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Living on Social Media ‘reality’

Yes, fine, I’d love to be able to tell you about the ton of Valentine cards that arrived today, but I’d be lying if I did. I did get a couple of nice touches from friends, from online sources, which I really appreciated, but beyond that…? No, was never expecting anything else in truth, though I was hoping that Rotwang, or Dr Frankenstein might offer me a visit to their labs, but…Kidding, fine!

Funnily enough, in the last couple of weeks, I did attract the interest of a guy on Fembot Central, but when he found out I was over 20 years older than him, not a word since. Ah well… Not even a nice robot suit out of the relationship, lol. No, it was nothing more than a few messages, so just jesting on that front.

Oh fine, social media, primarily Facebook. Its fair to say that out of my nearly 300 ‘friends’ on there, I certainly have never met half of them, probably a fair few more than that. But yes, things like vintage movie love, LGBT issues, cricket and the like, where I have a common cause, and they arent blatantly troll accounts, I tend to connect up. But some dont seem to live in the real world at times?

One of these people I’ve never met, and am never likely to meet (I believe connection is through an orange, wig wearing guy, that we dont have fond affections for) put up a picture that suggested he was getting high on drugs, a massive no no for me. He claimed he wasnt really, just pretending, but then again, who can tell? I did comment that I had played parts where I’d pretended to smoke (never have in my life), so it could be true. Anyway, earlier this evening, I visited Facebook, and he’d made a comment complaining that I hadnt ‘liked’ his picture, and that I needed to do so. Yes, the reason I hadnt done so, was simply the image it gave of condoning drug taking, and I dont do that.

So I saw it, I had 2 choices, I could explain why I didnt ‘like’ it, probably get a reply, but why the hell should I have to tell someone I dont even know why I didnt like their picture! So I’ve asked if he is serious about his complaint, and if he is, the ‘friendship’ wont last out the evening. If he has sense, given the way he’s worded it, he will say he wasnt, and I’ll give him another chance.

But sorry, all you Social Media freaks, unless you want to mind control me to do otherwise (and I’m open to offers!), its my choice whether I like, love, or whatever your posting, and not for you to decide if I should, or not? Fine?

Next year, to avoid this, someone needs to take me out for a Valentine dinner, lol! πŸ˜›

OK, video time. A little bit of Bon Jovi. Funnily enough, a group called Bon Giovi (one of those tribute bands) is playing at Brighouse in the near future. As someone once said, wouldnt it be amusing if the real star/band turned up, and no one knew? πŸ˜‰


To make me feel like a natural woman?

Start of February is always a funny period for me nowadays, for several reasons. Monday, was the date that would have been my mothers 91st birthday. Before you go all gooey, dont, because she hated the fact I came out as Transgender, and pretty much disowned me for it. Thankfully she’s no longer with us (and hasnt been for a while now), so issue is over, but of course when the 4th February rolls around, its a pretty sore date for me, but one that sticks in my memories, anyway.

Today actually brought me some good news, I’ve got the benefit funding to be able to cut back to working 3 days a week, which will be a major blessing for me, as my back isnt up to even a 4 day week any more. Now I just have to sort out with work on whether I give up Friday, or Saturday as a working day in the near future. Fairly easy on it, both have advantages, both have disadvantages, but I’ll probably just do what suits everyone mutually. But the thought of not having to do 2 days in a row any more will be heaven. Sounds terrible really, but I’m nearly 61, with a damaged spine, and I’ve worked hard for the best part of 45 years, so…

Of course the other significant date in the first half of February, is a week today. Yes, that much over hyped event named Valentines Day. This year I will probably hit 20 years without even a card, unless someone wants to prove me wrong. Strictly, one friend sent me an amusing t-shirt for the day, which I’ve never worn in public (it says Mind Controlled Sex Slave, for heavens sake), not because I dont find it amusing, because it would be fun to be one, but just for the sake of public taste. In truth, its somewhere in my room, but no idea where now! And yes, she was married, with a kid, but anyway…

So yes, challenge thrown down. You dont have to wine and dine me, or send me chocolates, or flowers or anything else that costs money. If you want to, then fine, and let me know via the email address mentioned shortly, but I’m not expecting that. In truth, I’m not even looking for a real card, unless so inclined. But yes, a plain, disabled trans lady, now in her 60’s, would just like something to cheer her up a week from now. E-card, or anything else as anonymous as you wish. Just to make me feel like a natural, cared for woman. (See video shortly). So anyone that wants to be my ‘fake’ Valentine beau, feel free to comment here, or email me at on the day, and at least make me feel wanted, even if I’m not.

Equally (ha ha), if there is someone who wants me to get a special treat, or be their asexual courtesan, same address will work! I know, I wont even expect the e-card, lol.

