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A Musical Moment?

Fine, as my only potential ideas for tonight, were politics, which is never a shrewd move, or making comments about the IQ of people from Brighouse, who travel by bus, lets go with a more pleasant, and surprising third option. Yes, a Clara Johnson moment!

For those with short memories, I did a past life regression a few years back, and discovered that I had been an actress in Hollywood, during the late 20’s, and 30’s. No, not the famous one, whose original name I’ve taken, but humble, bit part actress, Clara Johnson!

The annoying thing about bit part actresses back then, is they never got film credits. So, beyond one movie, working out which films she appeared in, impossible challenge! But yes, thats right, in 1937, she got a credit, albeit in an uncredited role, in a movie called Thin Ice.

I must admit, from what I’d discovered about her (not a great deal, but getting there slowly), I assumed she was a dancer in this. She might actually have been a dancer in this, as well as, or instead of, but look at all these uncredited musicians in the orchestra, trying to pretend they’re playing the music! Yes, all female!

So, is Clara in the band, is she one of the audience watching the show, or is she simply in another scene, who knows? Some day soon, I hope to get to watch the movie in full, but even then, its not likely I will truly know which one is her. Annoying, I guess, but at least I’ve now seen a bit of the movie that I know she’s in!

As always, at this moment, if anyone has any more details about Clara E Johnson, photos of her, can identify what she did in this movie, or knows anyone related to her, or even her married name, I’d love to know. Thanks in advance, I hope!

Can I have my hour back?

Yes, I know, American friends, you think we’re one week early, and we think you’re one week late! Still, its closer than when the clocks go forward in March, when its generally a 2 week discrepancy, but anyway…it led to an interesting happening for me last year, I lost my extra hour of sleep!

Last year, when Europe put the clocks back, I was still in the US, so didnt get my hour of sleep that way. Unfortunately, by the time the US got around to changing their clocks, and getting their extra hour of sleep, I was back in the UK! I know, I probably got it on a technicality, while flying back across the Atlantic, but of course you dont really get it when its like that, as sleeping on a plane, well…rolls eyes! Premium economy might be nicer, but its not that much nicer!

But yes, tonight, for the first time in 2 years (as far as I’m concerned at least), I get that extra hour of sleep, and yes, I need it! Fine, I dont know how much benefit you genuinely get by it, or lose in March, when the clocks change, I suspect most of it is psychological, in truth?

Mind, my sleeping habits are going to change anyway, given that 4 days out of my working week at least, I’ll be getting up later, anyway. Saturday, sadly no change, or even worse if I want as long on the computer before I leave for work, but pretty sure I’m going to pass on that!

Equally, after pay day on Monday, combined with a day off midweek, I can attempt to get my life back into some shape. Yes, my hair is already booked in to be coloured, and cut on Tuesday, I really cant wait. I can also start to plan to get some waxing done too. Yes, I know, its going to hurt, but it needs to be done! I know, but its nice to have the money to get it done, believe me!

Monday might be interesting in more ways, in that I’ve got a call coming, and a possible appointment with an Occupational Health person, about my back, and other issues. Yes, where do you start, and stop with my joint issues lol? Hopefully one of the options will be a young, pretty, very feminine cybernetic replacement body, but I doubt that! Most likely, a special chair, and maybe a hand rest for using with the keyboard on the computer, and no more. But I can hope, cant I? 😉

Right, back to the video. A fairly obvious song for the occasion, even if I will be asleep when it happens. Not the original, a live version from earlier this year, in fact. A Housemartins/Beautiful South combo!

In The Air Tonight

In fact it was a couple of things that reminded me today, that the last time I flew anywhere, was a year ago tonight, when I took the flight from Atlanta, to Manchester, having first crossed the US, from Los Angeles. And yes, the best bit, that when I fly again (probably next May, unless things happen beyond my belief), not only will I have a new name, but a new gender too. Ironically, the only thing that will be the same will be the city at the other end of the flight, Los Angeles.

Yes, one of the things that reminded me was Facebook, and their ‘on this day’ thing, which I hate, but still find very useful, I must admit. Though in fact, they’d been beaten to it, by a couple of Americans, on ‘Pardon The Interruption’ this morning, though that was actually yesterdays edition, but fine, they mentioned the anniversary of the first game of last years World Series, between the Mets, and my Royals, because it lasted over 5 hours, went 14 innings, and yes, I watched all of it while preparing to fly back home to England. Yes, the advantage I had then, it started at 5 in the afternoon, my time, instead of 1 in the morning, as it does now!

