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Rainy Days and Mondays

Yes, absolutely no prizes for working out the video tonight lol! 😛

Equally, apologies if you were looking for something meaningful after almost a week away, but sadly no, maybe next time? So yes, the snow is gone, but currently we’ve got about as much rain falling here, as there is in Lake Windermere! Alright, slight exaggeration, but it feels that way at least. I had to go out tonight to the podiatrist (miracle foot worker, for those who dont know), and found out just how wet it was out there. Seriously, there was one of these path crossings between pavements, and it was like a lake. I know how it must feel for a horse jumping a water jump now lol! Yes, its mild, but seriously, a scuba suit would be the most suitable clothing item to wear out around here at present, though I’m not sure if the breathing gear is actually needed lol! But…

Beyond that, its been a funny sort of day. I seem to have done a lot, without really having much to show for it. Well alright, I have a pair of feet in better condition than they were a few hours ago, and I have the hotel in Rochester booked and paid for, for April, but otherwise…Where did my day off go? And yes, its funny how apt the first few lines of lyrics here are as well! Yes, in less than 7 weeks, I will be 55, eek! And what have I really done with my life? Ah well… And as for talking to myself, yes, plenty of times lol! Sometimes I even get sense when I do that!

Next week is going to be a weird one, I’m only working 4 days. Before anyone says anything, I’m doing my full hours over 4 days! Yes, I’m soft, helping out work again. The extra day off might be nice, but the 4 days I’m working are going to be tough. Does mean you might get an extra blog, or I might just take a days sleep, to make up for things. No, unlikely, given I’ve got 1 long appointment on Tuesday, and really ought to get my hair cut at least, probably coloured again too, given I should have the time. Sadly, as they tend to shut on Mondays, and thats one of my days off, it doesnt help!

Right, enough rambling waffle for now, got another blog to do, and a couple more things that I’d like to get done before bed, so…lets cut to the video. Yes, its the obvious one, and yes, I wish I could sing like Karen Carpenter, and indeed look like she does here, but I fail on both counts. So, please enjoy…

I know I’m not a football fan, but…

Even so, it would be wrong of me, as a Yorkshire lass, not to mention the culmination of a certain football event last night. Yes, incredibly, Bradford City of League 2 are in the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley next month, after knocking yet another Premier League team out last night, Aston Villa. Apparently they have now beaten more top flight teams this year than one team in the Premier League, crazy or what?

No, I didnt watch it, credit me with some taste, I cant stand football! Well, actually, in the dim distant past, I have been to games at Valley Parade, but that was when relatives, and indeed myself, thought I was male, and therefore should do ‘men things’ like going to football matches. And being that my original roots were Haworth, they were the local team, so it was them I was taken to see. No, I dont remember anything of those early games, all I know is the ground has changed considerably since then.

Of course, one of the big reasons for that, was the tragic fire that engulfed the ground in May 1985, and the loss of 56 lives. It was meant to be a day of celebration, it turned into a day of tragedy. I was hundreds of miles away, working in Somerset at the time, but I knew people who were at the ground that day, thankfully they all survived. Given these were the days before TV’s were allowed in betting shops, the details I got at the time were hazy, but I was able to catch up on events on the news later. The other big change was when stadiums became all seater, and it has to be said, it was strange sitting in a stand, where I used to stand and watch them play when young.

By the time I moved back up to Yorkshire in 2005, I was all but officially female. I knew by then, just a way from finalising things in any way, but football was not a girl thing, and I had no great interest anymore. I did go once more, soon after that, but that was it, I’ve never been in the stadium since, and now I dont even bother to watch football at all, unless I really have to at work lol! Alright, at home, I watched the penalty shoot out against Arsenal, but only because it got mentioned on Facebook, which I looked at, at the right time, but that really is it. Will I watch the cup final? Only if I’m at work I suspect lol! You never know, if they win it, you might get another football posting out of me yet lol!

Right, the video. Well I tried pot luck, typing Bradford City in the search thing at You Tube, and it came up with this. I wouldnt blame you for not listening, but the option is there if you desire.

