up just outside work, and hey, I can cope with that distance lol!

So what happened, you might be asking? Simple, I normally put on a posh dress for Christmas morning, just for pleasure, and hey, its nice to do something special while opening the Christmas presents, even if thats not the longest job in the world nowadays lol! So yes, as they hadnt seen me in it at home, I put on the gold dress, just so they could see. Then anyway, the question was raised as to whether I should wear it when we went out lunchtime for our dinner, or not. Pretty fair to say, the vote was yes, I should, so I did. To be honest, I dont think anyone even blinked, and I must say it was wonderful for me too. Yes, I know Nicole, I pass, so I’ll leave it at that lol!

If only I could convince myself that another battle with the Leeds NHS was worth the effort, and I could probably do the full change. To be honest, a few hormones, and one surgical change is all I need anyway, its well over 2 years that I’ve been living as a woman anyway! So I’m over the time limit for such matters in every eye, but theirs. No, I dont feel its worth the fight again at my age, living as I am anyway, but…again yes, Nicole, I know I probably should!

To be honest, I couldnt see me wearing a dress to work anyway, no one else seems to, it just doesnt seem the thing nowadays. Funny to think, 20 or 30 years ago, the sight of a woman in trousers would be considered shocking, nowadays its the absolute norm, its hard to spot any dressed otherwise, I know I couldnt see any in our section of the office on Saturday when I looked, my last day in. But maybe I can start a trend tomorrow, just by wearing a skirt? Probably not, and probably a one off for me, but again, dont quote me on that! I’m pretty sure I’ll wear the wedge heels when the weather improves, assuming it ever does in this country!

Weather permitting, we have our traditional big Boxing Day race tomorrow at Kempton, and making a fool of myself, I’ll put up The Giant Bolster as an each way selection. No, I’m not an expert, and I wont be putting any money on him, but just think he’s better value than the short priced favourite. Just dont remind me I said this after racing tomorrow though lol!

The video, for once, absolutely no clue in the blog title, a rarity in itself. Lets just say its an absolute Christmas classic, and leave it at that.

I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas

No, its not quite the song title, but its certainly the more apt version over here at present, with our current weather. Thankfully there is no flooding here, but its been pretty awful in the South West of England, thats for sure. I hope Santa has got some scuba gear for delivery purposes down there lol! Seriously, I feel so sorry for those whose Christmas will be ruined by this awful weather, but in all honesty, its barely stopped raining all year over here!

Still, better than the 2 foot of snow dumped on parts of the US last week, including, yes, you’ve guessed it, Kansas!

Presents, well, I know one, a bottle of wine from work, which I’m hanging on to, as I dont have many to open on the day, so have added that to my collection for the big day. Tomorrow, I’m going out, but not into town, you wouldnt get me going there for all the tea in China, it will be crazy down there, if not worse! No, going in the opposite direction, getting my nails touched up, and needed massage and facial, for my aching limbs, and rain, and wind battered face. Will look, and feel better at least, even if beauty is a miracle needed beyond that lol!

Out for Christmas dinner on Tuesday, pretty sure it will be a blouse and skirt look, got a nice matching green set, and they would be favourite at present. Mind, the dress is still in the wardrobe, so…but its a big outsider lol!

And then, back to work Boxing Day! Yes, thats it for the holidays for me lol!

So finally, I’d like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and thanks for reading all my little pieces through the year. Yes, I’m sure there will be at least 1 more post in 2012, but better safe than sorry. The video, yes, I think you’ve worked it out by now

Just on that basis of a one in a billion chance.

Before tomorrow, I’d like to say thanks to all who read the blog, and enjoy it.

The video, of course it is, a live version from Toronto

On a more realistic, and less silly note, a more serious blog will follow on Sunday

Its that time of year

Whats that you say, one week today, whats the day? Why, Christmas Day of course! I have no idea what celebrations are like in some Pacific Islands, but by now, for most of the world, presents will have been opened, and for many, including myself, turkey will have been eaten, and millions of people worldwide will again be saying they will eat less next year, but they never do lol!