At present, its still the only World Series game I’ve seen live (only on TV), though hopefully at some point in the future, there might be more? Yes, the Royals won, went on to be champions, and as they say, the rest is history! The next morning, I got up early, had breakfast, and waited for the shuttle to take me back to the airport, and home!

Funnily enough, one year on, today, I finished my training course for my new job, and start my regular hours on Monday. Yes, a later start, so a later rising time, but a later finish too. How it will work out time wise, for other things, I will have to wait and see. But I still plan to do this on my 2 days off, before any blog readers show concern. Should be Tuesday, and Sunday in future, for those who care!

But I just wanted to say a quick thanks to 2 men I love watching, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Wilbon, for reminding me this morning of that amazing match, and wonderful place I watched it.

Yes, this time last year, I was in the air tonight, so there is one obvious video. A recent live version, ooh!

Will you still love me now I’m old, and falling apart at the seams?

Yes, you’re getting a bonus blog tonight, but sadly, for the wrong reason, I never made it to work today! I know, I know, its my 19th sick day, in 42 years, so overall, still a good record, but in terms of the new job, ah well…

Its not actually the first time that back trouble has struck me down so badly that I’ve had to go sick with it, its actually the second. Strictly, there was one other time when my back kept me out of work, but that was more down to a fall from an attic, than just issues with my back.

Yes, I’m getting old, and the body is beginning to disintegrate even more seemingly. The physical issue I’ve actually had longest are my beaten up knees. Those I have suffered with since I was about 9, or 10 when I had a disagreement with a pony about jumping a fence, and my knees ended up tangled in the poles from said fence, and it was not good. Therefore I have little, or no cartilage in either of my knees, which means there are times (especially when its cold) when they get sore, and flex less than normally.

The back is an on and off issue (mainly off) that crops up very occasionally, but when it does, I tend to know it! Normally not quite so bad that I cant work through it, but seemingly, now I’m getting older…ah well!

What happened Friday, was that the weather was colder than recently, and walking to work in Bradford, my knees decided to complain about this fact quite badly. So I changed my walking style, to try and take some pressure off the knee joints, and it seemed to work. Snag was, as it turned out, I ended up putting more pressure on my back, and it objected…loudly!

Though I’d been noticing it since Saturday, it was Sunday evening that it first got towards the limit of being able to ignore the pain. Yes, fine, yesterday morning, it hurt, but I felt not enough to stop me going to work, so I went. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe it was the bus seats, and not much leg space, but by the time I got off in Bradford, I was stiffening up a lot. The walk helped, but again, by mid morning, I had issues. A paracetamol later, and I kept going at work. Besides anything else, I’d have had the challenge of getting home anyway, so I stuck it out.

A stronger pain killer later, and I couldnt feel any pain. Yes, I knew it was an illusion, but it helped! So fine, another paracetamol later, just before bed, and fingers crossed I could get through the night, and get to work today with the aid of the stronger pill. Ah well, the best laid plans…

I woke up about 3.30 this morning, in a lot of pain. I tried to move, no go! Eventually, after about 20 minutes of effort, I managed to roll over, and check the clock! Fine, even then, I gave up on the concept of getting to work today! Finally I got up about 7.45, having tried for about 10 minutes to find a way to stand up! I managed about 2 steps before the back gave out completely, and after a few moments of trying to do it gracefully, I slumped on the floor. Thankfully, after about 10 minutes, I was rescued by Eric, and managed to get up again. I rang work, let them know I wouldnt be in, and at about the third attempt, I managed to sit on the toilet, and do, err, what I needed to do.

Some pain killers (of varying strength) later, its generally verging on bearable, with just the odd brutal spasm! Yes, I can actually walk now, something at least, though I’m not going to win any awards for speed walking. But yes, tomorrow, unless I relapse overnight, I plan on going back to work.

But yes, I know, I’m getting old, I’m getting (even more) decrepit, but I’ll have to try and get by, I guess? I would ask the question in this song, but I’m pretty sure already that I’m not going to be loved now I’m no longer young, and beautiful. Beauty might always have been an issue, but besides that…!

Yes, the video clue is in that last line, a song from the most recent making of The Great Gatsby. If only we had anything beyond a trailer for the 1926 version, it would be wonderful, but…

How my past life self (probably) earned her living!

