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I dont like football, oh no…

I hate it, oh yeah!

Why is it, that just because I work in a sports related industry (betting side), that everyone assumes I like football, or in case of any American readers here, soccer?

I do like some sports, cricket as might have already been noted is my main love, but horse racing, golf, snooker and one or two others can also attract my interest. But soccer, most definitely not!

I think at least part of this is the seeming attitude of the players, the vast majority of Premier League players over here (and lets face it, they are the ones who get press time) seem arrogant, greedy, and their only interest in ‘ordinary people’ is getting them through the gates, to pay their over inflated wages!

And yes, it is principally the fuss over one greedy player at the moment who has brought this on, someone called Modric who wants to jump ship at Tottenham, simply because Chelsea are offering him huge sums of money just to kick a ball about. Just last year he signed a long term contract at Tottenham, when no one else wanted him, and was grateful for it. But now he is a so called star (over-hyped, no doubt) he wants to move on, without even a word of gratitude, in fact just the opposite as I can see it.

I know, times have changed since I was young, but back then players were proud to play for their team, now all they want to play for is the money, and how much signing on fee they can get by changing clubs whenever the wind changes. Personally, I’d like to see them do a proper days work, but most wouldnt survive, and thats assuming they have the intelligence for the job in the first place!

Though if one of Roman and co want to pay for me to undergo the best SRS available, well I might be slightly more polite about their sport.

Alright, rant over now, you can come out again and read lol!