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(Don’t) Take It Away

Yes, I’m doing UK Politics, ooh! But before anyone gets over excited, or panicked, its not modern politics, and very strictly its not even a matter of politics. And oh, its an event that happened 100 years ago today!

Yes, on February 6th, 1918, for the first time, an act was put forward to allow women to vote. In truth, it wasnt the complete victory for equality, that would only come about 10 years later, but as a day when the right to vote was first offered to women, this is the anniversary one.

As I say, hollow victory. Whereas at the same time, all men of 21 or over was given the right to vote, only women of 30 and over, and who had to live in the same property as a man who could vote, or who was certified in some way (remembering that at this time, most womens education was inferior to that given to men) were able to cast a vote.

From there, as I say, it took until 1928 before all women aged 21 and over (the voting age at that time) had the legal right to vote.

Of course there are a few famous Suffragette stories, one of them being of course the sad fate of Emily Davison, who threw herself under the hooves of the King’s Derby runner in 1913, and died. Its fair to say we will never know whether this was a deliberate act, and if it was, its hard to believe she could pick out one horse at the speed they would have been travelling at. The fact that she had purchased a return rail ticket, and had tickets for an event that evening would lead you to assume she expected to go home that night. In truth, the answer to these, and other questions are never going to be answered now.

The biggest question is, but for WW1, would it have happened when it did? Its fair to say that the sudden need for women to do all the work at home in England let to a change in authority attitudes, and this may have been an agreed compromise, to keep everyone happy? If not for that, when would women have got the right to vote, who knows? I’d like to think it would have happened at some point, but exactly when…?

But today, lets just remember all those brave women, from so long ago, who helped to give women the right to vote.

The video, there is a clue in the blog title, and its why 1 word is in brackets, shall we say? Paul McCartney made some great videos back then, and this was one of them.

The Long And Winding Road

Yes, at this point, finally, I’m looking at the end of a certain long, and winding road, called the hunt for a new job. I know, strictly, there have been a couple of false starts along the way, both relating to a firm I couldnt praise, called Capita, but that battle is now over. One at least, was a complete write off, the other, just an event of unfortunate timing, but I cant say that even then, as an employer, they’ve impressed me.

So yes, Monday, the new challenge begins, and one I’m actually looking forward to. An interesting sounding job, a new commute, which is cheaper than Leeds, and a better wage than Capita were ever going to offer, for sure. I guess that at some point, maybe I’ll get tired of the commute to Bradford, but it will take quite a while for that to happen, for sure.

In theory (ha ha), before then I’ll be a wife, and mother, in sunny California, but I will not be holding my breath on that front. Or who knows, the new story might make me a world famous author, on a controversial issue, but I suspect thats even less likely! Yes, I’ve written a new story, about 10,000 words long, involving an ECT session that maybe should, or shouldnt have happened? It will be going off to my wonderful editor shortly, and then, when I get it back, and when I can afford to buy a cover picture (next weekend, hopefully), I’ll let it take its chances. Mind, dont look for Merry Brooks as the author, it will be under another name, TBA, because its not her usual stuff.

But yes, if you’ve told me back in April 2015, that it would only be now, that I would finally be seeing that road to a job, ending next Monday, I would have groaned. But finally, I’m there.

The video, yes, the title makes it pretty obvious, really. Officially its Wings, in truth, its just Paul McCartney

A day late, but…

So fine, I really had planned to post this up yesterday, on the actual anniversary of 2 centenaries, but fate intervened. I had to go over to Bradford, deliver some paperwork for one of my prospective jobs, and though the actual process of delivering, and them copying the details they needed, throw in an hour and a half travel each way, and fine, it threw me behind.

But anyway, 100 years, and 1 day ago…

A baby girl was born in Tokyo, Japan, to American parents. So what, I can hear you screaming? Well, that lady is one of the few people we have left, who appeared in movies before WW2. Yes, on the 1st July, 1916, Olivia De Havilland was born, probably most famously remembered now for Gone With The Wind, though of course she appeared in many more movies than that. I believe (unless they died recently) that beyond one actor, a child at the time, she is the only one left from that movie. There are a few other actors, and actresses left, who have reached 100, but none probably as famous as her. To say she’s seen some amazing changes in her life would be a massive understatement, it goes without saying, both in the world, and in movie making styles.

The other, more publicized anniversary yesterday, and the far more tragic one, was that on that same date, thousands of miles away in France, it was the start of the Battle of the Somme. To say it was a futile waste of thousands of lives, would be a massive understatement. I read of one of the Yorkshire Pals regiments, where 2000 went over the top that morning, and within an hour, 1770 of them were dead, or missing, assumed dead. In all, nearly 20,000 died on that first day, on the Allies side alone. Now, its not hard to see that those brave young men were led by fools, but back then, maybe less so? A sad waste of a generation, all the same.

So fine, to the video. There are 3 songs I relate to WW1, but perhaps boringly, I’ve gone with the McCartney one, just because I think the video sums it up best, even if it relates to a different WW1 event.

(The other 2? Stop The Cavalry by Jona Lewie, and All Together Now, by The Farm)

Oh, and lastly, and an event happening today, today is apparently World UFO Day. Yes, I know, I’d love to see one, and even more so, have a flight in one. But no, sadly, I’m not expecting to be obliged!

At this time of year…

thoughts might turn towards what should be a religious festival in just over a months time, but I suspect that for many, the more immediate priority is buying all those Christmas presents for various people! I do hope that on the big day, thoughts do turn to the more important anniversary celebrated on the 25th December, even as if history seems to suggest, its highly unlikely Jesus Christ was actually born on that day, and equally certainly not in the year 1, either BC, or AD lol!

Why now, simple, I’m on holiday next week, and thats when I plan to do the little bit of Christmas shopping that I need to do. No, I’m not saying what I will be buying as I know at least one recipient who reads this, and there may be more!

The habit I’ve got into, is to go over to Manchester and do my shopping. Why, well there is one person who its easer to buy for from there, though I suspect a trip to York could probably yield the same product. The rest is so generic that I could almost buy it anywhere. So why Manchester?

Part of its convenience, the city centre is nicely set out, theres a good shopping centre there, and its not too far to either railway station, a critical ingredient for me. Also, its partly the fact that its a trip in a different direction to the one I make each day to work lol! And alright, it gives me a chance to go shopping on my own, and just stroll round, even if I dont actually tend to buy much in the end!

Thankfully for me at least, Christmas shopping isnt a major challenge. No family, just a few special friends to buy for, so its not that painful an experience. Of course, it does mean I dont get many presents either, but that I can happily live with, not a big one for fuss in the first place. Thats not to say that if anyone reading this wants to request a present list that I wont send you one lol! Just tell me the budget, I’m sure I can suggest something lol! So if the wealthy owner of a football team is reading this (rolls over laughing at the thought!), I can think of something more in your bracket as well! 😉 But no, I wont be holding my breath for offers lol!

Given this is a posting about Christmas, I’ll haul out a Christmas video (or two, my gift to you), but given that its still (just about) Armistice week, I’ll make them ones that relate to both. Both come from that glorious era when we had proper Christmas records.

The first is by an artist some might not know, especially non UK readers, and I know I have some. Jona Lewie didnt have many hits, either as this persona, or his previous one, Terry Dactyl. But this super song, with suitably cynical lyrics given this time just seems so apt.

The other artist, I hope everyone knows, an absolute pop legend! This song reflects on one of those events that was supposed to have happened on Christmas Day 1914, I have no verification as to the absolute truth, but anyway…

PS, these certainly wont be the last Christmas music videos over the next month or so!