Its fair to say that when you see movie casting lists nowadays, they are so lengthy, they probably include the girl who made the coffee for the actor who appeared for 15 seconds, without saying a line! Fine, that might be a slight exaggeration, but not much! Seriously, some of the credits last nearly as long as the movies do!

However, back in the silent movie days, and the first few years of the 30’s, unless you were a star, your name never appeared on the screen. So, in other words, a Laurel and Hardy film, most times, they were the only 2 credited! Of course, as with Jean Harlow, if one of the bit part actresses made it later, they might (but not always) get added to the cast at some point! But yes, even Myrna Loy, for example, has parts that she never got credits for, even after she made it!

So, if you never made it beyond the general acting, or dancing corp back then, no one, but you, and your friends knew you were in a movie! Didnt mean you couldnt earn a decent living, just that you couldnt earn a credit on Movie Databases!

All of which makes tracing the movie history of my past life self, Clara Johnson, somewhat complex! Its fair to say from what I know, that she acted, and danced in minor roles for at least 10 years (she arrived in LA in ’25, but first evidence I’ve guaranteed of her as an actress is ’28, but probably before that. Last evidence is an uncredited, but named role in ’37, after which she disappeared again, but given that by then, she was 32, I suspect she may have married, and retired, or maybe she was teaching dancing in town?)

But a few things happened around the turn of that decade. The introduction of sound movies brought about a series of musicals, mainly involving a lot of chorus line dancers. Then a few years after that, the first real testing of colour movies came about, and a lot of short, test movies were made, often involving singing, and a lot of dancing. Yes, a lot like this one!

Yes, check the credits, 4 people! Even though IMDB has a few more mentioned, there are a LOT of dancers who arent mentioned even then. And given that though I suspect there were plenty of dancers fighting for roles, its safe to assume Clara was among them! So the likelihood is, somewhere in here is Clara, at the grand age of 28, doing her stuff! Which one, who knows? A few look about the right age, but which one is her? Only wish I knew! I’m hoping that next May, in LA, I might be able to discover more, and in September, in New England, maybe I can be regressed again, and she can give up a lot more secrets! I also wonder if her daughter, who would probably be in her 70’s now, is still alive? I dont know, she had her somewhere between ’38, and ’52, but I have no more details than that. But yes, hunch says it wasnt that long after she married, for sure!

But if anyone, anywhere, knows more details about Clara, and her family, I’d love to know!

Have I got company at night?

Well, I have to wonder, though its definitely not of the living human kind. Nor the cats, I might add, though the latch on my door is strong enough that I’d hear it if it was opened, even a deep sleeper like me. So how do I suspect I have company at night, well, its the TV box that Virgin supply.

I’ll start off by saying that if you dont change channel, or use the TV guide, or anything for a period of 4 hours, it goes into standby mode. Yes, its actually caught me out a few times, when I’m sort of watching something on TV, but at the same time working on my laptop, and not notice the message to warn me about going into standby in 2 minutes, until I’m left in silence, with a dark screen, searching for channels, and yes, I just switch it back on. So even if I forgot to switch it off last thing at night, it would go off 4 hours after I last did anything on it (generally, if I forget, its because there was nothing much on that evening, switched it off early, but didnt turn off box), so with my bed time, by about 3 in the morning (4 hours after my normal bedtime) at the very latest, it would go into standby of its own cause.

So how is it that when I wake up at about 6 in the morning, there are times that I find the box on! No, I dont preset programs to record, mainly because it doesnt work unless the box is actually on nowadays. Not that it matters to me much, beyond a bit of US sport happening overnight, there wouldnt be anything to record then anyway!

The most amusing happening of this occurred earlier this week, when I woke up to find the box already on, so just switched on the TV about 6.30 in the morning. Conveniently, it was on ESPN, which show a couple of fun shows I regularly watch at that time of the morning, so I didnt need to touch the remote at all. About 7.20, the TV went quiet, and I looked up, and lo and behold, the box had gone into standby! So someone, or something switched it on about 3.20 that morning! But who? And no, I’m pretty sure that if an insect conveniently landed on the right button on the remote, it wouldnt be enough to switch it on. And besides, this happens far too often to be something like that! I might add that I’m pretty certain they dont actually watch TV, I dont sleep quite that deeply lol! And yes, the light in the kitchen disturbs me, so the light from the TV, mere feet away from me, absolutely!

Much though I might enjoy the idea that I’ve become of interest to aliens, and they are somehow teleporting into my room, to experiment on me, I should be so lucky! So the obvious answer is something more spectral, but who, and why? And the answer to that, no idea!