OK, so I used this video only about 6 months ago, but the line about natural woman was just too hard to resist!


Will you still love me tomorrow?

Well, if that doesnt give away the song, and the occasion, then I dont know what will! Which version, and there are many, you’ll either have to look at the video, the tags, or both!

Yes, tomorrow is that supposedly most romantic date on the calendar, Valentines Day!. Apart from one gift from a friend, who I was pretty sure didnt really mean it (in hindsight, and from details someone else discovered about her, she definitely didnt), I havent had anything from a Valentine this century! No, I’m not going to name, or shame said woman, who was never more than an online friend, in case you were wondering! A few might know her, it was more than a few years back, but most wont!

So, in truth, the chance of anyone still loving me tomorrow, is pretty much zero, or less. Fine, its probably for the best now, I’ve probably grown horribly independent now, doing pretty much what I want to do at all times, so the idea of coming to mutual agreement on such matters now, would be nigh impossible. Oh, and all that besides, if I get involved, it may well mean a need for a certain form of surgery, and I’m trying to avoid more imminently needed pain, without adding to the pain by having my bits ‘bobbed’ and stuff like that, lol.

But fine, if ever there are a pair of days when it hurts to be single, this is the first one, and then there’s tomorrow! So yes, I suspect the only way I could now make a good wife/partner, would be if someone arranged me to go to the ‘Stepford School For Good Housewives’, but fine, I would enjoy that, given the chance!

Otherwise, I guess I’d better just get on with being an old maid, until 13th February 2019, at least, lol! Mind, if someone is feeling suitably crazy, or there’s a mad scientist out there that fancies customizing his ‘perfect wife’, well…? No, dont have any great expectations, somehow!

The Shirelles were the group that made this song famous in the first place, and my personal pick would be a catchy version by Middle Of The Road, which I cant find on You Tube! So, lets settle for a version sung by the person who should know the song best, as she co-wrote it!

A heart that’s shattered

So fine, lets start off a thoroughly cheery weekend for me, posting here. OK, I’m lying, badly, but anyway… I’ll save the really depressing stuff for Sunday, so as to not spoil people’s weekend, at least.

Right, so yes, I wasnt really expecting a valentine dinner, or anything, or even a card, but you can hope, and dream, until they’re crushed, at least. I guess something could arrive in the post tomorrow, but I suspect its as likely as Leicester winning the Premier League, or something…Oh, hold that, whoever would have believed it at the start of the season, mind? Great though, isnt it? But fine, looking at the table, as likely as Aston Villa winning the title lol!

OK, the amusing moment. You know how most women fall for that gorgeous hunk of a man? You’re right, not for me! Me, the guy that makes my heart flutter every time I see him on TV, and thats quite often. You know who it is? Winston Wolfe, of Direct Line Insurance fame. Fine, stop laughing, I love him at least! Oh goodness, he could sort my, err, insurance claim, any time he wished to!

I know, he’s got a less than savoury past history, I gather, from a movie he was in, but girls, dont you just love a guy who might be a little bit wicked? πŸ˜‰

But seriously, Harvey Keitel, I’m not going to be stalking you, just not my style, and never will be, you’ll be delighted to hear.

So fine, in truth, I’d probably enjoy it almost as much if a man (or woman) took my body, and did wicked things to it, as being wined, and dined, but… I’ve done one, and I’d love the treat of the other, while I still have the chance! So…? No, fine, I dont expect to get the wicked treatment either, on Sunday! Just a quiet, depressing day, alone.

The video, a glorious oldie, that really shows it age. Yes, 1960’s! Sums up me, and romance though, for sure.

I could be the one?

OK, fine, to the few of you who read both blogs, this is a double post, so dont concern yourselves too much with running to the other, whichever that may be?

And yes, some of this may relate to today’s date lol!

But firstly…

Last night, thanks to some wonderful people at Bradford Cathedral, I got the chance to see Clara Bow on a big screen. Well, yes, anything bigger than a laptop monitor would be something, but anyway…

Lets say that its not hard to see why Clara was a silent movie star. She has a wonderfully expressive face, and good acting skills. Of the male stars, Charles Rogers (Jack) impressed me too with his skills, but Richard Arlen (David) came over less well, to be honest. But the film, especially the flight sequences really are quite something.

The staff at the Cathedral were wonderful, the organist was very good (both musically, and in person), and they even provided us with wine and nibbles too! All in all, a wonderful evening.

OK, to the silly bit, as yes, it is February 14th, after all! Well, at this point, I’m assuming all my Valentine cards have gone to my work address, as none have arrived here. Right, fine, I’m not really expecting any at work either, but a girl can dream. Probably why I’m doing a late shift tonight, was never considered as a likely to be being wined, and dined!

I know, I know, I’m not the type to throw myself at men, or women (yes, bi), or indeed show inclinations to romance, but I dont remember that ever stopping the likes of Gable in the past!