Oh, and somewhere, I’ve got a very old style Bradford City shirt, probably from the turn of this century, or thereabouts. I guess on February 24th, it might get worn again, but probably not!

Kissing the machine

As I mentioned just over a year ago, I have a fascination with all things robot, and what it would be like to be transformed into one. As I also mentioned back then, the fantasy, and facing the practical reality of it about to happen to me are probably two totally different matters! Well, maybe at least? 😉 Its probably not helped nowadays by the fact that I work with a computer all day at work, though currently I control it, not the other way around, and as far as I know, the headset has no effect on my mind either! Apart from anything else, the way its designed, it slips off my head far too easily when I’m looking up and down from paperwork for that to be likely anyway lol! Personally, I’d prefer a headset that would stay on my head better, a skullcap type headset, and not just for the robot thing, it would be easier if I wasnt having to wonder about whether it was going to stay on my head or not! I suppose it could be done, redesigning a cycle helmet or something? Cant see work doing it though, I’d be the only one who wanted one like that anyway lol!

But yes, if any designer (or someone who knows a designer) could come up with something like that, I would appreciate it. Having it so that it could control my mind in any way is purely optional extra lol! Having a headset that stayed on my head would be a good start! No, I dont need a silver bodysuit to wear at work, though agreed, especially with said headset, it might be fun doing so! Might make going out to get lunch a bit tricky though lol! It also would make a certain bodily function quite complex too, unless the suit has very robotic effects! Whether management would prefer obedient, robotic workers, no comment whatsoever! Might make training for new roles easier, just download it into our minds lol!

I suppose one day I might get hypnotised, and experience what life as a robot is like, but suspect thats as far as it will ever get. I might get roleplay for robotisation, or brainwashing, something that might be interesting to experience, more so if the person doing so made it feel very real of course. If anyone wants to offer to help with either, or again, knows someone who could help with either…?

Right, what bought all this on, you might ask? Well, about 10 years ago, some Canadian TV company was looking for people to discuss the whole robot thing, and I got involved. I assume they were either in the UK for something else, or used a local company or something, rather than flying across the Atlantic to see me, but who knows? Funny thing is, I never got to see the interview, or programme! No, I dont remember any details now, strangely enough, beyond the fact it was filmed in an exotic location, my bedroom in London! Just a few days ago, National Geographic were advertising for people to interview for a programme they are planning to make about the whole fembot scene. No, I wont be taking part, their location expenses mean they are only doing interviews in North America, so…Mind, I did say I wanted a more interesting location, but the situation wont arise now, and not just because of that!

Being honest, this is probably as exciting a revelation as you’re ever likely to get out of me on here. Well apart from those who dont realise I’m pre-op transgendered, but what havent you been reading if you didnt know that? Beyond this kink, I’m as dull as they get lol!

Right, the video, well again the clue is in the title, though not so many may know this song. Oh, and coincidence, a new version of this will be on the OMD album released in April, but more on that later. Lets just say that outfit, first seen worn by the woman at 46 seconds, might be fun! A Maria type Metropolis one (as also featured), even more so, but dont think thats as easily, or cheaply created!

If you want to kiss this ‘machine’, you need to make me a machine first lol!

That back to work time

Yes, in all but the literal sense, the holiday is over. Lets face it, I wouldnt be working at 9pm on a Sunday anyway, so, yes, right, done and dusted! Just a shame the weather has been so uninspiring this week, but it is January, so what can I really expect? But even so, its not been the loveliest weather, even for January.

Tomorrow I get to have the fun of getting to and from work, which probably wont be fun. To be fair, most of this week has seen the public transport not being too awful, but they’ve probably just been waiting for me, so they can fall apart lol! Other shame is that its an early start tomorrow, as the video will say, 6 o’clock already, aargh, that will be me in the morning! In fact the alarm will be set just before that, but anyway…

The funny thing is, what is there going to be going on? Hey, at the moment, even the all weather racing is being cancelled by the weather, so…Whether this means work is relatively sane, or you get idiotic requests for football in Division 6 of the Fiji league, I have no idea. Given the intelligence levels of our staff, and the desperateness of punters to spend money, nothing would surprise me on that front!