The other thing is, whoever, or whatever this is, is either doing things to me, or making me believe they are. The times when this has happened, and I’ve woken with a buzzing in my head, just like an ECT treatment, yes, quite a lot! I know, that might just be my dreams, leading me to believe its happening, but…?

I know, there will be some of you saying ghosts dont exist, but I’d be inclined to disagree, though I’ve never seen this one, but I have felt a presence in my room. But who it is, ghost, or alien, I wish I knew! I’d also love to know why they give themselves away to me, by putting the box on, unless they want me to know!

So, there’s a Saturday night mystery for you to ponder on!

Right, video time. Every so often I like to educate people, by using a group you may not have heard of, but should have done. Tonight is one of those. A Crowded House cover, that mentions dreaming, is the tenuous link!

Wanted! Well, my boobs were, seemingly!

In truth, I’m not quite sure why I’m posting this tonight, because then I’ve got to come up with 2 more blog ideas this weekend (any suggestions, feel free to comment), but hey, while its still clear in my head, lets roll with it.

Yesterday, at the end of the working day, I did my daily dash for Bradford Interchange, where I pick up the bus for my journey back to Huddersfield, and home. And no, I dont redo my hair, my makeup (ha ha), or anything else before I set off home. So fine, I look far from perfect by then. Some might say I look far from perfect at all times, but anyway, less of that!

Most of the walk was fine (unlike the actual bus journeys, but besides that…) until I got near the entrance of the Interchange. There, sat on the wall, were 4 men, who I would guess were a bit older than me, or about my age, as in truth, I wasnt looking closely at them, being more focused on getting to the bus station section in time to get the bus home, than anything else. But yes, they were nothing special, that was going to make a woman swoon!

So, just after I’d passed them, one of them said, probably louder than he planned to (or maybe he did want me to hear?), “Well, if beauty is supposed to be skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Yes, ouch, though given I’m trans, and given I wasnt showing my best look at the time, I probably didnt paint the prettiest picture. But fine, what made me smile, despite that comment, was what one of the others replied.

“Yeah, but did you see the size of her tits, they were great!”

So yes, flattered or otherwise about my looks, he liked my tits lol! At least he didnt do a Trump, and grab for my pussy, might have got a shock if he had. Mind, supposedly, Trump attempted to grab Ru Paul’s pussy one time, many years ago, the sight of his face must have been a treat. The story says that he hastily left the party after that lol. How true that is, no idea, but in truth, with all that has come out of late, it wouldnt surprise me if it was true.

So, is it fair to say, my face could do with a major makeover, but clearly my boobs dont! Of course, they are far from natural, but dont tell the poor guy that!

The video. Well, what one part of my body clearly was, even if the rest of me might not have met with the same approval!

Part of the union

One thing is for sure, during my lifetime, the powers of the unions have changed dramatically. What you have to remember, all these young folk reading this, is that I’m old enough to remember the bad old days of Trade Unions in the 70’s, and 80’s, which have no resemblance nowadays. Yes, that does mean the video tonight is showing its age lol!

My first workplace in 1974 was a ship repair yard, and was a union stronghold. Admittedly, more than one union, as we office folk were in one suitable for us, whereas all the welders, labourers, and other various roles in the actual shipyard were all in their own relevant union.

I might add, that in my 2 years there, not once was there a strike, threatened strike, or anything else like that at work, though there were plenty that affected my life, for sure! After that, and possibly P&O head office, when promoted, I havent been in a union since…until now!

Yes, I wasnt in roles that had a union stance for most of that time, but I had no interest in being in one anyway. Yes, until now!

The thing is, unions today are a totally different animal to back then. And yes, though Civil Servants dont have to join one, the group I work in, actually approves of staff being union members, so why not? They seem to be doing a good job for their members, do not call strikes for the most stupid reasons, so all in all, I’ve jumped back in.

So, turning circle, for now at least, my first job, I was in a union, and what is currently my last one too. In between, nope! The only other union I wouldnt mind having to join would be Equity! Oh, that would be so nice!

Right, video. Yes, as I say, this song dates back to the bad old days of unions, though I’m pretty sure this is a more recent performance than that

How tight is that tail?

After last nights rant, lets have a bit of silliness tonight!

One of the current crazes, if I believe the internet anyway (not always a reliable thing) is something that can best be described as a mermaid tail blanket. Fine, its mainly for children, but there seem to be more than a few for adults around, and I have to admit it, they do look fun. Yes, it might be fun to get into one of those, and stay there for a while, though I suspect that they are far too easy to get out of again, lol!

