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Monday, Monday, not just another day

OK, so I guess people want to know how it went? Fine, fine…

Mundane stuff first. No, I avoided the high heels, which my knees appreciated. I did wear heels though, just low block type heels, much easier to walk in, and more comfortable to wear. Having said that, my knees were still grumbling a little by the end of the day, but less than they would have done had I gone with the high heels.

Now, I’ve done a job interview in a dress before, but that was a short hop to Leeds, not all day to go down to London and back. But yes, it was fine, it was fun, and I loved every minute of it. Black, traditional, I know, but its what they seem to expect, so…

To be honest, both train journeys went fine, not a lot to report. Most fun moment of the journey down, was Starbucks, at Leeds. As you may, or may not know, when they’re busy, they ask for a name, to put on the paper (or whatever it is) cup, to make sure you get the right one. They were, and asked my name. Cool as a cucumber, I replied ‘Harlow’, always wanted to do that. Good job they didnt want a first name lol! What? Jean? Oh absolutely!

As I said, everything went fine, so I ended up at Paddington with 30 minutes or so to spare. So another coffee, pre interview, again purchased by Ms Harlow. That is just so much fun!

Then to the interview, all seemed to go pretty well, I must say. Looked good, felt good, answered well, and all that.

Then back to Kings Cross, and…because I was trying to save money, by buying advance tickets, I had to commit to a certain train. So, I allowed plenty of time, and…I ended up getting back to Kings Cross nearly an hour before my train was leaving! So fine, lunch.

I did live in London for a couple of years (03-05), and knew the place was more expensive than the rest of the country, but seriously…anyway, I paid up, had a toasted sandwich, and coffee, before heading off for my train.

Platform 2, they said, and lo and behold, there was my reserved seat waiting for me. Only thing is, about a minute later, we are being redirected to Platform 3, and no reserved seats! Thankfully, all was fine, train wasnt too busy, so…arrived back at Wakefield on time, train to Huddersfield on time, and all that.

Oh, I heard last night, by email. Again (seems a popular call of late) I did really well, but only ended up as the bridesmaid, not the bride. Ah well, there’s always Plan B, or C, or whatever lol!

The video, sums up the end result of the interview, I’m afraid

Those David and Goliath Moments

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a football (soccer) fan in the slightest. But every so often, something comes along that amuses me, and this weekend has provided plenty of those moments.

Yes, that wonderful English tournament, when David gets to come up against Goliath, and try and give them a surprise. Well, this weekend, its been a bit more than surprises.

It actually started off last night (TV, and sport timings, ah well…) with the minnows of Cambridge, taking on the might of Man United. If you havent heard (and I have no idea how you havent), the game ended as a draw, and in all honesty, from reports, Cambridge deserved to win.
To say the Man United manager blamed everyone, but himself, and his team, would be putting it mildly. Bad loser syndrome, and all that.

A fellow workmate (passionate Cambridge supporter) enjoyed that no end, and I gather he plans to go to the replay.

On to today.

Liverpool only drew, at home with Bolton, and get to live again, the week after next.

But, for 4 of the top teams in the Premier League…oh dear!

To be fair to Tottenham, and Southampton, they were playing other Premier League teams, but they were at home, the opponents were well below them in the league, so all in all…

Then we come to the 2 that amuse me the most, the top 2 teams in the league, at home to lower league opposition.

Firstly, Man City hosted Middlesboro (a league below them), and lost 2-0. At least their manager was gracious enough to admit that once their opponents scored, they deserved the win.

But lastly, but very much not least, for a Yorkshire lass, Chelsea hosted Bradford City (2 leagues below them). To cut a long story short, Chelsea led 2-0, and seemed to be cruising…to defeat! Yes, Bradford came back, away from home, to win 4-2! Truly amazing stuff, and as someone born in the Bradford council boundaries, I’m thrilled.

The Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho may have justifiably called his teams performance a disgrace. I have no idea, havent seen any of it. But what seemingly he did do, was go into the celebrating Bradford dressing room, and congratulate each player personally, a lovely touch.

And for those with long memories, of the Bradford City fire back in the 80’s, you would understand that the club has a special relationship with the local burns unit at the hospital. Chelsea FC gave them £25K towards that cause!

But no, despite these 2 wonderful gestures, I’m still thrilled that Bradford beat them.

An Abba tribute to all those big names, no longer in the FA Cup

Life can get crazy at times!

Yes, I am back! Sorry, but the last 10 days or so have been a bit crazy (to put it mildly), and I really havent felt in the right state of mind to post things, for various reasons. Hey, I’m not sure I am now, but lets give it a whirl.

Firstly, the body work job! Yes, that worked wonderfully, really, really pleased with it, though I must admit, it was a few days before my lips recovered, even after the rest of the body looked fine. But everything is great now, in that sense, and as promised, I will post a photo at some point, just havent got any at the moment that I can use, so… But yes, the whole thing made me realise maybe how physically frail I am, as on top of the bug, the whole thing just knocked me over completely. Lets just say I slept well, and leave it at that.

