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On leaving Yorkshire

When I was young, back in the 60’s and 70’s, we Yorkshire folk used to have a joke about going over to the dark side, long before Star Wars came up with the term. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it meant we were crossing over into Lancashire lol! In fact, given that when visiting, the natural route south from the Haworth end was to head to the M6, rather than the M1, I did it quite often!

In those days, it was a different journey to today, when you’d pretty much just cross the Pennines on the M62, and leave it at that. There were sections of it at the beginning of the 70’s, but even then, it was just as easy to loop round under Manchester, through all the mill towns, and before that, that was your only option! Yes, not only does the M62 now make it a relative stroll, the mills are pretty much all gone as well, and definitely have as mills at least. Mind, all their pollution has gone with it, so…we have car pollution instead lol!

Well yes, I’m crossing over to the dark side tomorrow, though nowadays its called Greater Manchester, one of those metropolitan districts created in the middle of the 70’s. But to us Yorkshire folk, its still seen as Lancashire! I guess they are one up on us, they have an international airport, we dont! And yes, thats why I’m crossing over the Pennines tomorrow, or more strictly, going under them, through the train tunnel.

So yes, this is the last letter from Yorkshire for a while, it might be the last from England, but watch this space on that. Only tasks left for tomorrow is to pack, and get my hair cut, if I have time, everything else (I think) is done.

So, to the video. No, I dont expect to hear this announcement at Manchester Airport on Saturday, well, the full version at least. But given my love of OMD, I’m going for a new track, one it wont take you long to listen to,

Beyond Yorkshire

I’m told there are rumours of life beyond the Yorkshire boundaries, will have to find out if its true or not? Yes, I am joking btw! Though if you talked to some people, you might believe otherwise. As for their feelings when Lancashire won the cricket county championship yesterday, I dread to think lol!

Time permitting, I intend to keep this blog going while away in Boston, but absolutely no promises are made, so if it goes quiet (or quietish)¬†here over the next week or so, you know why. I’m just the type of person who would rather you knew, rather than just have you¬†wondering where I’d gone.

Irish cricket has the last 2 games of the season early next week against Canada, and given the new qualifying rules for the 2015 World Cup, it adds more importance to victories that should be achieved by the full team. Not that the IC Cup team did too badly this week lol! Other than that, Ireland play Australia in the rugby world cup tomorrow, and I’m not expecting an Irish victory there somehow.

Beyond that, not much to say, other than wishing my readers a good weekend, and speak to you again soon.