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Give A Little Bit

No, dont panic, I’m not expecting you to pay me any money or anything to read this, or even look at the pictures. However, I was sort of collecting at work yesterday for breast cancer charity for doing this, and did consider setting something up for people to donate from here, but seriously, by the time Go Fund Me (or whoever) took their share out of what is likely to be a tiny sum, I cant see any point! However, if the amusement of this leaves you so inclined to do so, then feel free to do so directly to the relevant charity in your Country, they’ll probably get more money that way. If you dont want to do it for your own charity, for whatever reason, then send it to a UK one. If you want to say Harlean sent you lol…?

So yes, yesterday it happened, and I must admit, it was great fun dressing up again, this time as an elf. Oh, photo? Fine…Behave, girl!

Before you ask, 2 donations already, plus 1 more tomorrow, so…if you wish to add? 😉

There were 2 other wonderful people who also got dressed up for the day, so I didnt just have the idea to my(s)elf about this. I’m sure they wont mind me posting this, but if they do, and in years to come, this blog doesnt make sense, you know why!

Will I do it again, given the chance? You bet I will! Seeing theaters, and other media people arent rushing for my services nowadays, it will probably be the only way I do!

As for today, back as a human all day…

In recent months I got a couple of vouchers for various rewards, one for being a clever golf tipster (not mentioned before), and one for the transgender presentation I did for work (mentioned before). But being a practical Yorkshire lass, I hadnt got around to spending them, until today…

Given the old creaking bones nowadays find going out to work hard enough, the thought of going into town looking for things, especially at this time of year holds no appeal for me. So, I was limited to sites I could shop from online, that I could use through my ‘One4All’ reward card. So I looked at a few sites, suitably unimpressed, and then saw TK Maxx was available. So, checking it out, I found this and bought it! Put it this way, I certainly wouldnt buy it at the so called normal price, but at that price, of course I did!

I then went for the work voucher, which I put on Amazon to spend, and had a look around. After much looking, and trying to decide what to do, I ended up taking a different course to plan. I was hoping to find a ‘long’ flapper style dress for about the £25, but no joy. Then again, lets face it, young flappers were looking to show their legs, not hide them! But fine, I’m not young, so…I did find a nice, maxi length one, but it was about £40, so no… In truth, I do own 2 flapper style dresses, both above the knee, and never likely to be worn by me outside of home!

So what did I do, you ask? Well, of course I now know of a second movie that Clara Johnson appeared in, so I’ve added that to my collection. ‘Strike Me Pink’, supposedly starring Eddie Cantor, but for me, featuring a certain Miss Johnson will shortly be winging its way to me. I also went on a silver color clothing hunt, and found a silk skirt, with elasticated waistband, so got that instead. Both wont arrive until New Year, movie from US, skirt from China, but at least I’ve now finally spent the vouchers!

Oh, and the blog title, nothing to do with the charity campaign, and everything to do with some ghastly Amazon adverts! Guess what, the video is that song, only sung decently by original Supertramp member, Roger Hodgson

Oops, I did it again!

Yes, fine, alright, stop laughing, so I managed to miss (again) where my appointment was yesterday afternoon, but it wasnt my fault, honest it wasnt! More on that shortly…

But firstly, back to Thursday evening…

Actually it was a good, fun evening, which I thoroughly enjoyed, even if you could strictly say I shouldnt have been spending money on something like that, when I’m not actually in work, but hey, a girl has to chill sometimes, so…The fashion show was fun, though in all truth, I’m probably glad I was only watching it, not taking part. Though there were some lovely outfits, but anyway…One thing that did come out of it, beyond wearing a nice dress for the first time, was having my hair styled. No prizes for working out what look! Fine, you want to see, well, OK…

Me in lacy dress

Anyway, then to Friday. Yes, finally managed to get the phone interview with Jet 2 sorted, and I passed! Assessment centre is on Tuesday afternoon, feel free to wish me luck! After that, and signing on at the Job Centre, I headed for Leeds, to register with a recruitment agency. Yes, I knew the address, and yes, I knew where it was, but… I was expecting it to be like the others, an easily recognisable office from the outside, oh dear!

So I walked right past the building, and did a loop of that section of Leeds. Then I specifically looked for the address, and discovered this huge, multi floored building matched the address. So I walked in, and there on the 2nd floor, my goal. Hey, I passed it 15 minutes early, and only got there 3 minutes late in the end!…facepalm!

Then, all duties done, I headed for home. Today has been calmer, beyond picking a few losing horses for a competition I’m in, watching England win in the cricket, and writing a new story for an anthology, its been a calmer day! Oh, and got an email, I actually sold 2 books today!