There is also the religious significance of the day, but sadly for too many that rather gets lost in the rush of present opening and greed. But without that event, just over 2000 years ago, well, we wouldnt be looking forward to this date, would we? Of course nowadays, there is some view that the likelihood that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, in the year 1 BC is pretty slim to put it mildly. The general date I’ve heard mentioned is 5 BC, because of the guiding star likely to have been a comet, but at this length of time, thats all hypothesis anyway. All we do know, is that somewhere around that time, Jesus was born.

But as I say, nowadays, for many its all about the presents! Me, I wont get many, but then again, I dont have to give many either lol, so what do I expect? Well, unless my followers here plan to surprise me, and no, I’m not expecting that lol!

For me this year, I’ve actually got a decent break at Christmas, though many wouldnt see it that way. I finish at 8 pm Saturday, then thats it until…Boxing Day at 9 am, and thats a good break! And as they say, thats all folks! And I only get that because of the way my shifts play out. I suspect that December 25th is the only day in the year I’ve never worked, though I know many do, and I admire them for it. Hey, I know some will, because this household are out again for Christmas dinner, as has become the norm. No, I’m not planning on wearing the dress, or indeed any dress, but as they say, strange things may happen lol!

Right, the first Christmas music of the year, a piece of pure lunacy from the Wombles. This is actually the video from last year, and maybe fans of the X Factor, and/or Jedward should look away now, or not click the link.

When Real Life Takes Over

Yes, I was going to write some cute, and probably trite little blog about the build up to Christmas today, and then real life jumped in, and took me on a totally different route. I assume many of you have heard the awful news from Connecticut already for yourselves?

But before we get into the rights, and awful lot of wrongs about that matter, here is the one piece of news you probably werent waiting for. Yes, May 9th next year, I will be going to an OMD concert in Leeds, all things permitting of course. I’d heard of all things when trying to do this, sites crashing, and other problems, but the biggest problem I had was opening an account with Ticketmaster! Yes, I think the ‘extra charges’ are a bit excessive, but anyway…the deed is done. Its a long, long way off, but something else to look forward to.

Right, today, in Connecticut, a truly awful event. It goes without saying that my sympathy goes out to all who have lost relatives in this horrific event, but it again makes me so grateful that our gun rules are far stricter over here. I know there are some parts of the US where carrying a gun of some kind is probably a wise move, but equally there are an awful lot of places where why, why, why would be the only reasoning I can find, and Newtown, Ct is surely one of them? Please America, at least have a think about the issue.

Hopefully next post will be something trite about Christmas, and that nothing awful stops me doing so, that should be Tuesday.

The video, I’m not sure if this ranks as apt, or in a sense, just the opposite, but given its about a killing at a school…

Tesla Girl

No, not in the David Copperfield sense, though I must admit that is one experience that it would be absolutely incredible to try. But yes, I want that metal suit before I do so lol! All that electricity around you might be some effect, but I’d like to live to tell the tale!

As you might guess with my blogging record, the hint is more in the song title as to what this is about than the literal sense of the term. Though if anyone has a spare tesla coil, and one of those metal suits, then yes please! 😉

I’ll be honest, the last music concert I went to, was a while ago, 2001 in fact. The Seekers, in Bournemouth, on one of their revival tours. So yes, I’m not a regular nowadays by any means. But next year, everything permitting, a pop concert is in store, from another group who were first famous quite a while back, about 30 years ago or so, and you might have seen 1 or 2 of their videos attached here. Yes, its OMD, who yesterday announced a concert tour for next year, and they are coming to Leeds next May at the Academy. And yes, I had to look up where that is in Leeds, didnt have a clue! Not that far from work, or the station, which is handy. Tickets actually go on sale Friday, just hope I can manage to get one. Well, unless someone is thinking of a Christmas present for me? No, thought not!

One thing that is new for me, is something called Gold and Platinum packages, offering the front seats, and other extras, at extra cost. Much though it might be fun meeting the band and all that, I certainly wont be going for that in all honesty, but judging by Facebook comments on it, it seems a popular move nowadays. I’m not saying it wouldnt be nice to meet them, and if nothing else, ask Andy about the whole Louise Brooks thing, but not at that expense, I’m a Yorkshire lass who values her money!

Yes, I have seen them live once before, in London, about 1982, so its about time I saw them live again lol! And one other advantage, I wont be the only middle aged person there, thats for sure!

