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Oh (North) Carolina

OK, Politics, and Transgender issues, great companions. I know, but on a night when I’m lacking for great ideas…

In March this year, North Carolina made the political news for all the wrong reasons, at least in a LGBT sense, but yes, mainly transgender. Yes, you remember it, the dreaded Bathroom Bill, officially known as HB2 in that state. Basically the one where transgender folk had to use the bathroom in public that related to the gender they were born in, not the one they are living as, or have surgically changed to.

To say it went down like a lead balloon with most people, including a good number of those living in the state, would be to put it mildly. Numerous pop concerts, plenty of potential employers, and their jobs, and sporting events all got cancelled, and/or moved out of the state.

Anyway, the Governor said he had all the support he needed, though many felt otherwise, and said that he should wait for the election in November before claiming that. To be honest, I did wonder whether the vast majority of folk in the state would actually vote against a Republican, even with this, but seemingly they have.

Only one little snag, 3 weeks after the election, and he hasnt yet accepted defeat! Yes, he lost, by at least 9,000 votes! North Carolina, I’m proud of you! But yes, as I say, he’s so full of himself, he cant accept he actually lost! Yes, the Republican’s took the election by storm, and he still lost!

Yes, hopefully one day soon, he will accept his demise, though I’m not holding my breath at present, let the new Governor take control, and get rid of this ghastly bill. It may not get North Carolina back the concerts, and sporting events, and conferences they’ve lost, but it may stop them losing even more!

No, you’re right, I have no plans to fly through Charlotte until they do, though to be fair, that seems unlikely at present, anyway.

Right, video time. A song from the 90’s, quite modern for me. Suitable title, even if its not about the state of that name.