Clothing, definitely trousers and winter boots tomorrow, thats the safest bet I can offer you! Skirt and shoes, ask me about that when the temperature gets at least to the high 50’s lol! Anyone got a coat with a heating coil inside it? So yes, the blog rate will return to a quieter level again after today.

So given its work, and knowing my luck, chaos on the trains, what could be more apt than

The leather look

Yes, that skirt I paid a ‘fortune’ for on Monday, genuine leather! Cannot believe I only paid £4.50 for a long leather skirt, just proves how wonderful charity shops can be at times. And equally yes, I wore it tonight, playing the role of the leather babe perfectly! Seriously, I knew leather wasnt a light clothing option, but I had forgotten just how heavy it is to wear. Lovely feel though, all the same! 😉 Also wore the gold shoes, surprised just how easy it was walking in heels, especially given all the snow and stuff about at present. Outfit completed by a gorgeous gold top I picked up in a charity shop in Dewsbury yesterday, certainly all combined to make me feel good, thats for sure. I might well have worn a dress again, had the weather been better, but never mind, there’s always the next time!

Yes, it was a lovely meal, expected nothing else really, we’ve found a good place to go, so why break the formula? It wasnt busy, certainly not for a Friday night, but that might have been something to do with the weather lol! Good company too, what more could I ask? Oh, alright, decent weather when I’m off work, but ah well…what do I expect in January lol?

Nicole (also transitioning, her birthday) asked me if I would consider going to Leeds NHS again, make things formal as such, and I pretty much said no. I looked at myself, looked at her, and as I said, beyond the removal of one thing, what could they do for me? Yes, I might get hormones, but my body seems to be doing a pretty good job of that on its own. I might also eventually get rid of one thing that annoys me, but beyond that…But if their previous pedanticness is anything to go by, all this time I’ve already lived as a woman wouldnt count with them, crazy or what?

As I jokingly said, if I could go in on my terms, in other words, let them do the blood tests (I’d actually love to know my hormone levels, estrogen especially) if they so desire, but then just put me on hormones, arrange for my doctor to do any medical checks I might need, and then leave it at that. See you in 2 years, for the big op, and not before! But lets face it, they arent going to do that, and I cant be bothered to fight my way past them, when I’m already me, Ms Nicholls already. So no, unless they want to deal with me that way, I wont be bothering, and I certainly dont expect to hear otherwise from them either, mainly because I wont tell them.

Probably one more post before I’m back to work on Monday, but beyond a weather report, I’m not quite sure what it will be about at present, but I’ll come up with something, I’m sure. No, I dont expect to be wearing a skirt, and heels to work on Monday, but I’m sure I will when the weather improves! Would make a great posting, but I’m not freezing to death for the sake of my readers lol!

Right, the video, a more famous leather wearing lady than me!

Colours Of My Life

I guess many would say that nowadays they are pink (obvious) and rainbow (lgbt) lol. Oh my, havent things changed. And in all honesty, you dont even have to go back that far to notice the changes, less than a year in fact. To be honest, I had to check back on my blogs to prove to myself that I have only had ‘a decent cleavage’ for about a year! Nowadays, I couldnt imagine life without them to be honest. The other physical change I really notice, and this is purely natural, is where my waist has gone, and where did those hips appear from? And thats all just a natural hormonal change, though whether hypnosis played a part in convincing them to change, I have no idea?

But anyway, a snap of me at work at the start of last year, and now, might look a bit different lol, especially on the chest front. Hair, funnily enough is slightly shorter now than then, but thats because of the bob hairstyle, though thats getting back to neck length now, Brooksie would be ashamed of me, but even so, I’m not going that short, but probably ought to get it trimmed a bit all the same. Mind, her ghost would probably tell me I should go dark haired too, but I know at least one who has threatened to kill if I change from blonde, so…do wonder if I should get it coloured properly, rather than highlights, but I think thats where the changes will stop.

