Those David and Goliath Moments

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a football (soccer) fan in the slightest. But every so often, something comes along that amuses me, and this weekend has provided plenty of those moments.

Yes, that wonderful English tournament, when David gets to come up against Goliath, and try and give them a surprise. Well, this weekend, its been a bit more than surprises.

It actually started off last night (TV, and sport timings, ah well…) with the minnows of Cambridge, taking on the might of Man United. If you havent heard (and I have no idea how you havent), the game ended as a draw, and in all honesty, from reports, Cambridge deserved to win.
To say the Man United manager blamed everyone, but himself, and his team, would be putting it mildly. Bad loser syndrome, and all that.

A fellow workmate (passionate Cambridge supporter) enjoyed that no end, and I gather he plans to go to the replay.

On to today.

Liverpool only drew, at home with Bolton, and get to live again, the week after next.

But, for 4 of the top teams in the Premier League…oh dear!

To be fair to Tottenham, and Southampton, they were playing other Premier League teams, but they were at home, the opponents were well below them in the league, so all in all…

Then we come to the 2 that amuse me the most, the top 2 teams in the league, at home to lower league opposition.

Firstly, Man City hosted Middlesboro (a league below them), and lost 2-0. At least their manager was gracious enough to admit that once their opponents scored, they deserved the win.

But lastly, but very much not least, for a Yorkshire lass, Chelsea hosted Bradford City (2 leagues below them). To cut a long story short, Chelsea led 2-0, and seemed to be cruising…to defeat! Yes, Bradford came back, away from home, to win 4-2! Truly amazing stuff, and as someone born in the Bradford council boundaries, I’m thrilled.

The Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho may have justifiably called his teams performance a disgrace. I have no idea, havent seen any of it. But what seemingly he did do, was go into the celebrating Bradford dressing room, and congratulate each player personally, a lovely touch.

And for those with long memories, of the Bradford City fire back in the 80’s, you would understand that the club has a special relationship with the local burns unit at the hospital. Chelsea FC gave them £25K towards that cause!

But no, despite these 2 wonderful gestures, I’m still thrilled that Bradford beat them.

An Abba tribute to all those big names, no longer in the FA Cup

2 responses

  1. I’m a Man City fan-but I like the song too 🙂


  2. Glad there was something there for you with that at least


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