The video, a different type of Tesla Girl to the one mentioned above, do love this video

Show Me You’re A Woman

Honest, this is the last posting about Thursday night, but I suspect there will be a few out there at least who want to see the dress, if nothing else. So how can I disappoint them?

Xmas Pic 2

I have to be honest, I noticed wearing heels more than I did notice wearing a dress in public, maybe thats because it just felt so normal for me? Not that they were uncomfortable in any way, but when you are tall already, being even taller does seem to get to you all the same. No, the world didnt end (though maybe more on that side comment in a fortnight?), no one even blinked to be honest, and thats despite wandering around for a few minutes trying to find the place to start off with, and indeed walking through the reception in the hotel, so clearly I pass, so I need to stop thinking about that. Did get one slightly funny look when in the ladies toilet, but that was it all evening. Oh, and where did those hips come from lol?

I could say the meal was a massive improvement on last year, but thats not necessarily saying much. But it was good, the food was good, it was served hot (unlike last year at Queens) in an efficient manner. Apparently it was 80’s night music wise, a lot of it sounded like they had found my old record collection, and raided it! No, I didnt dance though, for 2 reasons. Firstly, even in sensible shoes, I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, not a pretty sight. Secondly, I was in heels (albeit wedged type), and though I could stand, and walk in them just fine, trying to strut on the dance floor might have been a challenge too far lol!

The hotel, Holiday Inn, right by the Armouries, for those who know Leeds, or might be looking for a place to stay there, was very nice too. Mind, it was nicer knowing I’d got a good discount on the normal rate, for booking 3 weeks in advance, plus a 10% discount from on top of that. But couldnt complain about the room, service, or breakfast in the slightest, not that I’m the demanding type, but…

Fun will be that now everyone will expect me to wear a dress again next year lol, ah well…I probably will, but dont tell everyone that! 😉

The music, for those of you with long memories, you may have worked it out, especially given my love of Glam Rock. For those who dont, this is one of those Mud tracks that sailed under the radar, no idea why?

Queen Of Hearts?

No, I dont really expect to be on Thursday night, but they do say miracles happen lol! At least hopefully ‘thoroughly modern Millie’ can look quite cute at least, and I hope thats not just my opinion. But it has to be said, if this flapper girl wins the fancy dress prize, then some have got plenty to worry about!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that, the hair was officially bobbed today, though its the long bob (back of the neck) look, not the much shorter one that those like Brooksie tended to wear. And yes, its still blonde, unlike her as well, but I’ve had a death threat (kidding, I trust) if I didnt keep it that colour, so…I do like it, so it might not only be doing it for fun (another song hint) for the dinner in that case. Now, how many will even notice tomorrow, hmm…?

Already packed, as much as I can at least, due to being on a late shift tomorrow, and obviously an early start on Thursday, as I have do a shift before the dinner. Wonder if anyone will ask to see the dress, given I will have the overnight bag with me, with it in. I could be wicked and show them the back up pink dress that I’m taking just in case, but given I’ve found one of those spandex body shaper things I bought in San Francisco a few years back, that should give me the extra squeeze to get into the gold dress, should I need it, hopefully not, especially as all the accessories fit in with the gold look.

Its funny, if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be going to a works dinner, in a posh dress, I would have laughed at you, and thought you crazy, but now…Hopefully it will be great fun, and nowadays not only have I got the look, I’ve got the confidence to do it as well, which has to be quite something. Heels too, though of the wedge kind, my knees dont permit anything more drastic, even if I wanted to! My only regret is that the person who was going to do my make up for me cant now do it, they arent going after all. And no, I dont think I put them off lol! I dont do it, so no way do I want to do it myself, so thye’ll have to put up with the natural me at least, poor them! 😛 Unless anyone reading this knows someone in the Leeds area, prepared to do it about 6.30 Thursday at my hotel, in which case, leave me a comment, and I can pass on the hotel details.

One thing I do promise, I’ll let you know how it goes, though it will probably be Sunday before I do so, given my shifts for the rest of the week. Saturday morning maybe, but Sunday far more likely, my next day off.

The video, how many are saying Dave Edmonds? In which case I’ve played the joker on you tonight, because it isnt. 😛 Either click on the link, or check the categories for who it is…