Clothing wise, oh my! A year ago I wouldnt have considered going out in anything more radical than womens trousers, but look at me now! Not just once have I worn a dress to a meal out, I’ve done it twice! And somehow I suspect, given there is another birthday dinner this weekend, I will probably be expected to do the same again! I was always planning to wear a skirt for that (as I did for Christmas Dinner), but I’m not sure if that will be enough now. If I do, it might be a different one, though ironically now I own a pair of gold heels…but 3 meals in a row, surely not the done thing, darlings lol? Oh yes, I’ve also worn a skirt to the theatre, a different skirt to work, and heels (wedge) on all those occasions, so…And yes, when the weather improves, I’ll certainly wear those 2 pairs of shoes to work, and skirts as well in all likelihood.

Attitude, well, I’ve always been a woman, darlings, just took a while to take it as far as I should have done years ago! So no, apart from being more forceful about the whole thing, no changes there, thats for sure. Funny thing is, I’m realising just how few people left at work ever knew me as a man! I have noticed I’m getting more annoyed if they do refer to me as he, and certainly I get annoyed, but tend to keep my mouth shut when others do it. I used to get by with it, but now…not so much!

Just makes me wonder where I will be when typing this up one year from now, doesnt it. No, I dont think it will be dresses for work, but thats more because no one wears a dress to work, than anything else I suspect! No major high heels either, but that is always going to be a physical issue with my knees as anything else. Would I otherwise, hmm…? About the one thing I can promise, I wont get pregnant! I might have an undeveloped womb, but I’m ‘through the change’ by now age wise besides. Also, that does require sexual intercourse, and I’m still not interested lol!

Right, the video. Its an old enough song that most may not know it, though this live version is a mere 20 years old, the song is nearer 50! Enjoy, I hope.

What will be, will be

And if you havent worked out the music video already, well, frankly I’m disappointed in you lol! Yes, it should be that obvious I feel.

No, it didnt snow overnight, or not as I could see, anyway. What it did do, is snow this morning. No, we dont look like Vermont, or the Rockies, but for a while there, it was white. And given it snowed most of the morning, I gave up on going to Manchester at an early point, expecting the total breakdown of public transport to follow soon after, even if I had fancied wandering around Manchester in the snow, and hmm, maybe not? 😉 Funny thing is, it never really got nasty, the buses and trains kept running, and eventually, it even stopped snowing!

So, determined to at least get out, and get some fresh air, I ventured out into Huddersfield, if only to see if there were any interesting snippets left from the sales, as an aside to getting said fresh air. My main plan had been to have a look around Manchester first, and if nothing took my eye there, but, anyway, best laid plans and all that… Clearly all the best stuff was gone, apart from one top that I considered in BHS, I didnt see a thing that really grabbed me at all. Mind, I do need inspiring when I dont really have a major need, and it wasnt working. Then, last stop before home, Bon Marche. For me, they’re a bit like Peacocks and Dorothy Perkins, nicer than Primark, but that little bit more pricy too. Yes, I know, better quality, but I’m a Yorkshire girl, with small pockets lol! But they had a sale on too, and alright, I boosted their economy lol! 3 Nice tops, 1 pair of trousers, and a nightdress later, I was helping the local economy! Then, finally heading back for the bus, I spotted a new (to me at least) charity shop in a little precinct, and I found a long leather(ish?) skirt to my liking, at a silly price, as charity shops do. Oh, and I found the shoes to match the gold dress, long after the event. Proper heels too, but definitely not high ones. They fitted, so…No, I dont know why either, given I have no idea when I will be wearing a dress again, but I couldnt resist.

So now, before I even get to Manchester (tomorrow, if its not dangerously icy by then), I have even less needs lol! But yes, still going, I might find more in the larger size stores over there, plus my knees need that Aqua Massager even more after today! As the song says, Que sera, sera…lol!

Snow is on its way, someone must be on holiday!

Yes, according to the weather forecast this morning, winter is about to strike over here. Snow, temperatures barely above freezing and all that. Yes, you’re right, I’m on holiday next week, perfect timing as per usual lol! It is related to another event happening here, combined with having a stack of time to take before the end of March, so…Anyone got an Eskimo suit? 😉

Unless it gets really bad (and knowing my luck, it will), I plan to do some travelling next week, so hopefully it wont be as bad as forecast. I’m planning on a trip across the Pennines (possibly snowy?) to Manchester, partly for a day out shopping, but mainly, it must be said to get in that Aqua Massager again, my knees are certainly screaming out for that, and I’m sure the back wont mind either. Beyond that, a trip on the Settle and Carlisle railway again, care of the reduced fare, and wouldnt mind a little snow for that, but not too much! One other trip probably, though no idea where at present, so feel free to tempt. If nothing else comes up, Doncaster might be the favourite.

