Dress To Impress

Fine, a question tonight that might be more apt for ladies, but there must be men who hold interviews who know the answer to this. Why, the black dress? And if not, for job interviews, what colours are considered apt to liven up the occasion?

Yes, I’ve clinched the maths part of the test for the internal role I want, but lets face it, that was never going to be my weakness, was it? Interview is tomorrow afternoon, and as things stand, its going to be my black dress, and high heels.

Not that I mind wearing the dress (well, its not that warm at this time of year, but anyway…), and the heels will only go on shortly before the interview, but it led me to thinking, is a black dress the only ‘suitable’ colour for a job interview, for a lady to wear? There must be more, but I just cant decide what!

No, I have no plans to wear a flouncy, Jean Harlow special, but wearing something more colourful, if permitted, might just be fun! But is it, and if so, should I go out and buy a second black dress, just for a bit of variety? Because hopefully, with all the job interviews ahead of me (Ha ha), I might fancy a change. But can it be done?

Anyone with a suggestion, before about 11.30 tomorrow morning GMT, feel free to do so, and I’ll see if I’ve got anything suitable. I know one thing, the taxi driver is in for a treat tomorrow night when I bowl out in a dress, instead of top and trousers!

As for the interview, convincing someone who knows me, that I know enough about football to cover that side of the job, should be interesting. And no, I refuse to use cleavage as a secret weapon lol!

The video, one of those numbers you never think about, until you want a stylish dress option. Wombles take on Hollywood, and though Jean isnt in it, there is most definitely a Mae West moment, which I love.

Oh, and wishes of good luck are permitted too, all you lurkers!

2 responses

  1. Black/white, black/grey, navy blue, navy/red highlights, … Many options that would work. Any bold color with white looks great!


  2. Yes, if I’m going to do many more interviews, I need to get another interview suitable dress, or two


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