There had been rumours at work of changes being made in staffing, most of which didnt sound good to me. So, when I got an email late Tuesday evening, asking me to ring one of the bosses, I had an inkling, I didnt want to know. Due to my lack of mobile phone, and a lengthy delay on the train, care of Cross Country (over an hour, compensation requested, though nothing heard yet on that front), it was actually about 4.45 on Wednesday before I heard the news, that my section of the department would soon be no more. Various options available, so on to Plan B, more of which later.

Yes, that bug, virus or whatever it was, combined with everything else, has still been laying me low, until the last couple of days. Even now, the cough isnt entirely gone, just better, but…

But as I say, Plan B. A job had caught my eye anyway, that was just the push needed to really do something about it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had a phone interview on Sunday morning, and I’ve got a ‘proper’ interview in London, on Monday. Would be quite something if I can get that, and get the redundancy money from my current job, but these sort of things dont usually happen for me, so…lets wait and see.

Looks like the black dress will be coming out again, though I’m not sure if I can face wearing heels all the way to London and back. Might take them with me, might just wear my wedge heels (no balance issues), or I might go mad! Suspect the first option is the most likely one.

Apart from all that, the only other big event was Nicole’s birthday, also on Sunday. Dinner out etc, had a wonderful time.

And really, thats it, or the edited version of it, anyway. As you can see, its been a bit crazy, a bit tiring on the middle aged body, but finally, I’ve appeared again.

The video, not the greatest Abba song of all time, but it seemed apt.

Due to work shifts, and things, its quite possible it will be next Wednesday before I write again. My only day off in that period is Monday, and well, I’ve got an interesting trip to make then!

Oh, I forgot, the wonders of online shopping, and the like. Due to the snow today, I didnt get out as planned. Therefore I thought I’d get my railway ticket online, using my pre paid card, once topped up. Only thing is, it didnt work! Got an error message on the East Coast website when I went to buy, but the system has taken the money off the card, but no tickets! Seemingly, it will be about 7 days before this corrects itself. So in the meantime, I’ve got to pay again for the railway ticket, and then I’ll have money on the card that I dont need! Aargh!

Lay back, and deliver

Well, alright, fine, its a play on the video title, but given that I wont be doing so much standing the next day, more laid back being turned into a beautiful Harlow swan, it seems more apt!

Yes, tomorrow is the big day, when I travel down south, and come back looking a lot more made up (not hard), and all designed to help create the whole Harlow look. And produce the beautiful, stunning me. Oh fine, a much better looking me, but anyway…who knows? 😉

Yes, I’m really looking forward to it, though beyond a few brow pictures, I have little idea of what I’m letting myself in for. But I’m sure it will be quite something. And yes, I will provide pictures of Jean, sorry, the new me, later this week, possibly Wednesday, more likely Thursday.

And thats it! Sorry, but I have to be up reasonably early in the morning, so need to get to bed soon. But given my ill health of late (nearly better now), there isnt much else to say anyway.

Oh, the video. A man who used to wear make up, created an amazing sound, of whom it was said could do nothing outside of the music, and video studios. This live performance proves that wrong, though the music holds up slightly better than the vocals. But even so, pretty good

What we need, is a great big melting pot

Yes, a few brief comments on the awful news from Paris today. I’ve never really been one for buying satirical magazines, but I might have watched much satire on TV, over the years. From the early days as a child (when I probably didnt have a clue what they were on about) of That Was The Week That Was (or TW3 to its friends), right through to Mock The Week, they are the sort of biting comedy that appeals to me.

But no, I never really got into Private Eye, or anything like that, I suppose I was always more of a TV addict, I guess?

Equally, despite my Irish ancestry (and my father was from Catholic stock, my mother from Protestant), I’ve never been a big one for religious attitudes, as to the less than peaceful side of things at least. And yes, I did get to Northern Ireland during the troubles, too. But I gather that some get far too fanatical about these matters, especially when combined together.

And look what it produces, 12 people tragically dead, and I suspect more to follow, when they catch up with the people who carried out this atrocity. So yes, as you might have gathered, I’m not a religious extremist of any shade. But I’ve met a few, some Christian, some of other beliefs, and, lets just say, they wont be Facebook friends!

Of those I’ve met, the most ironic has to be the Baptist preacher in Seattle, whose service I was invited to on a Sunday. There he was preaching, pretty homophobic stuff (maybe, I’m being diplomatic there?), and yet, after the service, being as nice as pie to me, and offering to help me to find work if I wanted to stay there. No, as you have worked out, he didnt know I was trans, or anything else. I suspect I might have got a slightly different reaction if he had lol!

But as I say, I’ve met some, err, interesting folk of other religions too, for whom I would have equally little time in life now.

So yes, what I am saying, is give peace a chance…I wish! But I just wish we could all get along together, and even if we cant get to agree on everything, not feel the need to take countless lives, for our beliefs.

No, I dont expect things to change for the better, but I can hope.

