Monday, Monday, not just another day

OK, so I guess people want to know how it went? Fine, fine…

Mundane stuff first. No, I avoided the high heels, which my knees appreciated. I did wear heels though, just low block type heels, much easier to walk in, and more comfortable to wear. Having said that, my knees were still grumbling a little by the end of the day, but less than they would have done had I gone with the high heels.

Now, I’ve done a job interview in a dress before, but that was a short hop to Leeds, not all day to go down to London and back. But yes, it was fine, it was fun, and I loved every minute of it. Black, traditional, I know, but its what they seem to expect, so…

To be honest, both train journeys went fine, not a lot to report. Most fun moment of the journey down, was Starbucks, at Leeds. As you may, or may not know, when they’re busy, they ask for a name, to put on the paper (or whatever it is) cup, to make sure you get the right one. They were, and asked my name. Cool as a cucumber, I replied ‘Harlow’, always wanted to do that. Good job they didnt want a first name lol! What? Jean? Oh absolutely!

As I said, everything went fine, so I ended up at Paddington with 30 minutes or so to spare. So another coffee, pre interview, again purchased by Ms Harlow. That is just so much fun!

Then to the interview, all seemed to go pretty well, I must say. Looked good, felt good, answered well, and all that.

Then back to Kings Cross, and…because I was trying to save money, by buying advance tickets, I had to commit to a certain train. So, I allowed plenty of time, and…I ended up getting back to Kings Cross nearly an hour before my train was leaving! So fine, lunch.

I did live in London for a couple of years (03-05), and knew the place was more expensive than the rest of the country, but seriously…anyway, I paid up, had a toasted sandwich, and coffee, before heading off for my train.

Platform 2, they said, and lo and behold, there was my reserved seat waiting for me. Only thing is, about a minute later, we are being redirected to Platform 3, and no reserved seats! Thankfully, all was fine, train wasnt too busy, so…arrived back at Wakefield on time, train to Huddersfield on time, and all that.

Oh, I heard last night, by email. Again (seems a popular call of late) I did really well, but only ended up as the bridesmaid, not the bride. Ah well, there’s always Plan B, or C, or whatever lol!

The video, sums up the end result of the interview, I’m afraid

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