What else to report? I’m not sure if I mentioned it, and I havent got time to go back through everything to check, so…if in doubt, post it now lol. At work we had an email around about making your dream come true, and I took a chance, and sent my piece in. Only asked for a photoshoot to be paid for, but doesnt sound like I was one of the lucky ones. Not that anyone told us the winners were announced, I only found out because of someone’s Facebook posting, says it all really! So still hoping on that too.

Ah, the video, what you and me could be next week, if we met in the street. Yes, I love the video, and this is one of those under the radar gems from Ultravox. And oh, local connection, Billy Currie is also from Huddersfield! I might even have met/seen him, dont really know what he looks like nowadays, a bit older than here, thats for sure!

Yes, I am still around

Yes, I know, its been a while since I posted anything here. I am still about, and active, though not necessarily in a literal sense. If you work on the basis that I generally post on my days off from work, you were probably expecting something Sunday, and it never happened. To be honest, I felt like death warmed up, and doing anything much, and certainly eating very much proved a challenge beyond my skills, so the blog was ignored.

I’m slightly better today, though far from at full strength, which is why you’re just getting an abbreviated apology tonight. To be honest, it wont be long after I finish this before I head to bed, and yes, I know its just gone 9.00, but I have no strength whatsoever. I’m just glad I was off today, and tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have a bit more life in me by Thursday, when I go back to work. Just ironic that the really bad weather hasnt even started yet, and I’m struggling with my nose, and chest again.

So yes, I started feeling guilty that I wasnt going to post again tonight, so came up with this. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow, and you might get something decent lol. So though its not a hard word for me to say, this does seem rather apt.

Change of heart

So, hi, and welcome to 2013 to all my readers. Oh, the title, dead giveaway that something has changed, isnt it? And no, for those so inclined, its not my cup size increasing dramatically lol! 😛 Nothing that exciting, just the irony that as soon as I post about my holiday plans for this year (yes, now its this year!), than I change them. As I said, nothing dramatic, simply swopping around, now off to Rochester in April, and Kansas in September, after a Yahoo chat session with my dear friend Kate. It does mean I might freeze in April, I might boil in September, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive both all the same. But, if anyone knows of a coat with its own internal heating system, I’d love to hear about it!

What else? Well, I guess if you’re so inclined you’ve seen the stats for here for last year? Funniest thing for me is that the most popular thread is the one where an assexual person asked what sex would be like, but I suppose the sex thing is always going to come up in searches? No, not at all surprised that the UK, and the US totally dominate the countries reading this really.

Resolutions for this year? No, not really my thing, though I do resolve to visit the US twice this year, but I think thats cheating lol. Of course that could change for good or bad, but probably not! More rebellious stuff, I hear you say? Well, I wouldnt be surprised if when we get better weather that I wear skirts, and heels more than I have in the past, but that is assuming we get a summer, unlike this year. Still expect to spend most of it in trousers though, all the same. Dinner’s in a dress, quite likely I suspect! 😉 That is out in the open now, so why stop? Wearing a dress to work, probably not though, that might rank as a step too far, and lets face it, who wears a dress to work nowadays anyway?
I dont smoke, hardly ever drink, and gamble once a year, so I can hardly give up any of those, could I? I think someone would like me to lock horns with Leeds NHS again over a certain issue, but she will probably be disappointed, my life is pretty good as it is, apart from one annoying thing I’d like ‘adjusted’. The rest of me seems to pass, and no one is likely to see that annoying thing, so why worry…? If any surgeon does want to resolve to solve that problem for me though lol? 😉

Right, I resolve to continue providing music videos for your delight, and this is no exception. A little known Gerry Rafferty track, but one that deserves so much more attention, even if sadly he isnt around any more.