No, I cant remember the last time I got a Valentine card, nor do I realistically expect to get one in the near future, but as I say, a girl can dream.

Ah well…You might get a shock when I next post on Monday, but dont hold your breath!

Fine, lastly, the video. If I said the name, Donna Lewis, one song generally comes to mind. But there is so much more to her music career, and this is a much more recent number. As I say, for someone, I could be the one?

Ace of hearts? Probably not!

Yes, we have come back to that famous day in the year, when everyone shows their love for that very special person, and I get nothing! Seriously, the last time I got a card, or anything for Valentines Day would be 1998! Since then, big blank. And no, I dont expect that to change this year either lol!

Though if someone wants to prove me wrong, with an ecard or something, feel free to do so, the address is , just in case. Whats that? Ah well, never mind!

And even if there was some crazy person who wanted to wine and dine me tomorrow night, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, so forget it! Mind, I might be stuck in Leeds if the weather is really bad, in which case… πŸ˜‰ Would have to be in work clothes though, no plans to wear a posh frock, and heels to work, I must say, not this weather!

I guess part of the problem might be that I make it pretty clear that me, and romance are not the best of friends. Been bruised too often in the past, and I guess ‘body issues’ may, or may not play a part in that too? I could be free Saturday night though, if you want to wine and dine me? What, not even if I pay my half of the bill? Oh well…lol πŸ˜›

Anyway, to all those happily in love, in relationships, I hope you have a wonderful day, and do all the right things. If like me, you’re single, survive it as best you can!

The video, one much under rated artist

The benefits of selling

Well, yes, I have hit the magic half dozen mark on sales of the film, and managed a couple of book sales recently, which has allowed me to do something nice, giving money to good charity causes. The reason why this is easier than normal (given I lack for credit/debit cards) is because royalties from the books, and sales from the films go into my Paypal account, memorably registered as Merry Brooks Publishing. No, I dont expect it will ever reach FTSE 100 status somehow lol!

But what those handful of dollars have done (apart from a couple of small treats for myself) is give me the opportunity to donate a bit of money to charitable causes. One I mentioned a short time ago, was the Lance Mackey medical campaign, the other is a lot closer to home, or should I say, work.

Cancer Research ran a campaign for January, called a Dryathlon to raise money. From my point of view, it would be a pointless challenge, I simply dont drink a lot of alcohol. I do drink, just nothing that would keep the brewers, or wine growers in business. In fact, so far this month, one glass of wine, and thats about normal. December was a bit wilder, but still I doubt I topped 20 units…for the month!

But some at work, well, they might drink a little bit more than me. No, I’m being diplomatic, not saying how much! One guy at work that I see as a friend (no everyone, not that sort of friend) signed up for it. I was impressed, and hoped he would last the course, but in all honesty, I wasnt convinced he would. But, but, with 2 days to go, he’s made it! I gather he plans to make up for it on Saturday, but…I just hope he can be relatively sensible about it, even if I know he’s so looking forward to that first beer of the year, and then I suspect, one or two more.

So yes, given the sales I’d made, what I’d promised would be Β£5, turned into Β£10, a donation I was only too happy to make. So anyone at work (and yes, I know I have readers there), or otherwise, who want to support him, and Cancer Research, feel free to ask for the link. No, I’m not going to embarrass him by posting the link here, but please ask, either here, or drop me a line at if you really dont want to post a comment on here… rolls eyes.

As a sidenote, sorry to disappoint the ‘hundreds’ who were thinking of taking me out for a romantic meal on Valentines Day, I’ll have to say no. Not because I’ve got a date already, thats about as likely as every Trans Pennine Express train running on time for a day! No, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, and given I’m working again the next morning, I’ll have to forego that delight. Yes, fine, it was never going to happen anyway, but a girl can hope. Seriously, if anyone wants to send me even a card, that would be a first…for this century! You dont even have to mean it romantically, just something in the (e)mail box would cheer me up no end.

Getting back to the Dryathlon for the video, a classic Dean Martin moment. Not sure this film is him actually singing this song, or if it is, its not synched, but…

Things are heating up

No, not my love life, dont be so daft! Not even for Valentines Day! Actually, its that other great British subject of debate that I’m talking about, the weather.