I know, might be better that way, especially as I suspect they are nigh impossible to move around in, while wearing, on land at least! And yes, blanket material is not ideal for mermaid life in water, anyway! But yes, agreed, if they are warm enough (and I have no idea how warm they are when worn?), it might be fun to sleep in one of those, rather than under a duvet, from time to time. Well, one of the full length ones at least would be fine for that?

I know, strictly they arent tails, as they are generally pretty much full body length, and by tradition, the mermaid tail tends to end at the hips/waist zone, above which they look like humans, but beside that… But fine, as blankets, you want them full length, lets face it.

Who, me? Yes, fine, I might enjoy (rather too much) one that was a ‘bit’ harder to get out of, once in it, than a blanket one, at least until I had to get out of it in the morning, to get up to go to work, I suspect! Oh alright, I’d also enjoy the ability to breathe underwater, but thats beside the point!

No, before you ask, I dont plan on actually buying one for myself, however cute I think they are. I’m one of those awkward Yorkshire folk who tend not to spend money unless I have good reason to do so, and a silly item like this doesnt count as an item I really need. But yes, I wont deny it, it would be fun to get into one of them. Oh alright, I’d find it even more fun to get into a more tight fitting one, just like a real mermaid tail, but anyway… 😉

Alright, while I’m admitting to these things, you know those onesie things? Yeah, I’d love a robot one, ideally not too loose a fit either, but pretty sure they dont even exist. Unlike mermaid tail blankets, or even mermaids…lol?

Right, the video. I found this on a random search on You Tube, know nothing more about it than that. But fine, it seemed apt, even if their tails are a bit more ‘real’ than the blanket ones!

The delights of bus travel?

One of the hazards of being a non driver, is that you’re vulnerable to the whims of public transport, and the awful service they provide far too often. I’ll stand up and say that this rant isnt helped by the fact that First buses are putting up their fares around here on Sunday, despite the fact that the service they provide has deteriorated badly over the last few weeks. The number of cancelled buses on the routes up towards here, and Almondbury of late, just disgraceful. And then to rub it in by putting up their prices too…

Yesterday afternoon was a fine example of just how awful their service is. Having got out of work 30 minutes earlier than normal, it would be fair to assume that I would get home 30 minutes earlier than normal too, right? Wrong, I actually got in 10 minutes later than normal, despite the earlier start!

It started badly when I arrived at the Bradford bus station at 4.15, to find the 4.15 bus was already gone. Fine, if I’d seen it pulling out or something, then OK, but no, this was ‘gone’! No problem, another bus due in 10 minutes, so I’ll get that. Well, I might have done, but basically the screen counted down the minutes from 10, to showing as due, but the bus never showed. Finally about 4.30, after 5 minutes of showing as due, it disappeared off the screen, like the bus, never to be seen again!

The 4.35 eventually turned up about 4.33, but given there was 2 sets of customers waiting to get on the bus, we finally pulled out at 4.40, pretty full. So therefore we crawled all the way to Huddersfield, picking up, and dropping off passengers until we got to Huddersfield about 9 minutes late. I know, you’re thinking thats not too bad, but its meant to have a lay over of a few minutes in Brighouse, which never happened, which counteracted the delay somewhat.

But anyway, it gets better! I walked around the corner to get a bus up to where I live, to find the 5.24 was due anytime (only about 10 minutes late), and that the 5.34, 5.44 and 6.04 were all cancelled. The 5.54 was running, but at that point was running a mere 18 minutes late! Oh, the 5.24 never appeared either! On top of that, the 5.39, and 5.49 to Almondbury were also cancelled!

In the end, I walked part of the way home, using a bus (that I had to pay a fare for, as its a different company) to get me up the hill, but that was full, and I needed to stand, because First are so useless!

Seriously, I couldnt recommend First buses to anyone, especially the Huddersfield service, though I gather the service in Leeds is equally bad. And they want to increase the fares, but I doubt it will improve the service.

OK, in their defence, today, everything worked perfectly coming home, and because the 4.24 was running about 8 minutes late, I actually got home early! The bus I should have caught, running 7 minutes late!

I know, I know, but I’m 58, have tried driving lessons 3 times when I was much younger, failed miserably, so its never going to work now!

Fine, rant over!

The video, sums up the difference between yesterday, and today, I guess?