Fine, the video. Well, you have a choice tonight, or you could play both, I guess? Firstly, the Britney version, if only because of what she’s wearing

Secondly, and the version I would go with, is Post Modern Jukebox bringing out the Marilyn Monroe version of the song

And alright, lastly, the plea for support, so that the picture you have seen is of Stephanie Harlean Carpenter, not Stevie Lou Nicholls. Honest, its the last time I’ll annoy you until nearly the end, so…if you’re feeling generous…

Queen of your hearts?

Right, firstly, an update from Monday’s posting. Yes, I’ve decided to try the fund raiser thing, and see what happens. As I say, I cant actually do the name change, or anything until after I get back from the US, because the air ticket is already purchased, and no, I’m not paying that silly fee to change your name on the ticket, even if the full amount of money is raised in double quick time. After that, the possibility of becoming Stephanie Harlean Carpenter seems a lot more likely. Probably stop messing with this Ms lark too, and become a genuine Miss!

So fine, if there are any readers out there who havent already seen this on Facebook, or Twitter, and want to help out, the link to the campaign is at

Yes, thats right, one truly wonderful friend has already donated, very generously, but anyway…Look at it this way now, if 20 people each gave £5 (or 50 gave £2), I’d be there! I know, probably wont happen, but no harm in asking, I guess? Now, if only I knew Bill Gates, or someone lol…I wish!

OK, the other “event” this week is tomorrow night, in Leeds. Cocoture (with whom I’ve had both of my brilliant photo shoots done) are having an evening to celebrate their (relatively) new studio in the centre of Leeds, with a fashion and lingerie show. Proceeds are going to charity. For those of you on Facebook, and in the area, the link is though please contact Karen to check there are still tickets available before turning up!

I will be there, dressed up “a little bit”, and hopefully thats an incentive to support, not the contrary. Hey, you’re reading this, if you hated me, why…lol? Alright, there might be someone, but…

So there, sorry, a blog full of requests to spend money tonight, I know! Hopefully next time, something less demanding!

The video, well, you can tell this is live, as Dave Edmunds forgets the lyrics near the end!

Like Chalk and cheese, but a wonderful guy

At the office, there is one wonderful guy, who just deserves to get a mention on here, especially given that currently he has a good cause you can support, on my behalf.

In terms of compatibility, me and Andy are like chalk and cheese, but at the same time, in a funny sense of the word, I think he’s great. He likes beer, and football (among other things), and I rarely drink, and can’t stand football in the slightest. As far as I know, vintage stuff isnt his scene either! But in another sense, we are 2 of a kind, probably in the sense of not really caring what other people think about us, and just getting on with our lives. Besides which, until I get a ‘little op’ done, I’m not totally his kind of girl lol!

So don’t get any ideas!

Oh, and if I’d got the coupon inputting job, I’d have been working alongside him, but anyway…didn’t happen! Also, lets just say, his outfits for the Works Christmas Dinners are not quite the standard suit and tie, and leave it at that.

But apart from getting on, and everything else, there is one thing Andy does, that I really admire. The crazy things he does for various charities. A lot of it is the various charitable fun runs around Leeds, and thats where my admiration lays for him the most. For example, on Sunday, there was what is known as the ‘Santa Dash’ around Leeds, and yes, you guessed it, Andy was involved. But no, he cant just wear a red hat, like Santa, can he? He has to show his support for Leeds United, and this…

Andy Hirst

…was his look for the day. Yes, as I said, he’s a passionate supporter of Leeds United FC, for his pains.

Oh, right, that link to the charity he did it for,

He’s already reached his target (and yes, I’ve given), but if you want to give some more, to a good cause, linked through this, feel free to do so.

So yes, as I say, I like the guy, admire what he does for charity, if I approve slightly less of how much he drinks at times, thats his life anyway lol! But despite what Joe, and I suspect one or two others might say, nothing is ever going to ‘happen’ between us, for other reasons.

But as I say, like, and admire the guy, I certainly do. I’ll toast you, Lilo Man (you can force that story out of Andy, not me!), though in my case at least, not in beer.

The video, well look at the outfit, look at the link, and one song came instantly to mind. Sadly, no live video could be found on You Tube

Takes your breath away

There have been many, err, interesting methods for raising money for charity over the years, and the latest craze is one where you let someone throw a bucket of icy water over you, or in the odd case, do it to yourself.


Dont get me wrong, the cause that the money is being dedicated to, is a good one. ALS is an awful disease, and any research that enables it to be wiped out is a good thing.


My main snag with this method of raising money is a simple one, especially given so many of the ‘celebrities’ getting involved in it are in California, is the precious commodity being used, water. In case people havent noticed, a lot of California is under drought restrictions, and yet people are using all this water to tip over themselves, and give money to charity. I know, I know, its only a bucket of water, but if you add up all those buckets, in a state in a deep state of drought…crazy, right?

So fine, give to this good cause, and if you must, let the world know that you’ve done so. But please, if you’re in an area where water is desperately short, dont waste it on this stunt!