The video pick also has a certain irony to it. In the sense that most of the PC brigade would have a fit about it now, even if it is suggesting racial harmony, and the like, something I’m not sure we had entirely back in 1969!

2015 – The will happens, the maybes, and just the ‘seriously’?

So yes, Happy New Year, and all that jazz.

The working year for 2015 starts tomorrow, with, err, a 12 hour day! Ah well, can only get better from there lol?

So, at this point in 2015, I know some things that will happen, some that will probably happen, and some that might, though I wouldnt necessarily put good money on it.

Fine, lets start with the secure, will happen stuff.

11 days from now, unless we get several feet of snow, I will be heading down south, and by the time I come back 2 days later, I should look even more like Jean Harlow. Yes, the ‘unable to do make up’ problem is being taken out of my hands, by a wonderful friend, and ex workmate, by giving me the permanent make up job of my dreams. As far as the eyes go, brows (though not those hideous ones Jean had in the mid/late 30’s), liner, and temporarily at least, lashes, should give me a real Harlow look. Not stopping there, as the lips will end up with a cute Harlow bow look too. Oh, and a beauty spot. Yes, a beauty spot, though unlike Jean, mine will stay in one place, almost certainly on a cheek.

Fine, I’m going to have to quickly learn how to apply foundation, but as thats slightly less of an art form, hopefully I’ll get there. I know, famous last words, but…Might even go mad, try and put blusher on the cheeks too!

Who knows, if the men swoon, and start asking me for dates, what might develop from there? More on that, in the last group for now. Of course, the whole new look might start me looking for men, instead of letting them chase me, and then, who knows!

The other main definite I know of at present, the Hollywood trip in April, which really will be something. Yes, there are a few stars on the walk of fame I want to see, as well as Jean’s! Sadly, Louise Brooks lacks for one, because of not bowing to Hollywood desires, but anyway…The one slight disappointment for me, is that I can get to Forest Hills, where Jean (and a few others, Bow amongst them) are buried, but her crypt is not in one of the public areas, so how close I can get, no idea? But I’ll try to see one of her old homes at least, all things permitting. Meet her ghost (allegedly she shows from time to time), that would be something, but unlikely.

I plan to add Dodger Stadium to my collection of visited baseball parks, all things permitting while there.

One other thing really needs to happen (so will), and thats a new pair of glasses. I’m 14 months overdue in doing it anyway, and the anti glare on my current pair is pretty blurred, so all in all…I’m hoping that one of the ‘big name’ opticians over here has got some 30’s looks glasses in their collection, but that might be pushing optimism too far.

OK, to the probables.

September will see a return trip to the US, just a matter of where, which is why its only in the probables. Depends entirely on how my body reacts to a long trip to LA, as to how far I want to fly in September. Well, it will either be Boise, Idaho, to a friend I’m looking forward to meeting for the first time (though I spoke to him in September), or if the body complains, it will be to meet up with Kate in New England, heading mainly to the north of the region, not a part I have really seen much of.

Quite likely, given there are no major sporting events this summer, if it works out, I will have a few days in Ireland, taking in some cricket. Just depends, because there are a lot of expensive ‘musts’ this year, so I will have to see how affordable that is. But ideally, it will happen.

Fine, the less likely, but might happen.

As my regular readers know, just before Christmas, Nicole took the big step, had the op, and became a woman. Shortly after she got back from holidays, it was being suggested that I should at least apply to go on hormones, either by battling again with the NHS, or going privately, a lot less hassle, but a bit more expense. I’m told (at this time at least) that there is no pressure to go down the full op route, but I know with me, once I get started, I will almost certainly want to finish it.

Fine, people older than me do it, but lets face it, their physical state might be a bit stronger than mine. And yes, age does come into it for me too. But equally, I have this suspicion (dont really tell them I wrote this) that if the Harlow look attracts any romantic interest, or feels really great, I’m going to want to go down that road anyway! No, Nicole, and Denise, you didnt read that, just read on, and ignore! 😛 Equally, if the men just continue to ignore my charms, I might just stick with the current figure, current cleavage, and roll with that. We will see, but I wouldnt put large sums of money on that happening!

Of course, as some will know, the irony is, pre op, you have to live full time as a woman for 2 years, I’ve been doing so for nearly 5 already! So thats not the challenge, its the condition of my body, my view on the age thing, and…I suspect how I look and feel, post Jean Harlow transformation even further.

Oh, and the highly unlikely.

A new job? And no, I dont mean the Jean Harlow lookalike role in Hollywood that doesnt exist anyway! Probably not, but once I have the make up, look smart, and everything else, well, it might be fun, but 56 year olds, and new jobs dont really go together, do they, in the modern world? Lets face it, its only going to be another call centre (could do data input, but convincing an employer that I would be a better bet than a younger person, already doing that work), so is it better the devil you know?

OK, the video, Jean gets a mention in the first line (hair), but one of the big changes will be to how my eyes look, so I went for this.

Have a good 2015, readers