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Two old English ladies get to meet

OK, so lets catch up on things so far. Not that there was really much to report for the first couple of days, but after today, there’s more than enough lol.

Wednesday: Flights were smooth enough, the bit in between was entertaining though. Now I knew that when I got to Atlanta, I could go to the automated machines to pass through Immigration, and that was the plan. Only…I ran into Miss Jobsworth, who insisted I had to go join the lengthy queue to go through Immigration in the old fashioned way. So, 15 minutes took an hour and a half, only to be told by the guy on the desk that I neednt be doing this. When I told him I knew that, and told him what had happened, his comment was something akin to “You must have run into…”, and he passed me through very quickly. Then when I finally got to security, something set the machine off (I have no idea what?), which slowed me even more. Eventually a 2.5 hour gap before boarding for the LA plan, ended up being just under 20 minutes!

Oh, and the shuttle. Now, whether the guy had given the right address or not (I think we ended up dropping him at the East address, and he’d given it as West), but the sat-nav didnt want to go in the right direction. Eventually the guy sorted out where he wanted to be, and we dropped him off. Finally (3rd drop in van), we got to me, but despite telling her we were at the right place, she sailed by, and in a narrow road, it took her a while to find somewhere to turn round. But finally, about 9.30, I arrived.

The apartment is cute, and I love it, but the bed really is something else. I knew I had to climb up (literally) to get into it, but its even better than the picture suggested. I will have to move the cases, and take a picture sometime! That was it, grabbed nightwear, and to bed. Bed is very comfortable, btw.

Yesterday, really little happened.I got unpacked, and settled in. Did some shopping, caught up on the net, and…not a lot else. I did go down to the Boulevard in the afternoon, but principally for a very nice ice cream, and that was it. I did go and visit Jean’s prints at the Chinese Theatre, and her star across the road, but that really was it.

So to today. The one main place I wanted to visit last time, and didnt get to, was Long Beach. Mainly to see the Queen Mary, but it looked an interesting trip anyway. Oh, right, for those with a memory, the metro line goes through Watts, and Compton. Made for an interesting crowd on the train, shall we say? Yes, I survived, and got to see an English lady, far older than me, the Queen Mary! No, I didnt go on board, I am trying to be sensible with money, and $27 minimum to get on board (for not that long) seemed a bit daft to me. But I paid my respects.

The weekend should be relatively calm, though I will have to go shopping for bread, if nothing else tomorrow. Beyond that, a little college football on TV is quite likely. Hopefully, my team (Kansas State) against Kate’s team (Oklahoma State), but not sure if I will get that here? Sunday, a mix of NFL on TV (there is a game in London, which kicks off 6.30 am, my time), and meeting up with someone I met in April early afternoon, is promising me a tour, which I suspect is either going to be going up near the sign, or more likely something Jean related. More on that on Monday or Tuesday, I’m sure. I may, or may not get to the Dodgers baseball tomorrow night, we shall see.

Fine, the video. Well, I could cheekily say this is about me!

Remember, Remember…

…The fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

I dont know if that line is still plaintively quoted at this time of year, or not, I suspect it is, but its one of my few childhood memories at least.

No, I havent had fireworks at home in over 40 years, and to be honest, I dont remember going to a firework display in a very long time either. That is strictly going to a display, many years while commuting home from work, I’ve had a display of fireworks for free, and I suspect if I went outdoors tomorrow night, I’d probably get another one. No, not working tomorrow, so wont get the train journey version this year lol.

Memories are vague, I know we had fireworks in the garden at home when I was a child, but actual details I dont remember, as I say, it was over 40 years ago. I do remember standing swirling sparklers around, but that really is about it. Maybe they were always really expensive comparitively, but the thing that gets me nowadays is how much each firework costs!

Mind, I also remember when cigarette smoking was regarded as trendy, so…!

The video, well I would jokingly say that if you have a similar music taste to mine, then dont click on the link! Its just one I found through the You Tube search thing, and well, its modern!

I bought a book!

No, I know, nowhere near as controversial as Katy Perry supposedly kissing a girl, but something rare, all the same. And probably more actual than Ms Perry anyway.

To be honest, I cant remember the last time I bought a book that wasnt a travel guide, or a travel anthology, but lets just say its been sometime. I do read, darlings, but its direct from the internet stuff, and lets not discuss the material involved lol.

But something, or should I say, a certain someone made me break the habit of a long while, though when I get to read it, I’m not quite sure. That person, Laura Moriarty, though its fair to say its not her that took me out of my buying slumber, but one of the stars of the book. Of course it is, its Cora Carlisle. Whats that, you dont believe me? Right again, yes, its the other star of ‘The Chaperone’, one Louise Brooks. 😉

The book strictly is fiction, though given that at this time, Louise did travel to New York, with a chaperone, to join a dance school, I suspect faction is a better term for it. And judging by the reviews, Laura Moriarty seems to have captured the style of Brooksie very well. It might well become commute reading, though given that I have to change glasses to read, dont quote me on that just yet lol. Might otherwise fill those boring flight hours to Boston and back in September, but doubt I can resist it that long!

To be honest, I probably really only purchased it because I had a tiny amount of credit at Amazon. Combine that with minimal credit on a pay as you go credit card, and it was just enough, so…I broke the habit of a while lol!

No, I dont expect this to bring about a dramatic change of reading style, but it will be fun picking up a book again, after so many years. I did it a lot as a child, but not so much since, especially since internet story sites appeared. But yes, it will be fun to read about what Brooksie ‘might’ have got up to during the twenties.

But going back to the original line, I have no desire at all to kiss Ms Perry though!

The video. Well, you’ve had the song before, but not this version. Of course, the irony is, this is the classic OMD line up live, but only Andy was actually on the record, the others had all left by the time this was released in 1991. The plus point, some projected shots of Louise behind them, some from the video, some I dont recognise from there.

Enjoy, or ignore, as you choose