Today, its snowed on and off all day, more on than off in all honesty, which kept me in, because though I might be blonde (of sorts), I’m not stupid. Well, not unless I put it on for show, and thats not often lol! Currently the temperature is about freezing point, by tomorrow afternoon its supposed to be about 20 degrees higher, so…Yes, I know, I do mean Fahrenheit, I spend too much time in the US to think in Centigrade, thats my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! πŸ˜›

No, I dont think I’m yet planning on skirts, and heels, and short sleeved tops, but that point might be getting nearer I guess? Maybe if I was on a day when it was warm when I left, and warm when I get back, then maybe the shoes would be tempting, but given I’m leaving here before 7.30 tomorrow morning, I suspect boots will win the vote, though not the fleecy winter ones this time around…? Might be tempted tomorrow morning, but I know they’ll be too hot coming home, and at work, so…We will see on that front, but definitely trousers still, thats for sure. Besides which, I dont want to be trying to sort out a skirt suitable to wear early tomorrow morning, and as my trousers are handy…Shoes and boots are all readily available though, so… πŸ˜‰

No, I’m not planning on wearing a dress to work though, I’m not that outrageous…yet! Besides which, how many women wear a dress to work nowadays? Might wear a dress out on my birthday dinner day, just over a month, but a lot will depend how I feel at the time, and the weather, especially as its a Saturday, and there might be a few idiots about. I know, I know about passing and all that, but its the football season, and if Huddersfield are at home that day, there might be even more idiots about lol! Its rare to actually get my birthday off (its an extra holiday entitlement at work) as it normally clashes with the Cheltenham Race Festival, but this year it doesnt. Valentines dinner date tomorrow, dont make me laugh!

Ah, the video. Well, what could be more apt for tomorrow than this? Yes, this might be the last for a few days, as I’m back to work tomorrow, unless something amazing happens at least. I did think of using the Killers cover version, but hey, the original video is just so good. So, who are the perfect couple for tomorrow? Might just be these two.

Lol, those who get an email when I blog will get an extra edition tonight, free of charge. I had a blonde moment, and posted it on here, instead of my other one. Will confuse them if they come here to read it though lol! The rest of you will just never know! πŸ˜‰

The only beau I get is a rainbow

And lets face it, there arent too many of them around at this time of year, you need sunshine for that. Well, and rain instead of snow, but anyway…

Yes, two days from now, its Valentines Day again. Someone at work is threatening that he’s getting me a card, but I’ll wait and see on that, especially as he’s not working that day, but at least the thought is there. Of course, for all those of you with email, and how are you here without it, you could always slip the old lady an e-card, and make her day. No, no breath will be held, especially as this tease didnt work last year anyway.

And the only gift I’ve got on the day, is an hour and a half of overtime, couldnt see the point in saying no, as I’m not being wined and dined by anyone, thats for sure. Oh, and lets face it, I wont be suitably dressed on Thursday now, unless someone wants to surprise (read amaze) me in advance that is. Can you imagine the reaction at work if I turned in, dressed to the nines for a Valentines Day Meal lol! No, you’re right, no one is that crazy!

Yes, I know, me working overtime, bit of a shock isnt it? Ah, there is method in my complete madness, overtime in February gets paid at the end of March, nicely in time for my holiday in April. No, the little bit I do wont make a lot of difference, but it all helps. Off to Rochester, not the one in Kent I lived near for 21 years, the one in New York. Lets just say that one I want to go to, one I never want to return to, no prizes for working out which is which under the circumstances. Was last in the NY one 25 years ago, and I suspect its changed. No, I wont be sure, beyond standing by the lake, I dont remember a thing of the place in all honesty, so it will seem like new at least. Hard to believe its only 10 weeks till I’ll be there, in all honesty.

Ah, the video. I’m not sure if that was how it was planned, but I see this as the perfect cynical reaction to Valentines Day for someone like me.

All you need is love!

And if anyone thinks thats the video, you’re wrong! πŸ˜›Β  Equally, if anyone thinks I’m looking for more than a loving hug, wrong again. Well alright, chocolate, a meal, or even a coffee might be nice, but definitely no commitment, sorry about that.

Well actually, a Valentine card would be nice, havent had one in years, and certainly never had one since I came out (horrible term) as Transgender, that is for sure. So, if someone out there wants to make this girl’s day…No, not expecting any e-cards tomorrow all the same, lol!

Actually Transgender sexuality is a strange thing, everyone assumes that a Transgender woman would want a male partner, and I suspect most do. Me, if I was interested in sex (and to repeat, I’m not), I’d probably technically be a lesbian. But all the ‘Tranny admirers’ (another horrible term) seem to be men! The ones that intrigue me the most are the ones who claim to be straight, but fancy pre-op trans girls, or even TV’s, or Crossdressers! Sorry to break this to you guys, but you’re at least bisexual in that case!

No, I dont want a long term relationship, as I’ve said before, I’d be hell to live with after this many years of independence anyway. But being treated, as a woman, even just once,Β yes, that would be fun.

Alright, the video, probably sums me up perfectly! And hey, Doris Day is in the video, even if she isnt singing on it. For the lovers out there, have a wonderful day tomorrow, just think of singletons like me at some point during the day though. Or maybe, just give me a shock in the morning when I open my email box