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You cant shock an actress with less than a few hundred volts!

One of the amusing things that happens at work, is that some people think I can be easily shocked, because I seem such a quiet old lady at times. No idea where they get that idea from, but anyway…

So when the talk arose about a new seat for myself, designed to at least aid me with my back issues, someone in the office came up with some interesting designs, shall we say? No, I’m not going to describe them, but some of the items involved were definitely, err, adult, shall we say? It fair to say he wasnt expecting my reaction to be just how much I liked the look of them! Yes, lets say that one of them would make moving your chair an arousing experience, and leave it at that.

The snag with that, of course, is that in my acting life, its fair to say that I’ve seen my share of weird things used as props, and I’ve certainly worn some outfits that you wouldnt normally walk down the street wearing. Fairies, gnomes, and all variety of fae folk, yes, been there, acted that, probably!

I’ve also worn leather in my time, though I’m not sure if that was for a role, or for a shoot, as it was a long time ago now. I’ve also worn a silver zentai suit for more personal fun reasons as well. Now, a role that required me to wear something like that, oh yum!

Mind, nowadays my body is probably in a state (with the need for a wheelchair at times) where the Davros (of Dalek fame) look would be more apt, and more suitable. And fine, I wouldnt mind the wired up stuff either!

But in truth, probably the weirdest (though both for charity reasons) were outfits where if I didnt remove the head, you wouldnt have known I was in there. One Children in Need day, while working in Newbury, I wore a Teletubbies suit at work, all day. Tinky Winky, if I remember rightly, for those who want to know. But as I was working, between photos being taken, and taking donations, that head didnt stay on all day. Might have been fun, but hot if I had, but anyway…

Much further into the past, I actually wore a similar design, and didnt get to take my head off, for a few hours at least. Yes, for some charity event (I have no idea, its about 40 years ago!), I was a Womble! No, I have no idea which one now, but it was great fun to do.

But yes, like most people who have spent any reasonable amount of time in the acting world, when it comes to clothing, or other outfits, we’re pretty hard to shock. Electric shock might just work, but unless its a decent voltage, with me, well… 😉 And yes, those ECT scenes you see in movies, or on TV (or on You Tube), then yes, I’d love to act one of those, believe me!

So sorry folks, trying to shock me with talk of strange chairs, or strange outfits, you need to try pretty hard lol!

The video, well, it relates to one of those outfits. Some of it is clearly live (the Intro), though I’m not sure how live the singing actually is. And no, sadly, none of said Wombles was me!

Dress To Impress

Fine, a question tonight that might be more apt for ladies, but there must be men who hold interviews who know the answer to this. Why, the black dress? And if not, for job interviews, what colours are considered apt to liven up the occasion?

Yes, I’ve clinched the maths part of the test for the internal role I want, but lets face it, that was never going to be my weakness, was it? Interview is tomorrow afternoon, and as things stand, its going to be my black dress, and high heels.

Not that I mind wearing the dress (well, its not that warm at this time of year, but anyway…), and the heels will only go on shortly before the interview, but it led me to thinking, is a black dress the only ‘suitable’ colour for a job interview, for a lady to wear? There must be more, but I just cant decide what!

No, I have no plans to wear a flouncy, Jean Harlow special, but wearing something more colourful, if permitted, might just be fun! But is it, and if so, should I go out and buy a second black dress, just for a bit of variety? Because hopefully, with all the job interviews ahead of me (Ha ha), I might fancy a change. But can it be done?

Anyone with a suggestion, before about 11.30 tomorrow morning GMT, feel free to do so, and I’ll see if I’ve got anything suitable. I know one thing, the taxi driver is in for a treat tomorrow night when I bowl out in a dress, instead of top and trousers!

As for the interview, convincing someone who knows me, that I know enough about football to cover that side of the job, should be interesting. And no, I refuse to use cleavage as a secret weapon lol!

The video, one of those numbers you never think about, until you want a stylish dress option. Wombles take on Hollywood, and though Jean isnt in it, there is most definitely a Mae West moment, which I love.

Oh, and wishes of good luck are permitted too, all you lurkers!

Is it really about the racing?

Yes, that so called big meeting that starts tomorrow, Royal Ascot.

Agreed, to some degree, it is about the racing. High class animals racing for huge prize money over the next 5 days, and punters, and bookies hoping to make their fortunes over that period. But lets face it, for most of those folk there, especially in the Royal Enclosure, the racing is a sideshow.

Yes, its that time of year when people shell out fortunes on suits, hats, and dresses, so they can be seen, somewhere in the proximity of the Queen, or other associated members of royalty. Thats on top of the highly inflated figures to get into the racetrack, and the food and drink when they get there. And thats before they even place a bet!

But its being seen, darling, and thats all that seemingly counts!

Thankfully, at work we dont have to dress up in a similar fashion, even if it might be fun seeing certain workmates dressed up to the nines. No, I dont think Leeds is ready for me in a posh dress, high heels, and a flouncy hat lol! Correct that, I’m pretty sure they arent, and I certainly would want to commute in the rush hour dressed like that anyway!

So, yes, it will be a crazy week at work, though for me, not until Wednesday, as I’m off tomorrow. Me, I might have a trip out tomorrow, but it will only be locally if I do, and I certainly wont be dressing up in style to do so.

Oh, the video, its not strictly related, but it certainly fits in, of sorts.

Its that time of year

Whats that you say, one week today, whats the day? Why, Christmas Day of course! I have no idea what celebrations are like in some Pacific Islands, but by now, for most of the world, presents will have been opened, and for many, including myself, turkey will have been eaten, and millions of people worldwide will again be saying they will eat less next year, but they never do lol!

There is also the religious significance of the day, but sadly for too many that rather gets lost in the rush of present opening and greed. But without that event, just over 2000 years ago, well, we wouldnt be looking forward to this date, would we? Of course nowadays, there is some view that the likelihood that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, in the year 1 BC is pretty slim to put it mildly. The general date I’ve heard mentioned is 5 BC, because of the guiding star likely to have been a comet, but at this length of time, thats all hypothesis anyway. All we do know, is that somewhere around that time, Jesus was born.

But as I say, nowadays, for many its all about the presents! Me, I wont get many, but then again, I dont have to give many either lol, so what do I expect? Well, unless my followers here plan to surprise me, and no, I’m not expecting that lol!

For me this year, I’ve actually got a decent break at Christmas, though many wouldnt see it that way. I finish at 8 pm Saturday, then thats it until…Boxing Day at 9 am, and thats a good break! And as they say, thats all folks! And I only get that because of the way my shifts play out. I suspect that December 25th is the only day in the year I’ve never worked, though I know many do, and I admire them for it. Hey, I know some will, because this household are out again for Christmas dinner, as has become the norm. No, I’m not planning on wearing the dress, or indeed any dress, but as they say, strange things may happen lol!

Right, the first Christmas music of the year, a piece of pure lunacy from the Wombles. This is actually the video from last year, and maybe fans of the X Factor, and/or Jedward should look away now, or not click the link.