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Some currencies are stronger than others!

Unsurprisingly, given that I’ve spent the last 12 years working in them, most of my job applications have been for work in call centres. Regardless of my desire to do something new, the likelihood of my CV being most closely scrutinised by potential employers, is in the area where my recent career stands up, and jumps out at them.

I did, a while back apply for a position as a receptionist, the duties of which I’m more than capable of doing, but got no further than an initial interview. Yes, fine, the fact that he was really looking for a PA, set me, at my age, at a disadvantage, but anyway…

So in that sense, yesterday saw something new, I had an interview for a retail position, with one of these companies that sells foreign currency to the general public, in many forms. Yes, it used to be cash, and travellers cheques, but the latter, like ordinary cheques seem to have almost disappeared. Nowadays, pre paid credit cards, in foreign currencies seem to have taken their place, and much easier they are too!

Yes, its an area that a regular traveller abroad knows well, and one I’d enjoy working in. Fine, I havent done any retail work for 14 years, but I suspect its like riding a bike, and besides, I’ve been dealing with the public in the interim, just over the phone!

Mostly its going to be a few principal currencies that I’ll be dealing with, but I’m sure you’ll get the odd different one from time to time. Mind, a few currencies I’ve bought in my time no longer exist, those countries now in the Euro zone. Yes, about half the Euro countries, I purchased their old national one at some point.

But the one currency that amused me today, is nowhere near Europe. Its that long running political, and financial mess, Zimbabwe. Apparently they are giving up on the national currency, and going over to the US Dollar. The exchange rate? 35 Quadrillion (that’s 35, followed by 15 zeros!) Zimbabwe dollars, to the US Dollar!!! Thats how worthless their current currency is. Even if they werent dropping it, I would think its fair to say, not many get exchanged for sterling!

As always, we will see, but it will certainly be an interesting role, if I get it.

The video about sums up the Zimbabwe currency, soon to be no more