Oh, and word of warning to all, dont nominate me, I’ll just ignore. I havent the health to stand up to a bucket of icy water, and I dont earn enough to make large donations, so…

The video, what this icy water seems to do to so many

I feel pretty?

Something that has developed in the last few days, is a strange desire, by women, to post a ‘selfie’ of themselves, and at the same time make a donation to Cancer Research. No, the donation to Cancer Research is fine, I’ve more than once donated to Breast Cancer causes myself. No, the strange, possibly amazing thing, is the number of women posting pictures of themselves, without a scrap of make-up!

The funny thing was, when I first saw it, I assumed it was a Cancer Research originated campaign, but apparently it wasnt! I discovered it when I found pictures of a few female friends, on Facebook, issuing challenges to friends to do the same thing, post a selfie of themselves, without a drop of make-up.

Me, I’m awful in the sense of putting on make-up, I just dont do it. I probably should, but with my busy life, and a slight tremor in my hands, I’ve decided its a challenge not worth taking on. Maybe if I’d been using make-up since teen years (as a natural girl would have done), then maybe I’d be so good at it, that the tremor wouldnt matter, and the time would be made. But because its only a more recent thing, I dont tend to get involved. But for most women, the idea of a picture of them, without make-up…lol

The next thing for me, is the whole ‘selfie’ thing, something that seems to have developed out of the whole mobile phone development thing, so that its not only a phone, its a glorified camera too. Alright, many nowadays are also mini computers, but as someone who avoids the mobile phone like the plague, none of that concerns me. I know, I know, but I’m old, humour me!

Anyway, despite the lack of a mobile phone (payment to CR is by a text message, hard without a mobile!), I found something akin to a selfie, a picture taken by Nicole on Christmas Day, this is it

necklace close up

I know, scary, isnt it?

And yes, though I used a modern method (the internet) to make a donation to CR, it wasnt a text message, as per others.

Then a new element of craziness has set in, men have joined in! No, not posting a picture of themselves without make-up obviously, just the opposite! Still, if this brings in money for Cancer Research, it has to be a good thing?

Ah well, I wonder, or is that fear what the next trend will be?

The video, I couldnt resist

Though whether I do, in that picture, a matter of opinion! Strictly, if you have a mobile phone, and most people do, the instructions are

To donate to Cancer Research UK, text BEAT to 70099 and donate £3

If you are that very rare soul like me, the website address is

As long as that picture didnt scare you off, of course!

The benefits of selling

Well, yes, I have hit the magic half dozen mark on sales of the film, and managed a couple of book sales recently, which has allowed me to do something nice, giving money to good charity causes. The reason why this is easier than normal (given I lack for credit/debit cards) is because royalties from the books, and sales from the films go into my Paypal account, memorably registered as Merry Brooks Publishing. No, I dont expect it will ever reach FTSE 100 status somehow lol!

But what those handful of dollars have done (apart from a couple of small treats for myself) is give me the opportunity to donate a bit of money to charitable causes. One I mentioned a short time ago, was the Lance Mackey medical campaign, the other is a lot closer to home, or should I say, work.

Cancer Research ran a campaign for January, called a Dryathlon to raise money. From my point of view, it would be a pointless challenge, I simply dont drink a lot of alcohol. I do drink, just nothing that would keep the brewers, or wine growers in business. In fact, so far this month, one glass of wine, and thats about normal. December was a bit wilder, but still I doubt I topped 20 units…for the month!

But some at work, well, they might drink a little bit more than me. No, I’m being diplomatic, not saying how much! One guy at work that I see as a friend (no everyone, not that sort of friend) signed up for it. I was impressed, and hoped he would last the course, but in all honesty, I wasnt convinced he would. But, but, with 2 days to go, he’s made it! I gather he plans to make up for it on Saturday, but…I just hope he can be relatively sensible about it, even if I know he’s so looking forward to that first beer of the year, and then I suspect, one or two more.

So yes, given the sales I’d made, what I’d promised would be £5, turned into £10, a donation I was only too happy to make. So anyone at work (and yes, I know I have readers there), or otherwise, who want to support him, and Cancer Research, feel free to ask for the link. No, I’m not going to embarrass him by posting the link here, but please ask, either here, or drop me a line at if you really dont want to post a comment on here… rolls eyes.

As a sidenote, sorry to disappoint the ‘hundreds’ who were thinking of taking me out for a romantic meal on Valentines Day, I’ll have to say no. Not because I’ve got a date already, thats about as likely as every Trans Pennine Express train running on time for a day! No, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, and given I’m working again the next morning, I’ll have to forego that delight. Yes, fine, it was never going to happen anyway, but a girl can hope. Seriously, if anyone wants to send me even a card, that would be a first…for this century! You dont even have to mean it romantically, just something in the (e)mail box would cheer me up no end.

Getting back to the Dryathlon for the video, a classic Dean Martin moment. Not sure this film is him actually singing this song, or if it is, its not synched, but…