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Well, its one step up, I guess?

As my regular readers know, I’ve got used to the rejection emails, phone calls, and the simply ‘nothing at all’ stuff up to now re my job interviews, but I got something new today. No, not quite a job offer, but not a rejection either!

One of those jobs I went for last week, and tried to get lost finding, I found out the result today. Yes, I did well at the job interview, and impressed a lot, but seemingly, so did a number of others, and I’m not yet being offered a job. But equally, I havent been written off yet, either. I’m on a reserve list, because being insurance, you need people to pass credit checks, before getting a job. And presumably, next time around they’re looking to employ, I’ll be at the top of that list, pre approved candidate!

Hey, maybe getting lost on the way to an interview is the way to go? No, I’d rather not do that again, especially as second time around, it meant I was 20 minutes late, never a good thing!

Oh, the only other news of note. I’ve said “What the hell”, and booked, and paid for my air flight to Boston in September. Yes, I’m going regardless, that much I have decided.

Oh, fine, the video. Relates to the job situation, a one hit wonder from the 70’s